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One Black man killed by a white man, either it be a Cop or white racist, brings out the rent a riot Sharpton crew and to put the topping on the cake, a ludicrous comment by POTUS. But when a race war ensues, or shall we say a gang war, the CRIPS vs the BLOODS;  43 Baltimore Blacks were killed in July and the blood is flowing into August; not a sound is heard from the provocateurs. In total, the city has recorded 192 homicides so far this year, according to The Baltimore Sun. By contrast, 208 murders were committed in all of 2014. The three-month total of 116 homicides for May, June, and July is the highest since at least 1970.

Keep in mind the Freddy Gray, Zimmerman and Ferguson affairs where the Sharpton’s of the world fanned the flames of racism; What happened? anarchy reigned in the streets; this is Yemen-Syria-Iraq stuff, gang v gang, tribe v tribe – yeah here in America. Is it surprising that stuff like this does not go on in Beverly Hills!




Obama the Robbin Hood President.  Stealing from the middle class then transferring their wealth to the enabled parasite.

America has paid a terrible price for the horrendous mistake made in 2008 and again in 2012. During his eight year term (two to go) Obama has irreparably harmed the United States. One look at the map after the 2014 election will validate this conclusion.

The United States is divided more now than it was fifty years ago. The fault lies with Obama and Holder, two of America’s race baiting duo.  Add in a cadre of Czars and one can see the destructive nature of his administration. Both believe that a Dred Scott environment still exists, that Blacks and Hispanics are second hand citizens. We weigh in that Spain was guilty of murdering millions of Latinos as they colonized the Americas. Why are they then given preferential status?

To rectify their naive and biased way of thinking the two anti-American usurpers want immediate retribution. Obama trashed Zimmerman in the stand your ground affair and then doubled up on the Garner death. And don’t forget Holder is still fuming over the Supreme Court decision regarding North Carolina’s newly enacted voter registration law.  Holder lives in the wrong century still believing that a poll tax still exists.

The North Carolina case, unlike those in Ohio and Wisconsin, is tied to the Supreme Court’s 2013 ruling that struck down the formula used by Congress to decide which states must pre-clear all changes in voting procedures with the federal government. That ruling allowed the Tar Heel State and others, mostly in the South, to act without federal approval.

Back to Obama’s violating the Constitution by allowing millions of illegals to stay in this country by a policy of deferred action. Such policy has never existed on a global scale.  The new Congress set to meet this week will have to address the Obama’s illegal action. We expect this fight to be adjudicated by the Surpeme Court. When they decide that Obama has exceeded his power under the Constitution there will be no excuse to not deport the millions of illegals, specifically those who ran rampant over our borders, invading our country from Central American countries.