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What a lovely sight to see, the socialist parasites back stabbed by one of their own. Who would of thought such a thing was possible? Well, well they caved. Now the hard work begins as the taxman cometh. Don’t forget, the Greeks still owe the money, there was no debt haircut, but a loan extension to help them surmount the proverbial bump in the road. But darker days still lie ahead. The retirement age has been pumped up to 67, taxes increased and other fiscal measures which will dig deep into the Greek way of life – the dolce vita.

During the bank shut down the economy has not collapsed; depositors were allowed to take out 60 Euros a day from the ATM’s. We can hazard a guess that many Greeks did not have to resort to the ATM because they hid much of their underground money in the mattress. This was a very savvy position to take for those entrepreneurs, for they knew that paying taxes on under the table work would involve a transfer of wealth;  paying for the life of leisure parasites, many who were on the government dole, was not their cup Ouzo.


UPDATE: The ultimate in humiliation is upon the Greeks as the banks have closed their doors. The socialist scheme which exists today has done its job. In a capricious manner they have succeeded in their quest which is to bring the country to heel. The depression vortex is now in full spin, sucking what little is left of Greece’s life blood. We congratulate Germany and France who were steadfast in their demands for reform. They did not cave and we applaud that.

Flag of Greece The son of Zeus and Hera according to Greek mythology, Ares the God of war in the reincarnation of Tsipras, will be paying homage to the European Central Bank (ECB), on Monday, not appearing with stern posture, but from a kneeling position, like the beggar often seen on the streets of Tijuana decades ago.  This will represent the final humiliation to once was a proud country, but now is no more worthy than a rogue pencil seller newhavenpeoplewho squandered life’s chances. It had to end this way, thieves and cheats are not be trusted.

The string has played out, hair dressers retiring at 40 years old with full pension is all you have to know to realize how the European creditors, mainly Germany, have been raped. Enough is enough, the time has come to let them eat cake, but primarily sleep in the bed they made. When a country has the audacity to threaten others for no good reason as Greece has; yes they have demanded that Germany pay war reparations from WWII although this has been a settled decades ago. The U.S. too is on the hook for $15 to $20 billion.

The Greeks are queuing up at the ATM’s like hungry rats feasting on a block of cheese. Monday will most likely be one of many of the bank holidays to come. Look for capital controls, they are necessary to stem the flow of cash from the socialist coffers. Experts expect the Greeks to issue their own currency, the drachma, in a matter of weeks. Of course this will do nothing, but burnish our expectation of massive inflation, unemployment leading to a Venezuela type catastrophe. Poverty for all will result. The thinking is that exports will boom, but what exports?

We toast Tsipras raise our shot glass filled with a shot of Ouzo. Καλό ταξίδι (Kaló taksídi!)


The latest from Greece; a warning not to impose “HUMILIATING TERMS” from its head honcho Tsipras. Another socialist goon holding a hammer and sickle over their creditors. These malcontents forget that they have lived way beyond their means for two decades, spending everyone else’s money like there was no tomorrow; now they don’t want to pay. Their creditors should act more like the Mafia and break a few legs. 

Keep in mind that the Greeks are at the top of the list when it comes to not paying income tax.

The low life commies vacuumed $500 billion from the likes of the EU and IMF; the time to cough up a billion or two has come. Their commitment to do so is startling, they are telling their creditors to stuff it. Don’t forget that the socialist parasites have padded their wallets while working for the state.

Yes, 25% of the working population works for the state; we call that as close to Lenin’s socialist philosophy as one can get. Mao would be proud. Working for the state is not a sin by itself, but most did nothing for their paycheck; no one would call this work in the private sector.

Secondly their salaries are 50% higher than comparable jobs in the private sector. And don’t forget the Greeks cooked the books when joining the EURO (lied through their Trojan teeth) by taking an oath that their deficits would be in line with the 3% mandated by the EU. However, the deficits turned out to be upwards of 10%.

The billion in change due today is not to be, the Greek spin masters say they will include it in the end of the month payment. They are allowed to do this, but don’t be surprised if they pull a fast one. Currently in deep negotiations to iron out their economic and payment plan going forward, the Greeks are squeezing their EU counter parts like the olives they press to give up its oil. And once again they are doing a good job at it.

The over riding question still remains, will Greece flee the Euro or will the Euro flee Greece?