Anarchy, Lawlessness are the bywords of Sleepy Joe Biden. Democrats everywhere are in the same boat, loving every bit of Branden’s legacy.  Democrat households, cities and states are quintessential examples of turmoil. This is all at the expense of normal people who have structured lives.

The Democrat character has turned into a glob of violence, affecting the rest of America.  Branden, a killer of 13 Servicemen in Afghanistan, responsible for our children being raped by the influx of cartels across our border. But not to leave it there, we have a Criminal in the White House, one who is not only gone Rogue, but one hell bento on leaving a path of destruction throughout the land before he gets flushed out of the presidency in a short thirteen months. Don’t expect them to be anything but normal because a criminal being attacked will always leave victims in their path. 

As New York City cripples under monumental budget cuts due to a migrant crisis straining public resources, the city council is planning to consider a series of measures that would, among other things, remove statues of major historical figures like George Washington and create a reparations task force.

Figures like America’s first president George Washington, Dutch governor and New York settler Peter Stuyvesant, as well as Christopher Columbus – all of whom have statues throughout the city are targets of those who want to destroy America. 

The second tower of the World Trade Center bursts into flames after being hit by a hijacked airplane in New York in this 9/11/01 file photograph. The Brooklyn bridge is seen in the foreground.