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The illegal alien debate has raged now for more than a decade, but has now come to the fore with Donald Trump stating that he will send them back to Mexico. Secondly, he will build a wall, Mexico will pay for it, to keep the trespassing criminals from violating our country. What they do is akin to rape. Contrary to what others think, the deportation of these criminals (Democrats call them undocumented – all lies) will cause the economy to boom; those seeking menial type work will find it and get well paid for doing it. This will be due to the lack of supply of cheap labor that finds the demand robust. As Trump said, “Make America Great Again.”  This will happen when he is elected President. “So let it be written, so let it be done.”

trumpbillboard3 From the Drudge Report. Boston Globe is releasing a fake front page in Sunday’s edition of Trump on Day One, calling for the deportation of the illegals.

What is the media scared of? Why are they doing all they can to derail his campaign? The liberal media is once again showing their true blue colors; trying to brainwash through propaganda the American people. There is no other reason, look back eight years ago, they didn’t call Obama out because they knew first hand he was one of them, a socialist out to destroy the fabric that made America great.

Effectively, America, with the media’s hype, helped elect Obama, a Jihadist in sheep’s clothing, to the highest office in the land. To keep the Obama message upfront, they are doing very little calling for Hillary (the Liar) to step down, who ostensibly will carry on the mission, but Trump who didn’t kill four of our guys in Benghazi is persona non-grata.  Go figure!


In case you missed it the recent plan to recruit border patrol agents on college campuses led to the accusations that racial profiling was the main factor in retaining illegals that invade our country  from Mexico.

To think that Blacks, Chinese, Africans, Russians, Afghans, Iraqis and Syrians are a significant number of those who cross the border is a pipe dream. But there are those on college campuses who condone illegal behavior and accuse those who enforce the law of RACIAL PROFILING.icebadge

The undocumented community is directly affected by deportation and detention policies that are carried out by Border Patrol, and having Border Patrol agents on campus is a blatant disregard to undocumented students’ safety and well-being.”

“NO MAS” is the new campus shibboleth.


We can’t hold our tongue any longer when it comes to Hillary Clinton. Seeking the presidential nomination she has continued to reach out to Wall Street bankers for donations. In fact most of the money raised by Clinton so far has come from the super rich. The mom and pop crowd has shown little enthusiasm in donating to her campaign and why should they?  They aren’t expected.  Their vote is their donation.

Secondly those who are pandered to, the moocher, the parasite, the welfare aficionado, those on the government dole are in no position to cough up a donation; after all they are broke. The truth of the matter is is that liberal Democrats don’t expect them to donate to their campaign.

These politicians pander to them not for donations, but for votes.

The more liberal the welfare policies, medicare qualifications, child care credits, food stamp programs, the larger the nanny state equates to more Democrat voters and therefore an avalanche of votes at election time.  It is no wonder that most of the large cities in the country constantly vote for a Democrat candidate 90% of the time.