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Greece is an on again off again news story. From the depths of despair to the heights of frivolity, Greeks have led the good life, the dolce vita, on other peoples money; 2009 they hit the proverbial wall, no where to turn to. If it weren’t for them being in the Euro, they would be Argentina. Although the Germans came to the rescue, the Greeks spit in their face.

However, the Hellinistic nation hasn’t been able to accept their austerity fate, they are rising in protest. Can you imagine a bunch of swine squealing because their trough is only half full, well the Greeks are. For them a slimming of the waste line is not in the cards. The recent strike has brought public transportation to a standstill.

Labor unions called the strike to protest continued austerity measures as Greece struggles to emerge from a financial crisis that wiped out a quarter of the country’s economy and sent unemployment soaring to 26 per cent. Youth unemployment reached nearly 60 per cent during the crisis, which began in late 2009 after years of profligate government spending and lax fiscal management.

The economy is still in shatters, exports are down except for the trouble they continue to thrust upon the continent.