Chicago, “the windy city”, “the deadly city”, “Chitown”, “the Daly City”, “an all American city”, “butcher to the world”, ” “my Home Town.” They do things different in Chicago, DON’T THEY Democrat run city blistering with bullets whizzing by. Killings are an hourly occurrence, deadly neighborhoods, the South side seeing the bulk of the driveby hits. But wait, isn’t Chicago run by Democrats? You mean they can’t protect their citizens from crime? Why not?

Gang warfare is eliminating many criminals who most likely would be arrested sometime in the future. Frontier justice sometimes works for the good.

The Mayor of Chicago, none other than the quintessential liberal, Rahm Emanuel, is under fire from the liberal mob. What did he do to deserve their wrath. HE TOLD THE TRUTH. Gee that is something lacking in the progressive circles. Blaming ones own for a sellout is tantamount to heresy. CLICK HERE FOR THIS YEARS STATISTICS. CLICK HERE FOR 60 YEARS OF CHICAGO HISTORY – 39,000 MURDERS. 

pictures and story below from FOX NEWS   Fox News Channel logo.svg

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, under fire over comments on the surging violence in Chicago. At right is one of multiple shooting scenes across the city in recent weeks. In this case, a man was shot in his car.

As Chicago braces for another bloody weekend, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is once again coming under fire for blaming a lack of morals in predominantly black and Hispanic neighborhoods for the recent spate of violent crime.

Emanuel, who has been mayor since 2011 and is facing growing calls to resign from members of his own party, urged locals to “be a neighbor” and “speak up” to help law enforcement pursue killers, gang members and drug dealers.

After one particularly violent weekend earlier this month when more than 70 people were shot, Emanuel deflected questions about police staffing and strategy. Instead, he ignited a firestorm when he said there needs to be a politically incorrect conversation about character and values.

RAHM LET US GIVE YOU SOME ADVICE, for God’s sake “Don’t talk that way in the hood” – you could be the next HIT, not by gang member, but by a member of your own party. Sometimes the truth hurts. 

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