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As (click)Trump makes one pit stop after another, unprecedented crowds came out to see him. At a rally in Des Moines preceded by a 42 mile Harley Davidson hog ride led by Senator Joni Ernst, more that two thousand were there to greet him. A rambunctious crowd wanting more of Trump. The latest poll has Trump in a dead heat. This is a win win situation because Iowa is the state that gave Obama a 54 to 44 win over McCain in 2008 and a 52 to 46 win in 2012 against Mitt Romney.  The latest results bode well for Mr. Trump who is on the verge of an unprecedented victory in November.  Time to Jail the Bird!trumptime


The liar that she is continue on the same path, instead of admitting the truth and dropping our of the race, Hillary Clinton runs with the mouth. This is nothing new, Rodham then Clinton has laughed off, eviscerated, condemned, killed and murdered during the years subsequent to graduating Yale Law School. America and the World knows that she can’t be trusted.  Read below and listen to Fox News by clicking.

On the Friday before Monday’s caucuses, the State Department, which Clinton headed in President Obama’s first term, revealed that it discovered 22 top-secret emails on the private computer server to which Clinton diverted all her governmental email traffic. This acknowledgement marks a radical departure from previous State Department pronouncements and is a direct repudiation of Clinton’s repeated assertions.
She has repeatedly asserted that she neither sent nor received anything “marked classified” using her private email server. The State Department, until last Friday, has backed that up by claiming that while the substance of at least 1,300 of her emails was confidential, secret or top secret, they were not “marked” as such when she dealt with them.
These are word games. First, under the law, nothing is “marked classified.” The markings are “confidential” or “secret” or “top secret,” and Clinton knows this.

Second, under the law, it is not the markings on the email headers that make the contents state secrets; it is the vulnerability of the contents of the emails to impair the government’s national security mission that rationally characterizes them as secrets.
Clinton knows this because she signed an oath on Jan. 22, 2009 recognizing that state secrets retain their secrecy status whether “marked or unmarked” by any of the secrecy designations. She knows as well that, under the law, the secretary of state is charged with knowing state secrets when she comes upon them.
Yet, in order to further Clinton’s deceptive narrative, the State Department has consistently claimed that it retroactively marked at least 1,300 emails as state secrets. It did this until last Friday.
Last Friday, the State Department revealed that 22 emails it found on Clinton’s private server were in fact top secret, and were in fact marked top secret, and were in fact sent to or received from President Obama. This is a revelation that substantially undermines Clinton’s political arguments and is catastrophic to her legal position.

The latest news from Iowa continues to question the results of the Democrat primary. Democrats of Clinton are blaming the numbers others are not so sure, but the questioning continues; did Hillary and her supporters rig the win. The Des Moines Register is calling for a review of the election results.

The Des Moines Register is calling for a “complete audit” of the Iowa Democratic caucuses in light of concerns by Bernie Sanders about the razor-thin margin.

“Once again the world is laughing at Iowa. Late-night comedians and social media mavens are having a field day with jokes about missing caucusgoers and coin flips,” the Register’s editorial board writes Wednesday night.


“That’s fine. We can take ribbing over our quirky process. But what we can’t stomach is even the whiff of impropriety or error,” it wrote.
Hillary Clinton edged out Sanders by just 0.2 percentage points, a margin the Register notes would trigger recounts in other states. Sanders’ campaign has said it is working with its Iowa staff to confirm those results, which the party certified early Tuesday morning.

The caucuses are run differently than a typical primary process.

In the Democrats’ process, voters physically arrange themselves around the room to signal their support for a presidential candidate and are counted by precinct captains. Ties can be settled by coin flips, and reports out of Iowa suggest that a handful of delegates were assigned by pure chance.

That makes a full recount impossible, and a Democratic official confirmed to The Hill Monday night that there is no recount provision.

The Sanders campaign has called on the party to release the raw vote totals at each precinct. Historically, the party only publicly releases how many delegates the candidate won out of each precinct. Sanders has accused the party of failing to staff precincts with independent staffers.

The Register, which endorsed Clinton, is calling for a full audit that would include a release of raw vote totals and the results of coin tosses.

“Too many questions have been raised. Too many accounts have arisen of inconsistent counts, untrained and overwhelmed volunteers, confused voters, cramped precinct locations, a lack of voter registration forms and other problems,” the Register writes.

“Too many of us, including members of the Register editorial board who were observing caucuses, saw opportunities for error amid Monday night’s chaos.”

