LISTEN UP,  every Democrat is guilty of murder, for they have voted for liberal judges, prosecutors, governors, mayors and their ilk. It does not matter how far down the line they go, all of them pat each other on the back.

But when a tragedy occurs they circle the wagons, protecting each other from the “one that got away”, theone who went rogue“,  but it was a court commissioner, not a low-level prosecutor, who agreed and cleared the way for Brooks’ release. Court documents identify Cedric Cornwall as the commissioner present at Brooks’ arraignment.

And Joe Biden is releasing millions more  into the HEARLAND.

And we repeat, this is happening in all states, cities and towns, that  have been infiltrated by socialists, communists, autocrats, anti-constitutionalists, anarchists and their ilk. They are students of Saul Alinsky, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pot and Chavez. There is no letting up when it comes to executing freedom fighters by these thugs. They have murdered millions and must be held responsible for their CRIMES.

Take our advice, DO NOT VOTE DEMOCRAT, YOUR LIFE IS AT STAKE, maybe not today, but tomorrow they will get you. Count on it.

You want to be sick, look at who is in control. These are not Americans, these are ruthless anarchists who will stop at nothing to force their agenda on those who fight for freedom and the American Way.