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Men can marry men, women can marry women so says the Supremes; what will stop men from having 50 wives or women having 50 husbands? The LGBT life style has been condoned by the court in a 5-4 decision. Based on the rout there is nothing standing in the way of multiple  spouses. To even go to the extreme, imagine a man having five female spouses and five male spouses or vice versa; who will stop this? POLYGAMY is the next frontier.

San Francisco’s Castro Street was beaming with joy as they celebrated well into the night. Congratulations to them for paving the way to the many polygamists living in Utah and elsewhere. The Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS) founder Brigham Young was said to endorse the practice of plural wives. And in 1831 Joseph Smith endorsed it as well. The acceptance of Utah into the Union was predicated on the elimination of the practice. From Wikipedia an explanation of the Morrill Act which outlawed the taking of multiple wives.


The Family of Joseph F. Smith

A Mormon family with multiple wives