The Register notes that the party’s refusal to provide additional accountability “confirm[s] the suspicions, wild as they may be, of Sanders supporters.”

“Their candidate, after all, is opposed by the party establishment — and wasn’t even a Democrat a few months ago,” the board writes.

Sam Lau, a spokesperson with the Iowa Democratic Party, told The Hill in a statement that the party is working to address any concerns by the candidates of the “historically close contest.”
“We are working with all campaigns on individual concerns they are bringing to us, and addressing them on a case-by-case basis,” he said.
“Just yesterday, we met with the Sanders campaign who brought us a small amount of specific concerns, and the Clinton campaign has also asked us a small amount of questions. We will look into these concerns and reach out to our county party leadership with any questions.”


Don’t ever think that Clinton one the Iowa primary, after campaigning there for eight years the state of Iowa rejected this liar hands down. Of course the liberal media would never print the truth, that their goddess in waiting was rejected and with dispatch.  The resulting pseudo win reflected a coin toss, actually three coin tosses, secondly question arise on why it took so long to count a few votes. We don’t actually know what went on behind the scenes but it seem awfully fishy; another words it smelled real bad. This was a devastating defeat for Ms. Clinton, one that will be played out over the course of the next six months.

Did Democrats desperate to give Hillary a win in Iowa fix the election? We’re not sure, but there’s definitely some funny business afoot. As the Sanders campaign has noted, some precincts are missing and haven’t been accounted for:

Midnight came and went without a declared winner of the Iowa Caucus.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are in a dead heat in the state that holds first-in-the-nation status during the primary season.

As of early Tuesday morning, Iowa’s Democratic Party reported Clinton having 49.9 of the vote and Sanders receiving 49.6 percent. Despite 1 percent of the precincts still missing, Clinton’s press secretary claimed victory.

Concern about voter fraud was raised late Monday night when C-Span posted video that showed a Polk County caucus chair and Clinton precinct captain did not conduct an actual count of the caucusgoers. Results were also slow to come in with about 5 percent of the precincts (roughly 90 precincts) going unreported at the time that Clinton and Sanders addressed their supporters late Monday night.

– See more at: http://americanactionnews.com/articles/did-hillary-steal-the-iowa-caucus#sthash.BGxV2F3L.dpuf



Iowa’s Democratic Party said early Tuesday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had gained an insurmountable lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the state’s caucuses, but stopped short of officially declaring her the winner — while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz scored a decisive win over Donald Trump in the Republican caucuses, with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio a close third.

Early Tuesday, the Iowa Democratic Party said Clinton had been awarded 699.57 state delegate equivalents while Sanders had received 695.49 state delegate equivalents with one precinct outstanding. That precinct was worth 2.28 state delegate equivalents — not enough for Sanders to make up the deficit.

The Clinton campaign quickly issued a statement declaring victory, saying, “Statistically, there is no outstanding information that could change the results and no way that Senator Sanders can overcome Secretary Clinton’s advantage.” However, a number of news outlets, including Fox News, did not immediately call the contest for the former secretary of state. 

In at least three precincts, the Democratic outcome was so close that party officials ordered a coin toss to determine which candidate should receive an extra county convention delegate, a longstanding tiebreaking method. The Des Moines Register reported that Clinton won all three coin flips at precincts in Des Moines, Davenport, and Ames.

Despite his apparent defeat, the result reflected a strong showing for Sanders, who had trailed Clinton by nearly 30 points over the summer. Sanders said the results sent a “profound message” to the media and political establishment.

It’s all over for Madam Clinton, not able to break the back of the old codger Sanders, she has taken her last gasp. The remaining primary states see what happened here, Clinton begging Iowans to vote for her, like a one legged Mexican in Tijuana sitting on the sidewalk hawking pencils. Clinton has peaked, going down like her ignominious career, in flames.newhavenpeople

Per Fox News’ Ed Henry

In a close race with Sanders, the Hillary campaign seemed a bit shell-shocked as a winner has yet to be declared in Iowa.

As Tom Harkin was warming up the crowd and getting ready for speeches from Bill and Chelsea Clinton, he seemed shocked to see Hillary take the stage.

Hillary marched up to the podium with Bill and Chelsea and was only one to speak before leaving the Iowa stage. Hillary never declares victory – only saying she was “breathing a big sigh of relief,” as if she won.

The Clintons skipped a rope line of screaming fans and scampered off into the night.

