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During the financial meltdown in 2009, Rick Santelli asked if you wanted to pay for your neighbor’s house. CLICK HERE  for a video that will specifically enlighten you on what is happening again in Florida and Texas. America, are you pistoff yet? But wait let us not spare the details.

As reported by the WSJ’s Ruth Simon. Brian Harmon just finished spending $330k to fix up his home in Kingswood, Tx when hurricane Harvey bathed the house in flood water. This is the 22nd time since 1979 that the house was flooded. REPEAT 22 TIMES. YES, SINCE 1979 thru last year, you (Uncle Sam) has coughed up $1.8 million dollars to rebuild the house that is worth $600,000. What kind of bull is this?  Are words that you typically hear in a bar full of stevedores now coming from your mouth?

Looking at the statistics, repetitive flood properties account for 2% of the 1.5 million that have flood insurance, but FEMA pays out 30% of their claims to these freeloaders. But that is not all. FEMA will even buy your house to alleviate further claims at above market price. Effectively, the risk of owning these properties is passed on to the government (us).

Once again as the story noted nearly half the frequently flooded properties have received more that their homes are worth. Because of FEMA insurance bad behavior is condoned by Uncle Sam. After Harvey 1850 homeowners have asked Harris County Flood Control Department’s buyout program to be put on the list.


Oh we forgot to tell you that the Flood Program is under water to the tune of $25,000,000,000 not counting Harvey and Irma. The floodgates have opened once again and it is not unreasonable to expect another $25,000,000,000 to be added to the toll.



All of the progressive hate groups were wishing – not praying – because they don’t believe in God, that Hurricane Irma would destroy Mar a Lago. “Didn’t happen folks.” It was an active of Divine intervention.

The hypocrisy now is that the same progressive hate groups are asking President Trump to open up the resort to those who lost their homes, belongings and in some cases loved ones. Believe us, this is an invitation to looters, rapists and gang bangers.



If Harvey wasn’t enough, now comes Irma with Jose to follow; Irma is the most devastating storm ever to evolve in the Atlantic. This storm is not the usual wind/rain affair it is better described as the mother of all hay makers. The storm battered the island chains lying in the Caribbean; Barbuda was a wipe out.

Onward and upward the storm has pulverized the Keys as it heads northwest toward Florida taking its toll along the way. Miami has escaped the head to head match-up that was originally expected.

Now it is Tampa’s turn,  Atlanta is next to see the beast of Irma do its thing which reminds us of Sherman’s march to the sea 150 years ago.

What has caused such wrath? Global warming is the usual suspect. This storm is no gully washer for sure. Even Noah would find it difficult keeping afloat and he had God on his side!NOW: IRMA EYEWALL BEARING DOWN ON FLORIDA KEYS; POTENTIALLY CATASTROPHIC STRIKEIrma Hammers Florida Keys; Nearly 500,000 Lose PowerPhotos: Hurricane Irma's Destruction So FarHow Far North Will Damaging Winds Occur?Mike Seidel Blasted by High Winds in MiamiWatch: Huge Wave Crushes Irma Spectator