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Congress is preparing the groundwork for the all important vote on the pipeline from Canada, based on preliminary observations it does appear that President Obama will be hit hard by a key-stone . With the Senate expected to vote soon on the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline, the State Department is now giving eight federal agencies two weeks to weigh in on it.

From the White House mouthing the President, “he will make the decision that is best for the United States, that process is not finished yet. When it is done, a decision will come. Congress is trying to front run the process for politics.”

More of the same coming from the President. We expected that type of reply for we know that in the end POTUS will veto the legislation. Way to go Mr. Prez. Americans will never forget your expected veto. Still not finished with the process? How long will it take, another six years?  Apparently you have not received the news; Reid is gone, Pelosi is finished.

If it were to go to vote today, there are 54 Republicans in favor, 9 Democrats totaling 63.  To over ride the veto McConnell needs to round up 4 votes.  We shall see who on the Democratic side has the guts to send Obama a message as he starts his second term.