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The Europeans has it right so far, rejecting Turkey’s entrance into the European Union (EU). What sets Europe apart from Turkey is their Islamic identity while Europe on the whole is Christian.  And don’t forget that Turkey, mainly consisting of an Asian people, was an invading country under the Ottamans; Greece, Bosnia and Spain fell in their wake. That brings us to Turkey today. A NATO member under the iron hand of Islamist Erdogan who has no trouble stirring the pot of racism, blaming others for his faults.

Case in point, the Kurds who have been clamoring for their own country without success. Turkey is adamant that the Kurds are Turks and not minorities, therefore by acquiescing to their demand would open the floodgates for others. That is a self serving argument. And with ISIS one mile from the Turkish border on the ready to massacre the Kurds in Kobane, Syria, Erdogan says let them die, we will not help with their defense.

Regarding the recent Israeli pummeling of Hamas in Gaza (a Turkey benefactor), Turkey and its Siamese twins of Bashar Assad’s Syria, Iran and Qatar; countries aligned with the calaphate of ISIS faced off against Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and the Emerites. And so the West waits, not patiently, to see if President, chicken little, Obama will have the moral,  physical and mental courage to do what is right.  Will Chuck Hagel listen to our commanders who say that boots on the ground are needed to do the job.

Bottom line, Europe has it right. Turkey is run by an Islamic Fascist; there is no room for this dictator in a free world. NATO must give him the boot he deserves, back to the stone age.