Clinton: 49.8 percent, 21 delegates
49.6 percent, 21 delegates
O’Malley: 0.6 percent

Neither Sanders nor Clinton have been declared the winner, but with Hillary’s poor showing, even if she noses Sanders out by one delegate, this is a defining defeat, her armour has been pierced. America knows all about the flim-flam game of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hopefully, after New Hampshire and South Carolina she will rest in peace. One question remains when will the FBI, put the bracelets on her.



“I want them released” Who are you kidding. Like a killer telling the homicide squad to take my gun and match it with the bullet pulled from the dead man.  Hillary Clinton is, pure and simple, a manipulator and the most egregious liar to boot. There is nothing that comes out of her mouth that one can believe.

How can those Democrats in Iowa even remotely think that she would be a good president; when in fact she has never accomplished anything. As Secretary of State, yes on her watch, the Middle East has gone down in flames. She and Obama painted every “red line” pink then white. Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Crimea, and Iran, total failures. Hillary is a total failure.

Please Iowans when you go to vote, understand what and who you are voting for. Hillary Clinton does not care about you, she only cares about herself.  Imagine Hillary Clinton, a pale face liar, signing a peace treaty at Council Bluffs; would anyone ever believe that she would have lived up to it?



Hillary Clinton has a vacuum between the ears; now she has no idea what an establishment candidate is. Apparently it was wiped clean by Bernie Sanders dynamic campaign which is rolling over Clinton in the early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.  Right now Clinton is running after Sanders and from the FBI.  However, in the not too distant future Clinton won’t have to worry about running for anything, our guess is she will be running FOR the exits. 


Ethanol subsidies are not to be touched. That is the old paradigm, but Ted Cruz says they must go.


As the Iowa primaries begin to put the focus on the front runners, the question arises, who are the pandering politicians who will continue the ruse on America.  See below for the ethanol scam perpetuated by lying bought off politicians who don’t give a good God Damn about you. They are bought, time is now to out them. By the way Ted Cruz against ethanol subsidies.

The corn ethanol industry has received more than its fair share of subsidies over the past 30 years. Through federal tax credits, loan guarantees, grants and other subsidies, billions of taxpayer dollars have been squandered on an industry that relentlessly seeks additional special interest carve-outs. A nearly identical tax credit to the one proposed by the president – the “Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit” – has been available to gasoline stations dispensing 85 percent ethanol.

It expired last year but has a history of being renewed in “tax extenders” packages. A federal Renewable Fuel Standard also mandates the use of 15 billion gallons of corn ethanol by 2015. While the biofuels industry as a whole was intended to help achieve American energy independence, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and spur rural economic development, the corn ethanol industry has fallen short of achieving these goals while spurring numerous unintended consequences and long-term liabilities that have resulted in more harm than good.

So it was great news that the (otherwise terrible) 2014 farm bill (officially the Agricultural Act of 2014) prevents the mature corn ethanol industry from receiving subsidies to purchase pumps dispensing higher blends of corn ethanol.

Now for the bad news. Less than a month after signing the farm bill into law, the president proposed new subsidies for ethanol blender pumps in his FY 2015 budget proposal. The overall budget was released last Tuesday, with detailed back up documents following in the last few days. Buried on page 158 of the “Analytical Perspectives” document, released Monday, is up to $200 million in new advanced energy manufacturing tax credits for the “construction of infrastructure that contributes to networks of refueling stations that serve alternative fuels,” or in other words, more subsidies for corn ethanol blender pumps and other alternative fuel infrastructure projects. Such is the power of the corn ethanol lobby.


Mark down May 29 as the date when the last tether connecting ethanol subsidies to reality came unhitched, and the fuel made from corn and tax dollars achieved a kind of postmodern perfection. On the same day the Obama Administration conceded that the U.S. auto fleet cannot practically consume enough ethanol to fulfill Congress’s quotas, it announced a new program so motorists can consume more ethanol.

In other words, the point of the subsidy is the subsidy, and therefore the U.S. must subsidize ethanol because the U.S. already subsidizes ethanol. Once in place, such self-referential mandates appear to be eternal.

The 2007 energy bill’s renewable fuel standard requires certain annual volumes of ethanol to be bootlegged into the U.S. gasoline supply, but for years the mandate has crashed into the “blend wall.” Ethanol is corrosive, and gallons of conventional gas with concentrations of the stuff higher than 10% damage the engines and fuel systems of most of the cars and trucks on the road today.

