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Damn it, why so long, why hasn’t the book been thrown at Clinton. Where is the hold up; what is the holdup. To the average American they see “who you know” makes a difference in the equal application of the law. Like Teddy Kennedy in the Chappaquiddick incident; if it were you, forget about it.

Ted Stevens from Alaska is a perfect example, the Democrats wanted him out; presto – indicted and convicted. Not the end of the story, verdict thrown out, but it didn’t matter he lost his seat and his life. But this Hillary thing is wearing thin. She did not execute properly, she lied and this resulted in four brave Americans killed, including our Ambassador Chris Stevens. Yet she is running from the law while running for the presidency. Does this sound like a Latin American story to you? If she wins expect a Dictator in Chief, a Caudillo. Typically, the caudillos took it upon themselves to attain power over society and place themselves as its leader.

Cummings, the Democrat on the House Select Committee investigating Benghazi has refused a request by Trey Gowdy,  “As recently as this afternoon, I offered Mr. Cummings total, unfettered access to, and control of, transcripts if he simply agreed he would not selectively leak them. He would not give me that assurance,” Gowdy said in a statement.


Both convicted liars in the public opinion, we won’t go into the ex-President, Slick Willie’s transgressions, but Hillary’s are a different story. All of a sudden Hillary’s likability is dropping like the ruble, her poll numbers are plummeting, her campaign imploding and why? All because the public knows she is a bold face liar.

Look, nobody told her to have a personal server, she did this on her own knowing full well that this was wrong. Now, caught with her pants down, Slick Willie weighs in; his take, the press (get this the liberal press) is ganging up on her. And blame it on a Republican witch hunt. The blame game is becoming old hat, although expected from the Clintons, they have stepped over the line.

Hillary Clinton is responsible for the murder of our Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, Libya. Three others were killed that day too. She did not protect our guys. She resorted to a cover up – initially she said the raid in Benghazi was due to a Muslim film, another lie.

The time has come for the FBI and State Department to be charged with a covering up, both are complicit for collusion.  Arrests are warranted, laws have been broken and no one has been charged. America demands justice now.


Hillary Clinton, the liar extraordinaire, is facing an unforgiving electorate going into the 2016 presidential election cycle. Her many transgressions include the Benghazi fiasco and her failure to protect our Ambassador Stevens, then the email server question. Voters have had it with HRC.

Isn’t it is about time she faced the facts. But it gets worse as she continues to run the Obama campaign theme, women’s issues, racism, spreading the wealth, path to citizenship, family leave, cost of education etc; but never talking about the failure, both economically, politically and global of the failed Obama administration.

The electorate has had with the pandering, the political correctness. Believe us when we tell you, a Hillary Clinton presidency will be a mammoth disaster never before seen replicated her non-foreign policy achievements while Secretary of State.


More than two years have passed, but the super sleuths detected gun powder residue on (click)President Obama’s hand.  U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was thrown into the lime light as she weaved her way through Sunday news programs touting the line that a film denigrating Muhammad was responsible for the murder of our Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three others. However, the investigation continued and the Johnny Gum-shoes delving into a cover-up have exposed the holder of the smoking gun;  President Obama’s finger prints are all over it. No surprise here.

Trent Gowdy opening statement. We will get to the bottom of the killing of our Ambassador Stevens.


Democrats have carried the water for Obama this past six years, time now to hold them responsible; they are Obama in disguise – there is no getting away from it.

On November 4th Americans must stop the socialist gestapo from doing more damage to our Country. Vote them out before America implodes for good.  Click here for the Conservative Campaign Committee chaired by Lloyd Marcus.  Click here for more.