They are coming and we will stop them, count on it. We must be prepared for war; one of a different kind, Americans against Americans. This is not a civil war in the in the typical sense. Now we find families divided by philosophy, red and blue states divided by differences in social policy.The liberal left has been activated by the likes of Obama, Holder, Lynch, Feinstein, Clinton and George Soros. We also mention today’s lying fake news media who were in bed with them to start. They were the ones who elected Obama.  However, we would be remiss to mention the four liberal justices on the Supreme Court. They have empowered the left. And with Trump successfully placing two conservatives on the Supreme Court this has set in motion the coming war, American against American.

Let’s face it, anyone nominated by Trump to sit on the Supreme Court would have faced the same scenario as Brett Kavanaugh. The Democrats would have found someone, even if it was 100 years ago, to conjure up allegation that they were molested by the nominee. These type of tactics are the same ones put forth by third world revolutionaries. They were picked up by Saul Alinsky a long time ago. Today these tactics are de ri·gueur by the progressive left.

The trash and burn crowd has not as of yet begun their mission. Take for instance the verbal bomb thrower Maxine Waters, who by the way will be spending time with Hillary Clinton behind bars, has been leading the mouth off-parade for impeachment. In the not too distant future the brain washed youth of today, their misguided parents who brought them up and those who leach off the government will be initiated in their quest to destroy the state.

Judge Kavanaugh who will become Justice Kavanaugh will be seated on the Supreme Court next week. A great victory for America. But don’t expect the protests to stop. They won’t! America is now in the first stage of a Civil War. The left Antifa crowd have given notice that they will continue to harass, badger and protest Patriotic Americans who believe in our ConstitutionThey engage in violent protest tactics, which has included property damage and physical violence.

No matter what transpires from here on out, we can see with our eyes wide open what is really happening. And don’t forget President Obama thru the first bomb. He is the one who divided America like no other. Obama brought Identity politics to the fore.  Obviously his was a ploy to destroy the American fabric that made America Great. Every one of his hires was in the mold of Saul Alinsky; Rules for Radicals.pngthe same model they used in their vain attempt to destroy Kavanaugh. 

Obama got his shot and now we are getting ours.This crowd will be paid back in spaces. So let it be written, So let it be done.”

Venomous animals frothing at the mouth have taken control of the Democrat party, they are not or never were interested in the values that made America Great. They are only interested in taking us down, bringing America to the gutter. They speak gutter politics. This crowd wants to destroy us like Castro destroyed Cuba, like Chavez destroyed Venezuela, like Ortega is destroying Nicaragua. They are hate mongers with violent anger running in their bones. They will never live down that TRUMP won and they lost large

What they did to Judge Kavanaugh was beyond the pale. This was a manifestation of the deep hatred they have for America.

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia (GIVE HIM CREDIT FOR STANDING UP)will be the only Democrat voting for Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. This is an manifestation of the hate filled vitriolic anger of those spineless gutless Senators of the Democratic party that has been hijacked by the liberal progressive socialist TRAITOR. They are liars, cheats and schemers. They have been called out for truly what they are. THEY ARE NOTHING.

They want war, a civil war. However, when war arrives and it will, their adversaries will be us, the 2nd Amendment aficionados. To tell you the truth it will be a real blood bath. Now don’t take us wrong here, we are not advocating violence, but sometimes the best offense is  a good defense. They have fired the first shot

Click here for Lindsey Graham questioning and defendingJudge Kavanaugh against the Democrat onslaugh

Click here for Senator Ted Cruz laying out the time line while questioning Diane Feinstein.

We must go further to describe the bitter attitude the progressive left harbors. It all started a long long time ago. It started with the RINO who compromised their principals, that is if they ever had any, to break bread with the progressive scum, who by the way toasted their efforts and success behind closed doors.


The vote from C-Span


 Dianne Feinstein: “All vets are mentally ill in some way and government should prevent them from owning firearms.”
Quote of the Day from the Los Angeles Times:
“Frankly, I don’t know what it is about California, but we seem to have a strange urge to elect really obnoxious women to high office. I’m not bragging, you understand, but no other state, including Maine, even comes close. When it comes to sending left-wing dingbats to Washington, we’re Number One. There’s no getting around the fact that the last time anyone saw the likes of Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters, and Nancy Pelosi, they were stirring a cauldron when the curtain went up on ‘ Macbeth ‘. The four of them are like jackasses who happen to possess the gift of blab. You don’t know if you should condemn them for their stupidity or simply marvel at their ability to form words.”

Columnist Burt Prelutsky,
Los Angeles Times