Adam Schiff Show is turning into a Shakespearean Comedy. Remember during the Mueller investigation, Schiff said he had direct evidence to prove that Trump colluded with Russia. Never produced because it didn’t exist. So now Little Adam is between a rock and hard place. Witness after witness has confirmed the Trump version of the Ukraine Quid Pro Quo.

Asked if he will now proceed with the formal proceedings of impeachment, Little Adam said, “I will turn to my constituents for advice.” At this point, we can only surmise what they will recommend. But anyway you look at it, Adam is a Class A-1 Dufus.

Guess what? If this goes to the Senate, the first witness will be the LIAR – LITTLE ADAM SCHIFF. The thought of this is sending shivers down his back. Our bet is that the whole House scam will implode in the next month or two.

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