When your comrade (товарищ tovarishch) meets his maker a sudden gloom and doom hits you like a ton of red bricks.  In the theatre of war bad news from the “front” is “nyet.”  The Russian brain trust, those are the guys who sit at the far end of the table, Ukraine conflict: Who's in Putin's inner circle and running the war? - BBC  Newsexplaining the Invasion Plan to KGB. Today, these Generals are wondering whose head will roll next, having learned of the sudden.
possibly death, of Defense Minister, who had a non-scripted heart attack. In the labyrinths of the Kremlin we find this happens all the time. Failure is not an option for the Russian Brass.
As the fighting lingers past 30 days, there are those close to Putin, who have seen first hand, what the costs of invading Ukraine are. The average Russian is paying the price today, tomorrow and in the future; and they don’t like it one bit.
There is talk among the cognoscenti of a “hit man” assassinating Putin. These insiders, collectively, do not believe that the Russian economy will survive. That being the case, the Russian Street, will begin to comprehend what life was like under Uncle Joe. When will the “HIT” occur is anybody’s guess, but take it from us, the longer the bloodshed continues, the odds of Putin suffering from a chemical infusion or an exterior attack, it is bound to happen. The sooner the better.
Russia admitted that, at a minimum, over 1500 of their conscripts, many are barely sixteen years old, have succumbed at the hands of Ukrainian Azov Regimen. Contrast that to the Gulf War including Desert Storm, Defense Saudi Arabia streamer the fatalities totaled  approximately 350 of our Brave Freedom Fighters.

The truth be told, not by Pravda, (Russian: “Truth”) newspaper that was the official organ of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1918 to 1991, continues to tow the Party Line.Pravda – published on 5 May 1912 (22 April 1912 OS)

However, the news from the front does slowly meander in to the Mother Land. And it ain’t good. Especially when the death toll mounts, injuries run into the thousands and Generals are killed on the battlefield.

Ukraine president gives surprise virtual address at Doha Forum

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave a virtual speech Saturday during Qatar’s Doha Forum, where he criticized Russia’s ongoing aggression and called on the international community to do more to help.

Zelenskyy also compared the Russian attack on the port city of Mariupol to the Russian bombing of Aleppo during the Syrian War, where over 400 people died.

“They are destroying our ports,” Zelenskyy said. “The absence of exports from Ukraine will deal a blow to countries worldwide.”

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Fast Facts

  • The Russian army said Friday that 1,351 of its soldiers have been killed during the war in Ukraine as reports are emerging that another Russian general has died on the battlefield.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday is accusing western nations of trying to “cancel a whole thousand-year culture — our people” as governments continue to impose sanctions and isolate Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine.
  • President Biden and Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, announced in Brussels Friday that U.S. and European Commission will be launching a joint task force to help the EU pull away from its reliance on Russian gas.
  • Ukraine claims another Russian general scalp, second lieutenant-general killed at same base

    Ukraine’s defense ministry said Saturday that its forces had killed another Russian general during a strike near the city of Kherson.

    Lt. Gen. Yakov Rezantsev would be the seventh general killed in Ukraine and the second-lieutenant general – the highest rank officer reportedly killed, according to the BBC.

    Low morale among Russian troops may have forced senior officers closer to the front lines, leading to several high-profile deaths among their ranks.Rezantsev was stationed at the Chornobaivka airbase, which Russia has used as a command post during its offensive in Kherson.

    Andrei Mordvichev, the other lieutenant-general reportedly killed, was at the same base when he died.

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