The issue is not racial it is strictly behavior. Michael Brown a two-bit punk was seen bullying a store owner while in the act of stealing cigars.  His mother as expected comes to his defense when she says, “I know my son far too well. He would never do anything like that. He would never provoke anyone to do anything to him and he would never do anything to anybody.”

Charging a police officer with weapon in hand gives chance that the person doing the charging will meet their maker; and so it came to pass with Mr. Brown.  A Lee Harvey Oswald type head shot was the last round from Wilson’s Sig Sauer. Now after the Grand Jury decision America knows the rest of the story.

In his own words:

Wilson took aim at Brown’s head for the shot that would kill the unarmed teen. “When he fell, he fell on his face,” Wilson recalled. “I remember his feet coming up … and then they rested.”

Then came the end.

“When it went into him,” Wilson said, “the demeanor on his face went blank, the aggression was gone, it was gone, I mean I knew he stopped, the threat was stopped.”

Obviously this story won’t die, agitators have reason for prolonging the violent protest. This is understandable for the likes of Obama and Sharpton they relish incendiary situations; using them for their own advantage. With all of the news media focused on the story, what has been overlooked are the people contributing to the insurrection. A wild guess would venture that most if not all are receiving some kind of government subsidy.

That brings us to the trash and grab behavior of the looters; imagine what will happen when welfare payments, food stamp eligibility, housing credits and healthcare budgets are slashed come next year. The violence we see here will be small potatoes. The enablers will pick up where the suicide bombers left off.  Stay tuned for its “us against them.”

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