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Hillary Clinton was last seen at Walmart purchasing under garments. Lately she has been going through them like her husband used to go through women. What has caused such incontinence? Well, for one, the California primary is on the horizon and secondly she is been hounded by “THE BURN.” If Mr. Sanders pulls off a victory in California next week all hell will break loose.

The possibility of that happening is real. And if it does the Democrat liberal progressives will have to do some soul searching. And then there is the Philadelphia convention in July, a raucous affair in the making. Words have been exchanged between the two camps, fighting words. And thirdly we have Donald Trump, aiming his wrecking ball straight at here head.

These are types of situations only novices find themselves in, yet Hillary has done such a good job, she earns the title of Ms. Incontinent. You can depend on them, but not on her. Depend Silhouette Briefs for women


The numerous times we written about Puerto Rico one thing has been stressed: Puerto Rico is a WELFARE PARADISE. An island that has been on the dole for three or more decades. A Greece in hiding. But now the waves are slamming its shores. Financial waves slamming at the largesse of government. The time has come to cough up the loot. Puerto Rico like all deadbeats says, well you know what they have said, f…y.. This does not sit well with many of their creditors. They take exception at being treated with disdain.

But all is not lost yet, Uncle Sam is coming to the rescue with strings. Those strings seem to be tougher than the Puerto Rican enablers like. In true fashion, Burn-ee Sanders weighed in on the subject. He, is not taking the hot Puerto Rican sun lightly as he vehemently spilled out a diatribe on why we should pour more money into the parasitic island. Click here for Burn-ee’s invective.

The Vermont senator writes in a letter released Monday that the deal reached last week between the White House and House Republicans and Democrats would empower an “unelected and undemocratic oversight board” and allow the governor of Puerto Rico to slash the minimum wage to $4.25 an hour for up to five years.

As noted below, sometimes strings are attached.

Sanders warned that the control board would have the power to cut the budget, slash pensions and take other measures. He notes that most of the control board would be chosen by Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.


Get me some ulcer pills calls Hillary to her campaign chief, “my stomach” ain’t feeling good; for the matter I have a splitting headache. Gee we wonder why, does the Bern get under her skin like no man ever before? She tolerated Slick Willy, President Obama ate her lunch, but she sucked it in. Now though, with the nomination in grasp, Ms. Clintstonewall, licking her lips, no one else will, is wondering why she can’t put away the BERN. It is a terrible thing when an old codger taunts you to no end. She is trying to be above the fray, but her patience is wearing thin. A loss in California would in an instant question her viability in November.

They call her Landslide Hillary for the win in Kentucky; a putrid 1900 vote win out of 425,000 cast. Obama pitched a shutout in 2012, Hillary had to go extra innings for her pseudo win splitting the delegates with The Bern. And at the same time Hillary was taken to the proverbial cleaners in Oregon. Shows how much the electorate loves her. Don’t forget that if it weren’t for Blacks and Hispanics, Hillary would be riding in the back of the bus.

She is a toothless liar who knows she is a loser, the people know that too. Women have been manipulated by lame stream media falsehoods continue to support her, not realizing she has enabled her husband to leave in his path a number of women with devastating reputations having been blasted by Hillary who blames the women! Now that is chutzpah for you.

Sanders, after racing Clinton right up to the finish line in the Bluegrass State, easily won the Oregon primary, and declared at a raucous rally in California that despite pressure from the Clinton campaign to abandon his quest for the nomination, he would stay in the race “until the last ballot is cast.” His speech did little to soothe escalating tensions between the Democratic campaigns.  The bad blood is starting to boil. Bring it on baby, bring it on. 


Let’s get ready to rumble. The main event featuring Hillary the Liar in the Right corner, Bernie the Socialist Sanders in Left corner. Wow these are exciting times when watching Democrats spilling their own blood; nice to see them attack each other with the venom of a cobra. Nevada, once the home of many world class heavyweight fights saw a major spat last night. Oh boy did they ever, stuff like this is only supposed be seen on pay-per view. CLICK HERE to get the full story from Fox News.

Sanders supporters, riled by the news that nearly five dozen people were not given delegate status, said the results were skewed. Convention Credential Committee Co-Chair Leslie Sexton said 64 Sanders delegates – almost double Sanders’ eventual 33 delegate shortfall – were disqualified for various reasons and not given the opportunity to appeal, The Hill reported.

Sexton initially said she was not allowed to give a report about Sanders’ delegates – for an unspecified reason – but she eventually presented her findings once chants of “recount” and “let her speak” broke out, The Hill reported.


The Jeb Bush’s and Marco Rubio’s, although they are Republicans, felt the Bern this primary season; panderers both. Only two words brought them down, “POLITICALLY CORRECT.”  Hillary Clinton is an expert on politically correctness, for instance, “if I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have voted for the Iraq war.” However, Ms. Clintstonewall has upped the ante in coal country.

