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Kissing cousins, how else will you describe their incestous relationshipS?  John “swift boat” Kerry to meetS with the Rouhani guy and what does Swift Boat do? Bows! Kisses his ass? This is reminiscent of Obama kissing the hand of the Saudi King when he bowed to him like a camel ready to be mounted.

The American people want to know why our government has sought to undermine the security of the United States at the expense of the American people. This covert Iranian deal smells like a cesspool ready to erupt. It stinks to high heaven, leaching human excrement faster than a Chicago sewer. And what about the nuclear scientist who dropped dead from the hangman’s noose. Hillary spoke to this guy, her server revealed numerous conversations between the two of them.

Because Hillary’s server was not secure, Wikileaks was able to compromise it. Low and behold Hillary was the Iranian go to person, she funneled  $$$’s in return for secret information concerning the Iranian uranium enrichment and nuclear program. Bam, Bam, Bam the guy is now dead at the end of a hangman’s noose.. Crooked Hillary must accept full blame she is totally responsible for the execution. If her server was secured by the State Department we doubt that Shahram Amiri would be alive today. Another roadside kill notch on Clinton’s gun; she keeps piling up the bodies.

But we can never ever forget that Clinton was directly responsible for the murder by Muslim Extremists in Benghazi Libya; she blamed it on a Muslim film. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were hacked to death by the Jihadists. Blood is still on the hands of Clinton who spills one lie after another. It is time to Jail the Bird. (click)Clinton is being sued by the parents of  Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith for wrongful death. They alledge that here unsecured server was responsible for their deaths. CHAPPAQUA