THE 2022 ELECTION IS AROUND THE CORNER. Expect the Republicans to capture 15 to 20 House seats; this will give them an overwhelming majority. First step is to Vote on the Impeachment of Joe Biden. The evidence is clear, the Biden Family are as corrupt or more so than the Carlos Gambino la Famiglia.

Leading up to the election in 2021, it must be clearly stated by the voters that a Republican who is seeking a House Seat must state that they will call for the Impeachment of Joe Biden. We will not accept anyone who does not abide by this promise. If the Republicans fail to exercise their Constitutional duty by Impeaching him there will be hell to pay in spades

Once the country sees what has happened under Biden the Senate will go Republican large; Instances of crime will go unabated, violence in major cities will profligate into the ‘burbs’, liberal judges will let killers loose to kill again, states will be under pressure to curb the violence, but police will stand by and let it happen. This will provide a perfect scenario for the Republicans to mount a “law and order” campaign. If executed to a tee, expect the Senate to hold a 60% or more Republicans.

However, we can’t rest on our laurels today, we must do to them what they did to us. Don’t forget we will hold the senate majority (Georgia will elect at least one Senator). During the next four years the Senate must clog up the Democrat legislation by going on a permanent recess. Executive orders, forget about them, the Republicans and “We the People” will engage the Supreme Court in their legality. This action will frustrate the Biden Crime Family to no avail.

But is that is enough, a special prosecutor has to be appointed to uncover the doings of the la Famiglia Biden. We will do unto Bidens wide they did to the Trumps. We won’t fuggettabout it.

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