The Republican Kentucky Derby is about to start; expect ten or more entrants when the gates open. Trouble is that most of these non winners of previous races are back, running in a Grade 1 stakes when they are most suited for a claiming race. Don’t get us wrong here, they have their good qualities, but when it comes to 2016 they will be up against the Democrat Secretariat. You see the problem with the R’s are multitude – before the race starts they have beat themselves up so badly that Ladbrokes morning line places them in the 1000:1 category.

A look south in Mexico and another look across the pond will not give these also-rans any solice. Turkey for instance went radical sweeping the power of Erdogan out from under his rug. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is rolling over laughing in his casket. Down south the tables were turned on the ruling party as a long shot came home first. A sweeping victory for people power. One voter offered this reason for the win, “the major political parties are made up of crooks, criminals and liars.” Seems like they were describing our government. On second thought hey were.

So let this be a warning for the Republican wannabees, you are all losers sans one. We will leave that to the voter to decide, but in order to put a nose in front at the wire and it will be a photo finish, he will have to go radical. Clean house, bring out the guns of radicalism for all to see. One more bit of advice, tell it like it is. (thirteen point manifesto follows) Tell the public that when you are elected the first priority is to bring charges against Hillary Clinton and Lois Lerner. Second, you must tell the Americans that America is for the rule of law and your justice department will enforce the law of the land. Third, tell America that you will eliminate fraud in government that even a stolen safety pin is theft and those responsible will be brought up on charges.

Fourth, you will prosecute those bankers who cooked the books leading to the financial crisis. Fifth, that you will prosecute those who have swindled the government, either by filing false disability claims, tax returns and welfare and medicaid claims.  Six, you will eliminate the IRS code and set two rates, one at 10% and the other at 25%, seventh you will dissolve the Department of Education, Commerce and Agriculture, Eighth you will immolate the ethanol subsidy and all agriculture subsidies to boot. Ninth, you will eliminate the exempt status on the Clinton foundation while bringing charges of income tax evasion against it. Tenth, withdraw from the World Bank, Eleventh, quit the United Nations, twelve , legalize drugs – this might be very controversial, but will bring down the drug cartels from their fifty year highs.  And  thirteen, last but not least shout from the top of your lungs that you will cut government employment by 50%. That is just for starters.

If we can find a candidate to do all of the above, then we can win in 2016, if not expect more of the same.


Operating on the Texas-Mexican border drug gangs have shot at an American helicopter  patrolling the the Lone Star State’s border. This operation is the start of an ISIS type campaign where they will bring their long arm into the United States. President Obama, thus far, has not commented on the firing. If there is not an equal reaction by us the Mexican-ISIS connection will continue to penetrate our air space.

However, the question that is on everyone’s mind is, will the traitor-in-chief actually make a response for this incident. I’m guessing not, but even more than that, it does cause one to wonder whether or not the Islamic State and/or Mexican drug cartelsare involved. However, at this point, shouldn’t we consider the two one in the same?muchasgraciasamigo


(click here for the latest)Pope Francis has confessed, he is a MARXIST. In Argentina he insisted that his priests should see the world through the eyes of the poor, by living among them, and he brought that approach with him to Rome. Evangelii Gaudium – the document which got Rush Limbaugh so worked up – argues that inequality creates “a state of social sin that cries to Heaven”. Pope Frances has also said that unemployment is “the result of a worldwide choice, of an economic system that led to this tragedy, an economic system that has at its centre a false God, a false God called money”.

“If some people think that he’s a Marxist (now), wait and see what he says on the environment!”


Hundreds of thousands of criminals have crossed the Mexican border into the United States; to boot there are 11 million illegals in this country, most came from Latin America countries where Christianity prevails and the Catholic Church rules.

History speaks of of the brutal killings and mass murders of  the Conquistadors in the name of the Catholic Church.  Francisco Pizzaro and Hernan Cortez ran rampant through Mexico, Peru and the rest of Latin America. Cortés was part of the generation of Spanish colonizers who began the first phase of the Spanish colonization of the Americas.

So we can put to rest that the religion of the illegals, most accepted or were forced into Christianity by the Conquistadors. But what gets our goat is that Pope Francis is lecturing us on the treatment of these illegals (they are criminals Pope Francis – maybe you forgot that) as they seek to cross our borders.

“These young people — who have come to learn how to strive against the propagation of stereotypes, from people who only see in immigration a source of illegality, social conflict and violence — can contribute much to show the world a church without borders,” Francis wrote. You have got to be kidding. The citizens of the United States have nothing against Mexicans, Hispanics or Latinos; to get the record straight ‘”we harbor animosity against illegal aliens. “

However the Pope misses the point when he does not address the treatment these invaders have received in their home countries where drugs, smuggling, murders, theft, kidnappings and corrupt government are the lay of the land. by the way they are very adapt at bringing this behavior north. Why doesn’t the Pope address the fact that these illegals are coming here for a free lunch, parasites in their own right.

