In the big cities of Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Saint Louis, Los Angeles we have seen the staffs filled with unqualified public servants. In fact the many of them would never have a job if it weren’t for affirmative action and nepotism. This is not to say that a good portion of them aren’t qualified, but they had the inside track to be hired.

Hospitals have employed people of color for decades, same with nursing homes, many of the jobs they perform are menial in nature but not considered by Whitey.  But now we have a politician who says that many Blacks need a PHD to be hired when a Caucasian does not. Sometimes, what goes around comes around. 

The Democrat candidate in one of the most closely watched state legislature races in Virginia said earlier this year that “unqualified” White people are able to secure high-paying jobs while Black people need “a Ph.D.” to be considered for the same type of job.

Nadarius Clark, a political activist and former member of the Virginia House of Delegates who hopes to win another term made the claim during an April 17, 2021, episode of his former podcast, “Polititalk,” when he and a guest co-host were discussing what they said was the unfair treatment of Black people by the police.

However, when pressed for examples, he could not come up with any. So, we now know this libtard is blowing his own horn, rabble rousing to his constituency. 

“Our counterparts, a Caucasian, can be mediocre and still get a $100,000 job. We have to be — we’ve got to have a doctorate degree, a Ph.D., to get let in those doors. We have to be overqualified … to get half of what an unqualified Caucasian would get,” he added.

He went on to call for society to have a “change in social norms.” His guest co-host, Stephannie Malone, agreed but offered an inaudible response.

Fox News Digital reached out to Clark for comment but did not immediately receive a response.