Imagine being a liberal protagonist for the past hundred and fifty years, supporting causes socialistic of every kind; towing the liberal line, co-founders of the NAACP, were there when Martin Luther King Jr marched in Montgomery Alabama, fought for the rights of Blacks, defended immigrants who came here illegally, protected the down trodden from harm, but now they find out that those they helped are there own worst enemy, this is the Jewish predicament.

Just imagine sitting in a house filled with the SCUM of the earth. How would you feel? Would any sane person put up with the vitriol coming from these sewer pits. Their disdain for those of the Jewish persuasion has spread its tentacles through the Democrat party. Just recently a cesspool of diatribe came out of the mouth of a CUNY graduation speech, but you didn’t here ALL members of the schools Board of Trustees criticize nor denounce this antisemitic shit show.  We don’t have to tell you who, but the speaker was a Suicide Bomber from Yemen. 

The question for Senator Schumer and Representative Nadler is simple as one two three. Do you guys have a Yellow Spine devoid of chutzpah? Why don’t you speak out against the burgeoning Hate in the Senate and Congress against Jews and Israel? Have you no morals? Or is it that you two flunkies are just Power Hungry. Do you Hate America so much that you will stand here and take it like your relatives did in Germany? 

It has started slow, but now has gained critical mass with propaganda flooding the internet of the Jewish Conspiracy. Yet the Jewish Democrats have not moved from a PARTY OF HATE to a PARTY OF LOVE, Democrat to Republican. They better wake up quick before a Democrat Hitler rises to the Occasion.