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Poland has had enough of the European Union push to absorb more immigrants from Syria and other countries including those in Africa, Afghanistan and the Middle East. Poland cannot accept migrants relocated under a European Union quota system after the attacks in Paris without security guarantees, its incoming European affairs minister said on Saturday, in a sign that the attacks may seriously undermine EU refugee policy.

From a November 8th very prescient post:

The salute which defined the Hitler era is about to return, but in reverse. Germans are demanding the resignation of Angela Merkel.

The anti-mass migration Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) party held a rally in the German capital Berlin this afternoon, demanding the resignation of Chancellor Angela Merkel and calling for the country to adopt a strong policy on immigration.

The AfD has seen its popularity surge as Germany struggles to deal with the huge influx of migrants, and is currently campaigning in local elections in the Saxony-Anhalt region that will be seen as an indicator of public sentiment on the issue.

German paper Handelsblatt estimates that 5,000 people joined the rally this afternoon, calling for the immediate closure of Germany’s borders and introduction of Visa requirements from migrants from the Balkan states, including Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro.

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From Fox News:

Belgium authorities conduct raid after tracing license plate of mystery car seen near concert hall to apartment

AUTHORITIES IN BELGIUM CONDUCT RAIDS in Brussels and make several arrests in connection with yesterday’s bloody terror assaults in Paris that killed at least 129. An official says the arrests came after a mysterious car with a Belgian license plate was spotted outside the Bataclan concert hall before the attack. Reports of the arrests came as France and other countries increase security measures and vow to take new measures to confront ISIS.

News from Turkey:

Turkish soldiers killed four suspected Islamic State militants Saturday and authorities detained 11 people demonstrators a day before leaders of the G-20 group of economic powerhouses meet for a summit overshadowed by the slaughter in Paris.

The Anadolu Agency said two cars believed to be carrying IS militants approached an armored military vehicle, ignored warnings to stop and opened fire on the soldiers. The soldiers responded, killing four militants inside one of the cars; the second car escaped, Anadolu said.


It does not seem possible! Who would have thought that millions of Muslims fleeing civil wars, ISIS killers, anarchy would end up in Europe. None have opted to go to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Bahrain, Emirates not even Egypt. The countries inhabited by predominantly caucasian populations, for instance Sweden, Germany, France, Austria, England, Norway have beared the brunt of the refugee invasion. We do not understand why those fleeing the mayhem haven’t gone to Russia, China, not to mention Afghanistan or Pakistan. The influx will have a very negative impact on the taking-in countries. We would not be surprised if Right Wing parties rise from the ashes.

Return of Kings many critics will label this website, once again, as a supposed hotbed of inveterately “racist” activity. Yet they won’t proffer any explanation as to why SJWs are not devoting 0.0001% of the attention to combating actual, institutionalized ethnocentrism in a host of non-white countries where GDP is north of US$35,000

European colonization, not refugee resettlement

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by Tom Tancredo

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D Day is coming on Monday, a day that will live in infamy; the day Greek banks close their doors. 

A classic quote, “There was a general sense of euphoria — you could get a job with the government, real estate prices kept going up,” said Vourloumis, who has run banks and telecommunications companies and battled unions along the way. “And then, with the European debt crisis, the whole thing was revealed — our economy was built on protectionism, on borrowed money.”

A typical duo income family has on average $75,000 gross income; not a whole lot of money in today’s fast paced world. Demands come from all angles, cable, cell phones, vacations, automobiles, more vacations, gambling, Christmas presents, birthday presents- constantly bombarded by the marketing folks on Madison Avenue enticing you to spend more and more.

Putting aside the daily responsibilities of food, mortgage payments, utility bills, insurance, clothing, taxes, education costs and the numerous necessities that eat away the take home cash is a challenge. It’s tough out there, to alleviate the pressure without a visit or two to the psychiatrist a simple remedy is the plastic – a  trip to the casino or vacation is all it takes to clear the head of today’s mundane daily responsibilities and the constant pressure that jolts your scull 24-7.  But family fun always come first. And that is where the banks come in, willing to lend on the good name of John and Jane Q who are a swipe away of incurring a mountain of debt.

An extra thousand on the card starts the ball rolling? But before long those swipes add up – and reality begins to set in when a mountain of debt is staring you in the face. “We want our money now” says the bank.  Bill collectors sing the chorus over the phone, pay up or we will beat you up. Bankruptcy is at hand, everything is gone as your life flashed in front of you.  That is how the Greeks feel right now.

We bring this happy tale to remind the responsible people in the world of what Greeks actually did; they ran up debts on their credit cards using other people’s money, now is the time to pay and they say, “wait a minute, you are humiliating us – we are not dead beats.

Pardon us for being rude, but a couple of centuries ago, a debtor was sent to debtor’s prison. Greece should be punished just the same. Greece, with a population of eleven million and location in the envious blue waters of the Ionian and Aegean Sea, blue skies and turquoise waves abound. The seat of once was democracy Greece turned socialist in a large way. Their new prime minister Tsipras dons the cloak of Marx and Lenin. Forget meeting the terms of past agreements says he – we won’t pay, our people are not slaves, they will not bow to unreasonable demands. In other words, well we can’t say it here, but you get the gist of what he telling the EU, “go …. off.

