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LET THE HATERS GET THEIR WAY, I’M COMING BACK WITH A BOOMERANG.” The Democrats prescription for winning the White House was simple, take down the Republicans, that meant Trump, by using the old rule from Rules for Radicals; get personal, destroy by personal attacks. Well it did not work.

The Chavisimo gang of Clinton was assaulted hard on election eve, in fact Hillary Clinton was so depressed she was not able to make an appearance until the next day. Propped up on cocaine type stimulants and pain killers she gathered herself together to admit defeat.

Now that the Trump administration is slowly draining the swamp the real game will begin. Gorsuch was the first step of many more to come. In fact expect Roto Rooter type action to clean out the human excrement of big government. Don’t expect immediate results though because there are hidden bombs in wait to disrupt Trump’s effort. But in the  not too distant future most of those set on subterfuge will be sleeping with the fishes. 

However, as the saying goes, “what goes around comes around” and we see it in the lame stream media. Their pushing Hillary has turned out to be the albatross around their neck; called out by Trump for their fake news stories among other lies that spill from their liberal progressive mouths. With their fake news and bias reporting they are losing all credibility affecting their ratings and advertising revenue. Good luck to them.