Our advice to Pope Francis, pay a visit to Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil,Venezuela, try lecturing their governments on doing more for the unemployed, the poor – you know, the ones with corruption – start with  Cristina Kirchner’s Argentina, your home country.  Tell you what Pope Francis, Socialism is the worst disease known to man, a poison that corrupts and enslaves. Is that what you are for, a distribution of wealth by authoritarian governments like Cuba and Venezuela?

Additionally, from what we heard, the Church has billions of dollars of gold stored in bank vaults in the United States; isn’t it about time some of it was distributed to poor in Latin America? Pope Francis made one of his strongest attacks on the global economic system saying it could no longer be based on a “god called money” and urged the unemployed to fight for work. Wow!

The law abiding people of the United States are not interested in being scolded by the Holy See, for one he has not experienced the effect of illegal aliens first hand, he has never been mugged, robbed, raped, trespassed.  Sitting on a high perch and lecturing us does not win many fans. After all that, we know deep down in his heart the Pope is a good man.


Hillary Clinton first proposed Obamacare back in 1993. In Texas oil parlance it was a duster. By understanding Hillary’s verve back then is to understand her zeal in 2015. She will pull out all stops in a vain attempt to mount the throne. Hillary Clinton is a socialist despot. She will crush anyone who gets in her way to stardom. However, in her latest attempt to divide and conquer she has gone beyond the pale. A vicious and unpredictable woman wearing the pants of a eunuch she will seek to divide and conquer in her quest to rule over America; another Eva Peron you might say.

Case in point is her saber rattling mouth running lip service to the racial minorities of Ohio; she has voiced her concern regarding their right to vote. This is a non sequitur because Ohio has one of the least restricted voting right laws of the fifty states. But Hillary has no issue and therefore must fan the flames by pulling out the race card.  Click here to listen to her dribble. The only way to describe her is pathetic.  She is desperate, a cornered rottweiler drooling from the mouth with a bad case of distemper, throwing lie after lie for the enjoyment of the liberal progressive press.


It wasn’t long ago that a Washington State apple grower touted his use of legal immigrants to pick apples; “they work for less.” But most revealing was his comment on paying American’s to pick apples. “I can’t afford to pay their asking price – my apples will be more expensive, hence I will sell less and make less.” Those were the words of a criminal.  Well, apparently this did not sit well with authorities because an apple grower in Washington State has  been charged with hiring illegal immigrants to pick apples;, the fine $2.25 million dollars.

What we are getting at here is the philosophy of these corporate criminals who are debasing the American standard of living.Why not have every company hire illegals at below prevailing wage rates and off the books to boot? If this becomes commonplace American citizens will be relegated to lining up for three squares at the local soup kitchen. But to tell the truth about these scofflaws who believe they are above the law is necessary to out them; they should be ostracized by their communities – their products boycotted.

Americans will pick apples, tomatoes, cabbage, celery and lettuce, but they demand a higher wage than the illegal. The reason being the illegals send back the dinero to their home country, mostly Mexico where it buys mucho mas. However, we can go out on a limb here and predict that a farmer who holds out a sign which says, “hiring apple pickers for $20 per hour plus benefits” will find millions of Americans ready to fill the job. But this will pinch the profits of those who own vast expanses of orchards and farm land.  Too bad for these grub infested mite who prey on America for their own benefit.



Ergodan’s party suffers a humiliating defeat. The pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) was on track to take more than 12 percent of the vote, according to CNN Turk. The prospect of it clearing the threshold to enter parliament for the first time triggered celebrations in the mostly Kurdish southeast.

The diminutive Turkish dictator with a Napoleon complex

With legislative elections fast approaching in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lashed out at foreign media on Saturday, calling on the Guardian to be aware of its limits and accusing the New York Times of being represented by “Jewish capital,” according to AFP.

Erdogan has repeatedly – in the shadow of pending elections – criticized foreign media outlets which expressed concern over the corrosion of freedom of expression in Turkey.

The Guardian criticized his rule in an article highlighting the threat of “Growing autocracy” in “a crucial country;” The New York Times followed suit, writing about “dark clouds” looming over Turkey, and satirizing the Turkish leader with the comical tweet: “Which leader has a 1,150-room palace more than 30x the size of the White House?”

At a political rally in Ardahan Province, Erdogan called the Guardian “impertinent,” and told them to “know their limits”.

