The Russian conspiracy, the two Impeachments, the Mueller Investigation, the fraudulent FISA application, the weaponization of the FBI and CIA, Clapper, Comey and McCabe all did their part to get “lock her up” elected. And Why? Because if Trump won, he would expose the criminals running the FBI, DOJ and CIA. But it backfired.

2020 Comes along, and they would do anything to defeat Trump. What happened next is only seen in Banana Republics run by Dictators, say Chavez, Castro, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Lenin and Peron for example. They pulled the levers in the Public Square, they dictated what was printed and how it was printed. The social media behemoths in America hopped on board, Youtube, Facebook, MSNBC, CNN, and Twitter did all they could to influence the election in “lock her up’s” favor. A mere 75,000 votes was the difference.

We say to Americans, this could happen to you, Blacks, please take our word for it, Democrats don’t care about you, just look at the illegals coming into the country. Your job is at stake. Listen up, some of your brothers are in jail on trumped up charges, (no pun intended). This is exactly what happened to Trump. You must right the wrong of the past. Put country first, Please listen to us, for we want you to succeed, Trump wants you to succeed,. But we will tell you this, the Democrats don’t give a damn if you don’t. That is why we want you to open your eyes and your mind, to understand the reality that has happened to you under Democrat rule.

How many more Hunter Bidens’ are there in the Democrat party. Nothing has happened to him yet and most likely never will. But you, caught stealing a soda from the local Seven-Eleven and they throw away the key. Think about it? Please.