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DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA IS AT STAKE – Once a beacon to the world we have been overrun by criminals in and out of the government. The violence is beginning to pick up, agitated by the Alt-Left. Obama and Clinton have fanned the flames, hoping to get critical mass. Their goal is to precipitate another Kent State. However, with Trump in charge this will not happen. Civil War though is not a remote possibility but in the realm of possibilities. As the Palestinians push babies to the front lines, the Alt-Left is pushing their agenda via the college campus. Gathering of youth is easy because of their minds are easily molded into whatever is the soup d’jour.  We should never be fooled by their tactics, they are the same ones used by Chavez, Castro and Lenin.

“Antifa” or the Alt-left is an umbrella term for a loose collection of groups, networks and individuals. Since it is composed of autonomous groups, and thus has no formal organization or membership, it is impossible to know how many groups are active. Antifa groups either form loose support networks, such as NYC Antifa, or operate independently. We have seen their tactics and know that the their objective is to bring down the government by force if necessary.


To put today’s situation in perspective we focus your attention to “what difference does it make“. These are words spoken by an animal – a carnivore by the name of “Lock her Up” Clinton. She is still walking with the mouth. A killer of men, a killer of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others, yet she leaches the puss type venom from her ugly puss. This is a travesty of justice; we know that the Deep State is still protecting her. That is why Rosenstein and Wray must go. A clean sweep of those in charge, including Mueller need to be fired. Almost 18 months and $50 million dollars and what? They found nothing. But the collusion was between the Democrats, led by Clinton who conned America into thinking that Trump was in Russia’s pocket. Truth be told, it was the Clinton DNC who falsified evidence and bribed shady characters into faking documents in a vain attempt to bring down the President of the United States. It is time for this prostitute lynch pin head of a crime syndicate to face the music and the RICO law.

de Blasio of NY is now demanding the end of ICE, the Immigration and Custom Enforcement agency charged with protecting our borders.  His lackey representative Kirsten Gillibrand is pressing for legislation to rationalize the agency. All smoke but no fire; all b.s. political window dressing. Jail the mayor for incitement, subterfuge and sedition.

Mayor Bill de Blasio says he supports fellow Democratic politicians and protesters who are calling for the abolition of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, known as ICE.  “Every country needs reasonable law enforcement on their borders. ICE is not reasonable law enforcement. ICE is broken, it’s divisive and it should be abolished,” the mayor tweeted Friday. These two are criminals in their own right. Their posture ostensibly encourages illegals to storm our borders.

Moving on the Supreme Court we take pride in the most recent divisive decision allowing Trump’s executive order which prevented individuals from 5 countries to destroy America. We must mention that they are mostly Muslim. But listen to the criminal Keith Ellison as he tripped over his tongue. This is the same Ellison who breaks bread with Nation of Islam brother Louis Farrakhan. “The president lawfully exercised that discretion based on his findings – following a worldwide, multi-agency review – that entry of the covered aliens would be detrimental to the national interest,” Chief Justice John Roberts.


Keith Ellison was put forward as the new head honcho of the DNC by none other than top Jew Charles Schumer. Who ever would believe that a pro Israel liberal progressive, remember he voted against the Iran deal, would support an anti-Semite. Well he did! But there was blowback – in the end it didn’t happen. However, new information has surfaced that ties Ellison to Farrakhan and Iran’s mullah in chief, Hassan Rouhani.

Ellison turns out to be a liar when addressing his everlasting love for anti-Semites like himself.  He previously disavowed hi anti-Semite ways during the heated DNC contest. When it came out that he met with Farrakhan and Rouhani, he did what all liberals do when accused, he called it a smear campaign. But it happened. He was an invited guest of Rouhani’s to a dinner after addressing the United Nations in 2013. Also at the dinner was Muslim brother Andre Carson of Indiana.

When asked to comment about these meetings, Mr. Schumer, Ellison and Carson had no comment. Why do Jewish members of congress keep their mouth shut when their colleagues continue to sow hatred? Time for Schumer and others in the Jewish community who supported Ellison answer why?

Another earthquake shattering moment was the announced retirement of Justice Kennedy. His retirement provides Trump with an opportunity to appoint a judicial conservative, in the same cloth as that of Antonin Scalia, to the Supreme Court.Having this opportunity gives us succor because the court has so much  influence in the way we live, sustaining our culture and the enforcement of our laws for years to come.

Right-Wing Portland Rally Declared Riot Amid Clashes With Antifa Protesters

Police canceled the Patriot Prayer’s rally permit as violence broke out in Portland’s downtown.

A rally in Oregon sponsored by the right-wing group Patriot Prayer turned violent on Saturday as demonstrators clashed with anti-fascist protesters, who showed up in opposition to the event.

The Portland Police Department said that four people were taken to the hospital as a result of clashes at the gathering. One person suffered a serious, but non-life-threatening injury, while three others suffered non-serious injuries, the police said.

Four people were arrested in connection with criminal investigations that began before the Saturday protest, police added.

Amid the fighting, police declared that the so-called “Freedom and Courage” rally had turned into a riot and revoked the Patriot Prayer’s permit to hold the event at the Terry Schrunk Plaza, a federal park, in downtown Portland.

Trump: Search For New Supreme Court Justice Will Begin ‘Immediately’

So, in a nutshell it was a great week for the Constitution


However, don’t lose sight of the fact that the ANTIFA guys are radical killers of democracy. They don’t believe in debate, but believe in confrontation. They are trying to provoke violence. Keep in mind that the altercation they are looking for will require all of us to confront them one way or another.  “May a Piece Be With You.”


Obama’s executive order allowing 4 million criminals to stay in the United States was found to be illegal. The court, on a 4 to 4 vote, left in place  the previous court decision which ruled that the parents who came here illegally (anchor baby parents) are persona non grata. In other words they are illegal, gaining entry into the United States by a criminal act.

As of 2015, about 533,000 undocumented immigrants in Texas — roughly 40 percent of the state’s undocumented-immigrant population — had children legally in the country,according to the Washington-based Migration Policy Institute. About 1.17 million undocumented immigrants living in Texas have been in the country for at least five years, including about 222,000 who have lived here for more than 20 years.

Texas and 16 other states initially sued the Obama administration in early December 2014 after the executive action was announced; eight more eventually signed on. Hanen’s decision was upheld twice by the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

“Today’s decision keeps in place what we have maintained from the very start: one person, even a president, cannot unilaterally change the law,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement. “This is a major setback to President Obama’s attempts to expand executive power, and a victory for those who believe in the separation of powers and the rule of law.”

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Logo of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.svg Just back from the Far East, our hope is that President Obama enhanced his martial arts skills while there. He most likely will need them soon. He is about to enter the political octagon where the loser suffers irreparable damage – the fights usually go to the finish. Obama picked this fight, one of many during the past six years, but now the odds are heavily stacked against him. Always ready to engage his adversaries, a skill he learned in the South Side of Chicago perhaps will not offer him much protection this time.

With the Senate heavily armed with new members of the Republican bent and the House safely in control of the Elephant, the match appears to be lopsided. One other factor in the GOP’s  favor is the seemingly 5-4 Supreme Court advantage. They may be the ultimate referee of this blood match. Of course, President Obama has an advantage coming into the ring, the executive action technique. But will it have any effect when the House cuts off the purse strings. You can do and say all you want, but without funding nothing will happen. It remains to be seen who is the first to Tap Out.