The problem is that Americans aren’t guzzling enough gallons to achieve Congress’s mandates at E-10—that is, 10% ethanol, 90% gas. Either we need to drive more in less fuel-efficient cars, consuming more overall. Or the concentration of ethanol in a given gallon needs to rise, risking accidents, breakdowns and valve, pump, cylinder and injector replacements rarely covered by consumer warranties. For model years 2001 through 2011, no car makers allow blends above E-10, and a little fewer than half say it is safe to fill up with E-15 for the last two model years.

To avoid filling this ethanol junkyard but also to avoid displeasing the corn lobby, the Environmental Protection Agency simply refused to finalize the quotas for 2014 and 2015. So the EPA has finally admitted in a regulation that “due to constraints in the fuel market to accommodate increasing volumes of ethanol, along with limits on the availability of non-ethanol renewable fuels,” the volume targets “cannot be achieved.”

The EPA thus proposed quotas that are 3.75 billion gallons below the statutory minimums for 2014, 2015 and 2016. Renewable Fuels




Ethanol is a major market for Iowa corn – 47% of Iowa corn goes into ethanol production. Today, over 95% of all fuel sold in the U.S. is blended with 10% ethanol.

There are more choices for consumers to use more green fuel in their tank. One in ten vehicles sold in Iowa can fill up on E85, or midlevel blends like E30.  The EPA approved E15 (that’s 15% ethanol) for 2001 and newer cars, light-duty trucks, medium-duty passenger vehicles (SUVs), and all flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) and that’s over 80% of all vehicles on the road today.

Retailers need to hear from drivers like you that you want to drive with higher blends of a home-grown fuel from E15 to E85. The time is now to fill up with home-grown fuels. Tell your retailer today! Print this card and leave with the manager or attendant at the counter. Do your part to support Iowa!

All eyes are will be focused on Iowa in 2016. Why? The first presidential caucus is in Iowa on February 1, 2016; currently Ben Carter holds a lead over Donald Trump. One may wonder why Iowa is so liberal. Ethanol? The good people of Iowa are drunk on ethanol.

From watchdog.org. So what’s the hold-up on subjecting ethanol subsidies to the Hammers of Justi… ah, ‘market forces’?  The largely Iowa-based ethanol lobby, of course.  Speaking purely dispassionately, ending ethanol subsidies would cause a certain amount of disruption in that state.  Speaking not quite as dispassionately… the vigorous defense of government subsidies is not precisely a conservative virtue.

Corn based ethanol increases the cost of food at the expense of subsidizing wealthy Iowa farmers. Where no politician dear to tread is the ethanol subsidy or now what is called the renewable fuel standard.  America’s Renewable Future, is planning a multi-million-dollar media blitz to promote candidates who support the fuel standard and attack those who don’t in the run-up to state’s first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses. 

“They’re going to be in real trouble if they don’t, because we’re going to educate people on where the candidates stand,” said Eric Branstad, the son of Iowa’s governor and the director of the pro-ethanol campaign, billed as the industry’s most aggressive entry into presidential politics.

Effectively, the campaign to keep ethanol in gasoline continues. Iowa reaps billions of dollars a year because of it and their soul motive is to keep the status quo. This is at your expense and their gain.  “I think renewable fuels can be a big issue in the race,” said Monte Shaw, executive director of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association. Shaw, who lost a Republican House primary in Iowa earlier this year, says about 10,000 households in the state are directly invested in or employed by the renewable fuels industry, and nearly 300,000 Iowans are “pretty much directly engaged in agriculture,” he said. “That’s a lot of voters.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/07/ethanol-fuels-iowa-109557#ixzz3pwEa4DmR

So in a nutshell America should understand why Iowa is as liberal a state as you can get; the corn farmers are hooked on government subsidies. Welfare to the rich is alive and well. It could be said another way, Iowan’s are eating your lunch.


Michelle Obama campaigned for wanna be Senator(sic)Bruce Bailey in Iowa, but that slip of her tongue was a sign of things to come.  Braley not Bailey was supposed to be a sure fire winner.  Joni Ernst has gone to the Democrat killing fields and repeated the corn that Braley has failed to harvest.

Braley, under tremendous pressure to hold the seat once occupied by none other than the flaming liberal Tom Harkin. However, getting the people into his silo is a challenge. Braley characterized Senator Chuck Grassley as an Iowa farmer. This did not sit well with the Hawkeyes.

Harry Reid said, “think of what that would mean for our country if Braley loses, we lose the Senate.”  Yes Harry, a defeat is hard to take, but Tuesday night it will be your turn to be humbled while you find the words to congratulate the new Republican Senate Majority Leader.