He then accused the New York Times of campaigning against Turkey’s leader since the final days of the Ottoman Empire, and accused “Jewish capital” of being patrons to the publication.

Elections in the Middle Eastern nation are set to take place on Sunday.


Erdogan, the diminutive dictator of Turkey is in a fit of rage; basically telling the anti Israel biased NY Times to shut up. Wow, when you get pissed off at the corporate inksters, who in most cases take your position, then you know times are tough. Erdogan is on the way out according to the Times, his ratings are down going into this weeks election. Although Erdogan’s AKP party is expected to remain in power its majority is eroding quickly due to the weak economy. This will prevent him from pushing through dictatorial measures which will give the president a leg up on the Prime Minister.


The latest from Greece; a warning not to impose “HUMILIATING TERMS” from its head honcho Tsipras. Another socialist goon holding a hammer and sickle over their creditors. These malcontents forget that they have lived way beyond their means for two decades, spending everyone else’s money like there was no tomorrow; now they don’t want to pay. Their creditors should act more like the Mafia and break a few legs. 

Keep in mind that the Greeks are at the top of the list when it comes to not paying income tax.

The low life commies vacuumed $500 billion from the likes of the EU and IMF; the time to cough up a billion or two has come. Their commitment to do so is startling, they are telling their creditors to stuff it. Don’t forget that the socialist parasites have padded their wallets while working for the state.

Yes, 25% of the working population works for the state; we call that as close to Lenin’s socialist philosophy as one can get. Mao would be proud. Working for the state is not a sin by itself, but most did nothing for their paycheck; no one would call this work in the private sector.

Secondly their salaries are 50% higher than comparable jobs in the private sector. And don’t forget the Greeks cooked the books when joining the EURO (lied through their Trojan teeth) by taking an oath that their deficits would be in line with the 3% mandated by the EU. However, the deficits turned out to be upwards of 10%.

The billion in change due today is not to be, the Greek spin masters say they will include it in the end of the month payment. They are allowed to do this, but don’t be surprised if they pull a fast one. Currently in deep negotiations to iron out their economic and payment plan going forward, the Greeks are squeezing their EU counter parts like the olives they press to give up its oil. And once again they are doing a good job at it.

The over riding question still remains, will Greece flee the Euro or will the Euro flee Greece?


Once upon a time the United Kingdom ruled, like the Roman legions, its arms extended across the globe. Their currency, the pound sterling, was worth its weight, well in silver. One pound equaled a pound of silver. Down through the centuries the pound was devalued to its present value of $1.53.

At the turn of WWII the pound was valued at $4.86 a year later it was devalued to $4.03 then in 1949 it took a steep drop to $2.80 falling all the way to $2.40 in 1967.  However, the pound was ready to take its deepest dive yet due to the recession that occurred in the 1980’s falling to its lowest point in 1985 to $1.03.

We bring you this information as a back drop to where the almighty dollar is headed; there will be no sanctuary when the tide turns; and as history provides an anecdote for sure, the GREEN BACK will not have anything to back stop it in the coming free fall.

To measure its descent we advise the uninitiated to keep a keen eye on the price of gold visa vi the price of the dollar. Because when the flight from Eagle begins there will be no stopping its descent; just ask Hugo down in Venezuela, may he rest in peace, what has happened lately to the peso.

The difficulty of catching a falling knife usually leads to more blood letting. But for now times are a bit sanguine, however looking across the pond gives one a clue on things to come, storm clouds are gathering on the horizon. China, Russia and the Mid-East are viable threats to the American legions that ruled after WWII. Pause for a moment to survey the ever changing landscape and you will see the harbinger that awaits a dollar collapse. baldeagletalons

In 1931 the dollar was worth 1/20 of an ounce of gold (today that is $60), two years later on June 5, 1933 , theUnited States with a stroke of of FDR’s pen, the dollar was debased to where it is today; not worth the paper it is printed on. $20 Gaudens Double Eagles



Confirmed, the TSA offers valid proof that typical government agencies employee workers who are asleep at their job; not qualified to hold their positions.  Sixty Seven out of seventy attempts to pass through TSA security stations with weapons and bombs were not detected.nyontherunway

Many of the TSA employees just barely qualify to hold their positions. Where did these people come from, who hired them, what was their previous experience and who trained them? God only knows. Now that they have been outed, their boss has been reassigned; not fired mind you, reassigned. Can you imagine if a backpack suicide bomber was able to slip through and carried out his/her mission.icebadge

Before announcing the reassigning of Carraway, an 11-year TSA veteran, Johnson issued a statement outlining a series of actions he had ordered in response to the findings, including more training for all transportation security officers, re-evaluation of airport screening equipment and continued covert testing.