Instead of being proactive the progressive anti liberty mindset seems to tout their solving (reactive) a problem after a tragedy. Simple fact, they are not forward thinkers, but stuck in the mindset of Freddie Flintstone et al. Quoting Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s previous chief of staff,  “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” This quote alone is telling, first it highlights the need to fix something that was broken which brings us to the point that the Democrats didn’t realize it was broken in the first place. Secondly, the crisis fix is in most cases the limiting of rights guaranteed by the Constitution or allowed by law or regulation; stomping on individual rights is always the progressive controlling agenda.

There they go again! The tragedy in Orlando brings out the worst of the pandering liars who now seek more gun control. The facts are straight as the barrel of an AK-47. The Jihad Muslim Terrorist was able to procure weapons legally because the Democrat politically correct institution known as the FBI or better yet the Failed Bureau of Investigation did not do the job they are charged with.

This Islamist was on the hit the Hit List (no fly list), but government employees who followed Obama’s philosophy of political correctness, approved his application allowing him to obtain a gun permit. Think of it this way, allowing an arsonist to buy a truck full of gasoline, well the FBI allowed the Jihadist to do likewise.

It is beyond the realm of reason and logic that one who travels to Saudi Arabia, a Islamist terrorist hell bent on destroying America with a record longer than a football field is able to buy weapons to kill. What should have happened did not. Known or potential terrorists should not have had the ability to purchase these weapons. A failure of the Obama regime is well known and he must accept responsibility for the murder of 49 individuals.

Take Chicago, the killing fields where cops no longer are able to do their job; political correctness has hampered their ability to execute when necessary. This was the same at Fort Hood, no officer wanted to be called a racist, so political correctness forced down the line by Obama, was responsible for 13 brave servicemen being slaughtered by a Muslim Jihadist. When will it stop, who will stop it, will the American people demand it be stopped?



The city of Chicago has been looted by liberal parasites for decades, now the bill is due. Chicago is about to fall into lake Michigan.  However, as Rahm says, you should never let a serious crisis go to waste. Believe us when we tell you, Chicago needs more than one crisis to fix its problems. Each Chiccago household is on the hook for $60,000. So the rock and hard place are facing the taxpayer as Emanuel searches for funds to pay the pensioners.  We recall the old saying when it came to Chicago during Daly’s time,  it was called the “CITY THAT WORKS.”  Yeah right!

Looking at Detroit, Chicago sees itself in less than a decade. The drums are beating, the people are leaving  and the city has nowhere to turn but to tax, tax and tax again. Bankruptcy is out of the question. Chicago is not our kind of town,  it is town built by liberals for liberals. Those savvy enough have left or are making plans to leave as soon as possible.

The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting a different result. This phrase was attributed to Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin and others.  The phrase fits the Democrats perfectly; raise more taxes, spend frivolously on schools, extend unemployment, fight for more police and firemen, increase pensions call for a $15.00 minimum wage etc. and they expect the economy to boom. The truth be told, the Democrats are always one tax away from that expected boom they forecast, so they keep on taxing. To quote ex speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi “that giving more money to the unemployed creates jobs and thereby helps the economy. “


The Democratic Party Machine has held sway over the Windy City for the past 100 years, from Cermak to Daly to Emanuel, parsing favors to their ward henchmen as they delivered the votes; public workers including police and fireman repeated the bounty.

Parts of the South Side” tread with caution” has been owned by gang-bangers who rule the roost. On the way to a Chavez style socialist paradise the debt explosion has smacked the “meat packing city” in the face. Ready to hit the junk bond heap they have nowhere to turn; perhaps the Mafia can bail them out. After all what do you do when the unfunded pension liability alone is 32 billion ($32,000,000,000); that is real money. Not to mention this years operating budget shortfall in the neighborhood of $300 million.

Their illustrious mayor is now in a runoff with another big mouth Democrat with the same blood running in his veins as Hugo Chavez.  As we stated on numerous occasions, socialism is the worst disease known to man, a poison without a remedy. Ask Detroit, Washington, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Russia and you come up with the same answer, “we are broke” with no intent on paying our debts -ever.

Many of the things the early Democrats and union organizers fought for long ago were necessary to protect workers rights, health and welfare, but things go to far. Now the judiciary is in the act making laws instead of ruling on them. Regulators gone wild believe it is they whom can promulgate regulations if the Congress fails to do so. The country is out of control now ruled by a President who rules by decree. Sounds like Hugo, may he rest in peace, Chavez. Eventually a time will come when the “only solution will be a revolution.” That time is closer than many people think.

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Rahm Emanuel’s son was the victim of a robbery on Friday. Of course Emanuel the younger was not carrying; the embattled City of Chicago is one place where carrying a hand gun is a means of survival- it comes down to life or death. The brazen hold-up is one more example of why Otis McDonald was so adamant when he challenged Chicago’s restrictive gun regulations.

Self protection is a 2nd Amendment right, however all individuals have a natural right to self protection that no government can take away.