Appearing at a CNN town hall in Columbus, Ohio, on Sunday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton promised that in her administration, “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.

Clinton tried to walk back the insanity of that statement, but it didn’t happen. Indiana punished her bad, Sanders pulled a once unthinkable upset of the Lying Clinton. The more times she opens here mouth, the more times she puts her foot in it by trying to be “politically correct.

However, the electorate is on to these lying double talk politicians as noted by the success of Donald J. Trump, the next president of the United States. Trump will have a field day with the Ms. Lying Clinton. And BTW don’t expect Clinton to win any of the Big Coal States. They are the grave that Hillary Rodham Clinton has dug for herself. Out of work coal miners, many of them of the Democratic persuasion and members of the United Coal Workers Union to boot know what side their toast is

buttered on.trumptime

Trump has thrown politically correctness to the wind by telling it like it is. Garnering support across all demographics is the result. Americans are sick and tired of double-speak, double-talk politically correct lying politicians.


Hillary has once again felt the Bern. Can you imagine the bitterness toward Sanders that is growing insider her. Bernie has continued to rattle the cage of  the Lying Clinton like no one ever has before.

Once on the road to victory in Indiana she now faces the possibility of Super Delegate peel. This is something not even the pols have expected. But her negatives keep on growing and then there is the FBI.

The Indiana results show Clinton losing by 53% to 47%; as Ali said, “a whooping.” Every loss she takes is one more bit of evidence that manifest her vulnerability. A few more like this Indiana drubbin and the Democrat Leadership may have second thoughts. Do you hear that call for her to quit the race? 


Why is Hillary Clinton going yellow pants? She has seen the latest poll. On no not the poll vs Sanders or Trump for that matter. The poll she has seen is the one which says how many Sanders voters will cast their ballot for her in the general election.

In Connecticut for example, only 10%; that has caused alarm in her camp. To her dismay she is finding out that not many people really like the chronological liar. Sanders voters are very much aware of Hillary’s track record, one of lies, deceit, collusion and even murder. You know what they say, “what goes around comes around.”

Could it be that Hillary is getting a bit of her own medicine. So even if she is the nominee, the FBI not withstanding, Hillary will once again feel the BERN.

In Connecticut, 17 percent of Democrats said they would not back Clinton if she’s the nominee. Among Sanders’ supporters, the number shot up to 90 percent.

In Maryland, 13 percent of Democrats said they would not back Clinton in November, while 79 percent of Sanders’ supporters made the same vow.

Sanders vows to fight on; this has infuriated the Hillary camp. However, it is has to be seen in the light of this very anomaly type year. Clinton faced no opposition two years ago, now she had to fight for every vote. Things turned upside down, so did many Democrat voters, particularly the young. They do not like the Lying Clinton. Hillary doesn’t play fair, this is an insiders game – Sanders knows this very will. For Hillary has wrapped up the Super Delegates, this is a thorn in Sanders side which motivates him to hold on. “Hey, if she is a thorn in my side I will do likewise. See you at the convention.” That’s Sanders thinking alright.


We can think of more colorful words to describe the beast running against Bernie Sanders. A liar first rate, a thief to boot, but what is most disgusting is the support she has received from older women and people of color. The only think Hillary Clinton has accomplished is pushing her career through deceit, lies and trickery. Her agenda is Hillary only. How has she helped Black people; and women, she lives with a predator.

Blaming others for her mistakes and judgments. One of her main weapons is to always call for an investigation; she wants the truth to come out. But this is the tactic that confuses. Why didn’t she tell the truth in the first place? Why did she do what she did? In the case of the email server she was caught with her pants down. Why didn’t she release all of the emails in the first place? Because she knew that the law was broken, now the investigation matures toward the election with no end in sight.  No problem here; Obama gave her a pass last week, saying that she is guilty of being careless, that is all. No laws broken here.

If the FBI recommends prosecution and Loretta Lynch fails to act, there will be hell to pay. If anyone in this country doesn’t believe that White people can’t “smash and grab” wait and see. Click here for the Ten Senators that voted to confirm her. These RINOs must go. 

And no narrative is complete without mentioning Benghazi.

Who’s lying about Benghazi? ‘Not me!’ says Hillary Clinton as she insists she never told victims’ families the terror attack began as protest over an anti-Islam video

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3380562/Hillary-Clinton-insists-never-told-victims-families-terror-attack-began-protest-anti-Islam-video.html#ixzz46evEWTXB

If the Salem Witch trials were held today, those prosecuting the so-called witches would have no problem defining Hillary as one. And you know what happened to twenty of them.

The central figure in this 1876 illustration of the courtroom is usually identified as Mary Walcott.