Viral video shows Budweiser Clydesdales mishap at San Antonio rodeo

A YouTube video showing a tumble at this year’s San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo has gone viral, spotlighting both the unpredictable matters in the annual event, as well as the passion within the rodeo community. In the YouTube video, which has garnered more than 3.8 million views since it was shared to the platform on February 18, you can see the horses leading the pack begin to turn toward the wall of the arena and move inward toward the horses behind them, causing the animals to become tangled.

The horse was on the ground for about eight minutes, during which the rodeo announcer, identified as Wayne Brooks by the San Antonio Express-News, consoled the crowd in an attempt to ease their concerns.

Luckily the horse was in good hands thanks to the shotgun driver of the Budweiser wagon, identified by the Express-News as Andrew Lacrosse. He can be seen responding to the incident promptly, easing the other horses and then isolating the fallen horse. Lacrosse was assisted by the crew that oversees the Clydesdales in their performance travels.