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IRS stooge, Lois Lerner, is one step closer to the gallows. Many of her so-called lost emails have been found. Although it will take weeks to decode them, we are of the opinion that they will provide enough rope to see that justice is done.

Remember that Lerner and her colleagues presumably on Obama’s order, targeted the TEA PARTY; limiting their ability to form 501-3c entities and thus stopping them from raising funds for the 2010 election. This stifled their 1st Amendment right to free speech enabling Barry Soetoro to survive a tough election and claim a 2nd term.


President Obama was a “no nothing – do nothing” Senator before he ascended to the throne. Subsequently he has continued to do nothing, but stir the pot one way then the other. At times he has shown empathy, but that was just another one of the charades of this two face wanna-be.

He was introduced to drugs during his teen years; actively seeking attention by telling fairy tales, the drugs gave him the feeling of invincibility. “I can walk on water” type of mentality as President continues showing through on numerous occasions; the shield I wear deflects all criticism. His actions are akin to a drug addict on “angel dust.” PCP can do this, make you feel like a God  hallucinations filling the cerebrum void.

Known as a recreational drug PCP fits in with Obama’s character of giving the high five – thumbs up feeling; can’t do any wrong because I am thee “MAN.” Always a step behind the fray causes him to jump into it, speaking when listening is called for.  Wishful thinking warped by the sense of past wrongs distorts the visibility with hate and malice. A finger on the trigger and a mouth to boot is a sign of rage, one that was indelibly branded by father figures, mentors of the firebrand school of radicalism.

Using a charismatic aptitude to exploit any situations wears thin and so we find out that the charlatan has no clothes, but a hippo like trap. Now that the emperor has been outed the call for regime change here in the United States is a must. we can’t let Rome burn any more. President PCP has inhaled the drug of misery; detachment and estrangement giving him a sense of strength and invulnerability; that explains his persona.