The infamous Mike Milken, famous for selling junk bonds once said, “you can’t repossess a country.” Well now, we suggest that you can, if not a country how about an island or two. This will more than satisfy their debt and then some. So, EU it is up to you to bring it on. Send in the debt collectors with tanks and guns ablaze,  Debt reparations are the payoff – who said you can’t take land as a liquidated damage?



One statistic will tell you how bad the embedded socialist criminals who cooked the books have gone; only one other country has come even close. Greece has to pay the pensions for 2,600,000 people and the salaries for 560,000 more. Annual spending, – 28%, yes 28% of their annual budget is spent on pensions. Greece’s population is only 11 million – 25%, as noted above are either receiving pensions or are on the government payroll. Another fact, Greece is one of the largest arms importers; certainly a dilemma in figuring that one out.Flag of Greece


The question arises whether the austerity measures are doing any good. The IMF, which admits havingunderestimated the impact of austerity on the Greek economy, calling it a notable failure (IrishExaminer 2013), has cut the growth outlook of the world economy from 3.5% from the Januaryforecast to 3.3% in April. The United States will grow by 1.9% instead of the predicted 2.1%. TheEurozone will shrink by 0.3% instead of by 0.1% (Thompson 2013). For Greece, the public debt stillstands at 157% of GDP at the end of 2012, and remains higher than sustainable (IMF 2013). Thehuman costs have also been enormous. About 20% of the Greeks live in poverty (Kouvoussis 2013).The suicide rates in the first four months of 2011 spiked by 40% from 2010 (Euro Health Net 2011).The 40% cuts in the national health budget since 2008 have thrown 35,000 doctors and nurses out of work, increased wait times and drug costs, increased infant mortality by 40%, doubled the increase in new HIV infections (due to an increase in intravenous drug use following cuts in needle-exchange programs), and increased the number of malaria cases (due to cuts in mosquito-spraying programs)(Stuckler and Basu 2013a

There But for the Grace of the Fed

The Greek people have been royally screwed over by their government and Wall Street. It didn’t have to be this way.

Greece had the fastest-growing economy in Europe between 2000 and 2007. Annual GDP growth was 4.2%. Output went up 40%.

Unfortunately, government spending went up 80%. In fact, Greece has run a budget deficit since 1973. Between 1981 and 2013, budget deficits were above 3% of GDP every year.

Greece’s debt is currently 160% of GDP. And if it hadn’t been able to refinance its debt and shaft bondholders, that debt-to-GDP ratio would be over 200%.

There’s just no way this money can get paid back.

And it’s mainly because Greece is in a monetary union called the EU. Greece uses the euro, a shared currency. It has no control over the euro itself. It has no printing press like the U.S.; t cannot devalue its currency by printing more in order to pay off debt.

Greece has suffered three distinct recessions in the last six years. Unemployment is over 20%. Youth unemployment is close to 50%. Around 80,000 businesses went bankrupt in 2010.

The Greek economy grew in 2014, reversing that six-year period where it lost 25% of GDP. But that ended when Alexis Tsipras was elected president in January. He pledged to end austerity and return Greece to its glory days. It just never ends well when governments operate on lies and theft.

The government of Alexis Tsipras came to power promising to roll back cuts to pensions. Creditors want Greece to slash even more. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said on June 4 that it was “unthinkable” that Italians should help pay for a Greek pension system that’s more generous than their own.

Avoiding taxes was a part of the culture of Greece. It is estimated that tax evasion was costing the Greek government over $20 billion per year.


The Europeans has it right so far, rejecting Turkey’s entrance into the European Union (EU). What sets Europe apart from Turkey is their Islamic identity while Europe on the whole is Christian.  And don’t forget that Turkey, mainly consisting of an Asian people, was an invading country under the Ottamans; Greece, Bosnia and Spain fell in their wake. That brings us to Turkey today. A NATO member under the iron hand of Islamist Erdogan who has no trouble stirring the pot of racism, blaming others for his faults.

Case in point, the Kurds who have been clamoring for their own country without success. Turkey is adamant that the Kurds are Turks and not minorities, therefore by acquiescing to their demand would open the floodgates for others. That is a self serving argument. And with ISIS one mile from the Turkish border on the ready to massacre the Kurds in Kobane, Syria, Erdogan says let them die, we will not help with their defense.

Regarding the recent Israeli pummeling of Hamas in Gaza (a Turkey benefactor), Turkey and its Siamese twins of Bashar Assad’s Syria, Iran and Qatar; countries aligned with the calaphate of ISIS faced off against Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and the Emerites. And so the West waits, not patiently, to see if President, chicken little, Obama will have the moral,  physical and mental courage to do what is right.  Will Chuck Hagel listen to our commanders who say that boots on the ground are needed to do the job.

Bottom line, Europe has it right. Turkey is run by an Islamic Fascist; there is no room for this dictator in a free world. NATO must give him the boot he deserves, back to the stone age.