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UPDATE: The ultimate in humiliation is upon the Greeks as the banks have closed their doors. The socialist scheme which exists today has done its job. In a capricious manner they have succeeded in their quest which is to bring the country to heel. The depression vortex is now in full spin, sucking what little is left of Greece’s life blood. We congratulate Germany and France who were steadfast in their demands for reform. They did not cave and we applaud that.

Flag of Greece The son of Zeus and Hera according to Greek mythology, Ares the God of war in the reincarnation of Tsipras, will be paying homage to the European Central Bank (ECB), on Monday, not appearing with stern posture, but from a kneeling position, like the beggar often seen on the streets of Tijuana decades ago.  This will represent the final humiliation to once was a proud country, but now is no more worthy than a rogue pencil seller newhavenpeoplewho squandered life’s chances. It had to end this way, thieves and cheats are not be trusted.

The string has played out, hair dressers retiring at 40 years old with full pension is all you have to know to realize how the European creditors, mainly Germany, have been raped. Enough is enough, the time has come to let them eat cake, but primarily sleep in the bed they made. When a country has the audacity to threaten others for no good reason as Greece has; yes they have demanded that Germany pay war reparations from WWII although this has been a settled decades ago. The U.S. too is on the hook for $15 to $20 billion.

The Greeks are queuing up at the ATM’s like hungry rats feasting on a block of cheese. Monday will most likely be one of many of the bank holidays to come. Look for capital controls, they are necessary to stem the flow of cash from the socialist coffers. Experts expect the Greeks to issue their own currency, the drachma, in a matter of weeks. Of course this will do nothing, but burnish our expectation of massive inflation, unemployment leading to a Venezuela type catastrophe. Poverty for all will result. The thinking is that exports will boom, but what exports?

We toast Tsipras raise our shot glass filled with a shot of Ouzo. Καλό ταξίδι (Kaló taksídi!)


The Supreme Court cowards who have the audacity to make law will soon feel the noose of public opinion. To have six liberal justices rewrite the letter of the law violating the Constitution by subjugating the independence of States rights.. The time for revolt has come. Click here of the Hannity interview of Ted Cruz.


ISIS celebrates their forth of July with a bang; welcoming in Ramadan ISIS commanded their ruthless suicide bombers in three continents to carry on the work of Mohammad;  ISLAM is a religion of peace. You are either subjugated or killed.

In France, where else would the beheading be more appropriate – France was once known for the severing of heads by the guillotine. ISIS is on a roll, nothing is in the way as their assault on innocents continues. Not bowing to their commands means certain death. Their recruitment of malcontents continues. Targeting future jihadists in the Muslim communities is facile.

Out of work and leading a life of misery many miscreants (blaming others for their lot in life)  want to make a name for themselves and what better way than being a martyr. Living is a death sentence where martyrdom is the promise of ever lasting life.

The Caliphate crusade threatens the western world, gobbling up parts of Syria and Iraq with an appetite for more. Sending defense establishments from the United States to Saudi Arabia into a frenzy. The question remains who will stop the force? Will the righteous make a stand? The current violence pervades the minds of worthless wanna bees. European countries have been inundated with Muslims fleeing the death squads in their own countries only to force local communities to bow their heads to the new comers. Soon Europe will fall to the almighty Allah. 

Click here for the new Demographic; a most shocking video.


Men can marry men, women can marry women so says the Supremes; what will stop men from having 50 wives or women having 50 husbands? The LGBT life style has been condoned by the court in a 5-4 decision. Based on the rout there is nothing standing in the way of multiple  spouses. To even go to the extreme, imagine a man having five female spouses and five male spouses or vice versa; who will stop this? POLYGAMY is the next frontier.

San Francisco’s Castro Street was beaming with joy as they celebrated well into the night. Congratulations to them for paving the way to the many polygamists living in Utah and elsewhere. The Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS) founder Brigham Young was said to endorse the practice of plural wives. And in 1831 Joseph Smith endorsed it as well. The acceptance of Utah into the Union was predicated on the elimination of the practice. From Wikipedia an explanation of the Morrill Act which outlawed the taking of multiple wives.


The Family of Joseph F. Smith

A Mormon family with multiple wives


Republicans have been blindsided by “The Donald“, coming out of the bush, mounting a serious challenge to the Republican dogs who are licking their wounds. What does this tell you? It tells the Republican “also rans” that America is sick and tired of their day in and day out bull…t. Capturing both houses in 2014 they have not put on the gloves, but have bowed to the anointed one.

Committee meetings, TV appearances are all for show, newspaper interviews, all a bunch hogwash.  Lois Lerner has not been arrested, Hillary Clinton, a congenital liar, dishes out a verbal contamination of pure unadulterated s…. And “We the People” have had it. Every single day there is another news story about corruption, money missing, emails erased; it goes on and on.

Who the hell are these people working for anyway? As we said before, we need a President who does not pander to the crowds, does not lick the tail of foreign dictators, who stands with friends, who will jail the guilty and see to it that government works for the people instead of the people working for the government. Donald Trump is our man.

Adding insult to injury, ten Republicans voted for Loretta Lynch as attorney general, they are Kelly Ayotte, Ron Johnson, Mark Kirk, Rob Portman, Thad Cochran, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch and Mitch McConnell. That in itself is prima facie evidence of a corrupt government, one that needs to be dissolved before it can do more damage.



