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They lined up, but the doors were closed. Citizens, honest tax paying citizens, the salt of the earth type were told that their money was not there. Scammed by bankers the vault was empty. The depression was in full force, the economy imploding, bankruptcy for many inevitable.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 6102, issued by US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt 80 years ago, on April 5th 1933, banned private gold ownership in the United States, forcing gold owners to take their bullion to a bank and exchange it for Dollars at the prevailing rate.

Think about it, the Federal Government of the United States, in broad daylight confiscated the wealth of its citizens. This enabled the government to transfer power to the Federal Reserve, they then began the printing of fiat money with abandon. Why? To perpetuate the lying and the deceit of their hidden agenda. What is that agenda: to retain their political power above all else. However, the day has come to stop the charade.

One look at the price of gold, in the mid $1100 per ounce is a tell tale sign of what is to come. Prognosticators predicted, that’s what they do, that gold would be selling for $300 today. Inflation is zero, the economy is in intensive care, (very serious- negative interest rates are in the discussion) interest rates are zero; the question is then why is gold selling where it is?

The answer, the world is in turmoil and the government, our government, every government around the world cannot be trusted. Printing money is not the answer, it is the problem. Your politicians are not there to help you, they are there to deceive you.

The day is close at hand where the United States will no longer be able to sell their fiat paper and then the window will close once again, gold will skyrocket, maybe to $20,000 or more. No one knows what will happen, but be sure to protect yourself from the criminals in Washington D.C. Insurance is what you need.

An added note, those people in Illinois who have winning lottery tickets worth more than $600 can’t cash them in, given IOU’s. Read about the story here. Think about it, that is what our $$$’s are IOU’s.