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ISIS celebrates their forth of July with a bang; welcoming in Ramadan ISIS commanded their ruthless suicide bombers in three continents to carry on the work of Mohammad;  ISLAM is a religion of peace. You are either subjugated or killed.

In France, where else would the beheading be more appropriate – France was once known for the severing of heads by the guillotine. ISIS is on a roll, nothing is in the way as their assault on innocents continues. Not bowing to their commands means certain death. Their recruitment of malcontents continues. Targeting future jihadists in the Muslim communities is facile.

Out of work and leading a life of misery many miscreants (blaming others for their lot in life)  want to make a name for themselves and what better way than being a martyr. Living is a death sentence where martyrdom is the promise of ever lasting life.

The Caliphate crusade threatens the western world, gobbling up parts of Syria and Iraq with an appetite for more. Sending defense establishments from the United States to Saudi Arabia into a frenzy. The question remains who will stop the force? Will the righteous make a stand? The current violence pervades the minds of worthless wanna bees. European countries have been inundated with Muslims fleeing the death squads in their own countries only to force local communities to bow their heads to the new comers. Soon Europe will fall to the almighty Allah. 

Click here for the new Demographic; a most shocking video.