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The criminal Latino/Hispanic wave traveling through Mexico with vigor will be met with TrumpForce. These illegals are intent on crashing the United States. They bring with them Rap Sheets longer and wider than the Rio Grande. Once here, as Trump on numerous occasions repeated, they will rape, plunder and murder innocent United States citizens. Matter of fact, 80% of the women coming north have been raped. Not satisfied with building their own country, these malcontents want to destroy ours. They will be met at the border by the National Guard.

Justice Department announces ‘zero tolerance’ border policy for illegal immigrants crossing into US

“The situation at our Southwest Border is unacceptable,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement announcing the policy. “Congress has failed to pass effective legislation that serves the national interest — that closes dangerous loopholes and fully funds a wall along our southern border. “

“As a result, a crisis has erupted at our Southwest Border that necessitates an escalated effort to prosecute those who choose to illegally cross our border,” he said.

The Trump administration says the number of attempted border crossings has increased by 203 percent since March 2017. In response, Trump this week signed a proclamation sending the National Guard to the border. He has said he would like to see 2,000-4,000 members sent to the border.

 Beggars want to litter our streets, collect welfare, food stamps, use our hospital, rob, steal and loiter.  Trump will stop this new wave Spanish Armada in its tracks.



The illegal alien debate has raged now for more than a decade, but has now come to the fore with Donald Trump stating that he will send them back to Mexico. Secondly, he will build a wall, Mexico will pay for it, to keep the trespassing criminals from violating our country. What they do is akin to rape. Contrary to what others think, the deportation of these criminals (Democrats call them undocumented – all lies) will cause the economy to boom; those seeking menial type work will find it and get well paid for doing it. This will be due to the lack of supply of cheap labor that finds the demand robust. As Trump said, “Make America Great Again.”  This will happen when he is elected President. “So let it be written, so let it be done.”

trumpbillboard3 From the Drudge Report. Boston Globe is releasing a fake front page in Sunday’s edition of Trump on Day One, calling for the deportation of the illegals.

What is the media scared of? Why are they doing all they can to derail his campaign? The liberal media is once again showing their true blue colors; trying to brainwash through propaganda the American people. There is no other reason, look back eight years ago, they didn’t call Obama out because they knew first hand he was one of them, a socialist out to destroy the fabric that made America great.

Effectively, America, with the media’s hype, helped elect Obama, a Jihadist in sheep’s clothing, to the highest office in the land. To keep the Obama message upfront, they are doing very little calling for Hillary (the Liar) to step down, who ostensibly will carry on the mission, but Trump who didn’t kill four of our guys in Benghazi is persona non-grata.  Go figure!


As the presidential election nears, we are beginning to see how some people actually feel about GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump — and some of it is chilling.securedownload

Reporters interviewed an outspoken anti-Trump Hispanic demonstrator outside a Trump rally in Fort Worth, Texas on Friday and he warned Trump’s white supporters that there would be consequences if the real estate mogul managed to make it to the White House.

“If these people get what they want, Trump in there, I guarantee you — you think the Mexicans are going to lay down that easily? We don’t ever say nothing,” Ronald Gonzales, of Dallas, told TheBlaze.muchasgraciasamigo



In light of Donald Trump’s disparaging remarks regarding illegal immigrants, either Mexican or Latin American, the news has bared him out. Exhibit 1 was the killing in San Francisco, exhibit 2 is the illegal activity of criminal license applications in New Mexico. But no subject is without controversy, the progressive politician who condoned the sanctuary city and provided fodder by inviting more illegals into the country – think Obama not enforcing the borders – leading to the United States becoming a sanctuary country;  mass violations of the law have resulted.

Hypocrites at best, lying swine at worst. Presidential contender and former Secretary of Hate Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer are the worst of the worst. However it even gets worse as the Obama administration’s talking puppet Josh Ernest blames the Republicans for not passing immigration reform. That is beyond the pale. More diatribe coming from the White House is expected. Loretta Lynch is not doing her job by enforcing the law. Wait for more killings, rapings and thefts by illegals. This controversy is not over.

A high-profile case in 2012 saw five Albuquerque residents federally indicted in a multi-state license distribution scheme. Federal investigators said 30 people from five states were involved in the ring that provided false documents to illegal immigrants who had resided in South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia to fraudulently obtain 164 New Mexico driver’s licenses.