Hillary is running on fumes; she is old news trying to work the crowds that have seen this play too many times. There is no curtain here, just a spartan stage filled with stuffed shirts. The crowd is not enthusiastic. The main actor’s cameo long past.  Her words are old hat, her looks are wrinkled as the years have eaten away the little collagen that remains. Botox maybe an alternative, but this would be seen as a vain attempt at Tom Foolery. Other actors are waiting in the wings watching her every move. So far she has not broken a leg, but has twisted and turned exposing her weakness to the liberal flank.

What was supposed to be a joy ride to an invincible campaign has now run amok, just as it did in 2008 when she was trampled by a first term unknown. Now HRC is up against the communist senator from the Green Mountain State of Vermont – a transplant from Brooklyn, NY, Bernie Sanders has attracted SRO crowds to the dismay of Clinton’s soldiers. The phalanx that was to surround Clinton has not yet positioned itself, hence she is vulnerable to the onslaught arrows that have penetrated her thick skin. Bernie Sanders 2016 Sticker (oval)

The latest poll reveals  what we already know, that Hillary is not a likable person. She has a favorability rating of only 45%. This is worrisome to mainstream Democrats who count on her carrying the water for the many Senators up for reelection. From our perspective, despite the campaign’s second roll-out, the Hillary mo is reminiscent of another event – the sinking of the Titanic; they said it wasn’t sinkable.

The HRC run for the White House made this prognostication one year ago, IT IS A DONE DEAL, but that was then, now is now. Icebergs such as Benghazi, disappearing emails, the Clinton Foundation, Elizabeth Warren, “what difference does it make” comments may come back to sink the Hillary ship that seem to have clear sailing 12 months ago, LIES BECOME ICEBERGS and THEY DO SINK SHIPS!


As the Iowa primaries begin to put the focus on the front runners, the question arises, who are the pandering politicians who will continue the ruse on America.  See below for the ethanol scam perpetuated by lying bought off politicians who don’t give a good God Damn about you. They are bought, time is now to out them. By the way Ted Cruz against ethanol subsidies.

The corn ethanol industry has received more than its fair share of subsidies over the past 30 years. Through federal tax credits, loan guarantees, grants and other subsidies, billions of taxpayer dollars have been squandered on an industry that relentlessly seeks additional special interest carve-outs. A nearly identical tax credit to the one proposed by the president – the “Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit” – has been available to gasoline stations dispensing 85 percent ethanol.

It expired last year but has a history of being renewed in “tax extenders” packages. A federal Renewable Fuel Standard also mandates the use of 15 billion gallons of corn ethanol by 2015. While the biofuels industry as a whole was intended to help achieve American energy independence, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and spur rural economic development, the corn ethanol industry has fallen short of achieving these goals while spurring numerous unintended consequences and long-term liabilities that have resulted in more harm than good.

So it was great news that the (otherwise terrible) 2014 farm bill (officially the Agricultural Act of 2014) prevents the mature corn ethanol industry from receiving subsidies to purchase pumps dispensing higher blends of corn ethanol.

Now for the bad news. Less than a month after signing the farm bill into law, the president proposed new subsidies for ethanol blender pumps in his FY 2015 budget proposal. The overall budget was released last Tuesday, with detailed back up documents following in the last few days. Buried on page 158 of the “Analytical Perspectives” document, released Monday, is up to $200 million in new advanced energy manufacturing tax credits for the “construction of infrastructure that contributes to networks of refueling stations that serve alternative fuels,” or in other words, more subsidies for corn ethanol blender pumps and other alternative fuel infrastructure projects. Such is the power of the corn ethanol lobby.


Mark down May 29 as the date when the last tether connecting ethanol subsidies to reality came unhitched, and the fuel made from corn and tax dollars achieved a kind of postmodern perfection. On the same day the Obama Administration conceded that the U.S. auto fleet cannot practically consume enough ethanol to fulfill Congress’s quotas, it announced a new program so motorists can consume more ethanol.

In other words, the point of the subsidy is the subsidy, and therefore the U.S. must subsidize ethanol because the U.S. already subsidizes ethanol. Once in place, such self-referential mandates appear to be eternal.

The 2007 energy bill’s renewable fuel standard requires certain annual volumes of ethanol to be bootlegged into the U.S. gasoline supply, but for years the mandate has crashed into the “blend wall.” Ethanol is corrosive, and gallons of conventional gas with concentrations of the stuff higher than 10% damage the engines and fuel systems of most of the cars and trucks on the road today.

The problem is that Americans aren’t guzzling enough gallons to achieve Congress’s mandates at E-10—that is, 10% ethanol, 90% gas. Either we need to drive more in less fuel-efficient cars, consuming more overall. Or the concentration of ethanol in a given gallon needs to rise, risking accidents, breakdowns and valve, pump, cylinder and injector replacements rarely covered by consumer warranties. For model years 2001 through 2011, no car makers allow blends above E-10, and a little fewer than half say it is safe to fill up with E-15 for the last two model years.

To avoid filling this ethanol junkyard but also to avoid displeasing the corn lobby, the Environmental Protection Agency simply refused to finalize the quotas for 2014 and 2015. So the EPA has finally admitted in a regulation that “due to constraints in the fuel market to accommodate increasing volumes of ethanol, along with limits on the availability of non-ethanol renewable fuels,” the volume targets “cannot be achieved.”

The EPA thus proposed quotas that are 3.75 billion gallons below the statutory minimums for 2014, 2015 and 2016. Renewable Fuels