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“Us” is all of us who believe in the Constitution, liberty, freedom of the press and limited government; them is the Republican/Democrat collusion machine with a “maintain bureaucratic agenda.” The point being that Republicans controlled Congress for eight years and did nothing but salute President Obama, giving him everything he wished for.

Yes there were some critics, however Boehner and McConnell rubber stamped the Obama agenda. Keep in mind that everyone Congressman and Senator has a stake in Big Government, for they continue to suck it dry enabling the parasite to live a life of leisure.

As corrupt as government is, we now find it to be a criminal enterprise. The Clinton-Lynch-Comey triad is a case in point. The world knows that Hillary Clinton broke one law after another, lying to interrogators throughout the investigation, which by the way cost the American taxpayer over $100 million. Cheryl Mills, her assistant at State was allowed to sit in on interviews by the FBI, claiming she was Clinton’s attorney. Wrong! At the time she was a government employee and there was no “attorney-client privilege. In the movie “Gotti”, Gotti’s attorney was not allowed to represent him because he was also a witness. In Clinton’s case the same case can be made.

The free pass given to Hillary, the Liar, Clinton, destroyer of evidence and killer to boot, has created a ground swell of criticism by career FBI agents. The decision to let Hillary Clinton off the hook for mishandling classified information has roiled the (click here and read the Fox News report- this will irate you to no end) FBI and Department of Justice, with one person closely involved in the year-long probe telling FoxNews.com that career agents and attorneys on the case unanimously believed the Democratic presidential nominee should have been charged. “They believe the decision not to prosecute came from The White House.”

Add in the IRS-Lois Lerner-Koskinen cabal to the mix and no outside observer will ever believe that the government is fair and square. For instance, Obama bad mouthed Justice Alito during the State of the Union.  But the most egregious outrage is that of Justice Bader-Ginsburg who went off on Donald Trump. For political attacks by the President and to top it off having a Supreme Court justice weighing in on politics are subjects that in the past have been off kept personal. But not the case here.

And as we have seen, two debates have cemented our opinion and that of the nation, that the press is biased, commentators are biased and moderators are pro-Hillary. The second debate has provided prima facie evidence of such. Click here for the Raddatz review and analysis.

REVOLUTION IS THE ONLY SOLUTION gadsdenflagflag1776teapartylogoredlies


The criminals, including the FBI director Comey must answer for their heinous crimes. All Democrats are guilty of the same, riding the criminal wave of usurpation, they are guilty as charged. The Republicans cannot escape this purge, they too are guilty of crimes against law abiding citizens. Their worst malfeasance is giving Obama everything he asked for. What brings us to this conclusion one has no further to look than Hillary Clinton who believes she is above the law. And the government is condoning her criminal behavior. It is time to Jail the Bird.  They went after Alphonse (Scarface) Capone for income tax evasion, what Hillary did is a thousand times worse and yet no indictment. Why?

A revolution is the only solution. Take the criminals running the IRS, Koskinen a liar first rate has participated in a vast cover-up targeting the TEA PARTY. Lois Lerner got her orders directly from the White House.Clinton’s Benghazi’s story has changed so many times, she doesn’t know what the truth is. The Department of State is also complicit in Clinton’s criminal behavior; they have not produced the lost emails in a punctual manner; these 15,000 emails that Hillary failed to turn over to Congress. Additionally, the pay to play scheme was a criminal enterprise authored by Slick WILLIE and his criminal wife. This is in violation of the RICO act. Where is the FBI on this?

The good news is the latest poll which has Trump gaining ground, down now by only 5 points compared to 12 one month ago. But don’t take polls too seriously, they are skewed in many cases by interview bias. Just ask Eric Cantor about that one.  trumptime


In case you haven’t noticed the Pound took a pounding on Friday.  British coinage reverse designs 2015.png The once sterling currency has been hammered by the markets.  Today, Sterling reached a thirty year low at $1.31 plus, that is down from $4.86 in 1939. Blame the politicians for the depreciating currency, running the printing presses faster than the engines on the Titanic – spending your money like there was no tomorrow. “It is not their money so why do they care.”

Politicians spend money to guarantee their reelection by distributing the wealth to those on the government dole. Problem here is two fold, revolution will simmer until it erupts and number two, taxpayers will leave the country taking with them their wealth. Then who will be the bills. Call Maduro in Venezuela, see if he has any ideas.

The more of them on the dole, the more votes they get. However, (click)BREXIT sent a chill to the welfare set; the working people of Great Britain told the Elitists Politicians to get out of town now before we lynch you. Immigrants have diluted English society and the working people (little people) alarmed at what was happening to their country went on the warpath. They were sick and tired of political correctness and immigrant diluting their culture which was took centuries to build.

Don’t think for a moment that the polls showing Clinton in front are correct; the polls have been wrong before. Going into Leave and Remain, Remain was well ahead and we know how that turned out.

In 1940, an agreement with the U.S.A. pegged the pound to the U.S. dollar at a rate of £1 = $4.03. (Only the year before, it had been $4.86.) This rate was maintained through the Second World War and became part of the Bretton Woods system which governed post-war exchange rates. Under continuing economic pressure, and despite months of denials that it would do so, on 19 September 1949 the government devalued the pound by 30.5% to $2.80. The move prompted several other currencies to be devalued against the dollar.

In 1961, 1964 and 1966, the pound came under renewed pressure since the exchange rate against the dollar was considered too high. In the summer of 1966, with the value of the pound falling in the currency markets, exchange controls were tightened by the Wilson government. Among the measures, tourists were banned from taking more than £50 out of the country, until the restriction was lifted in 1979. The pound was eventually devalued by 14.3% to $2.40 on 18 November 1967. Now $1.31 according to the latest markets.

Britain opened the door and others will follow; Holland, France, Italy – let the games begin.

So where are we in America? Can it happen here? Will it happen here? One way or the other there will be a Revolution. Let Hillary get in and the same will happen; they say it can’t happen – we have Bridge to Sell You.


Remember Japan, once the envy of the capitalistic world, today a bag of bones shrinking faster than the Fukushima reactor. Image result for fukushima daiichiWhat happened to their state controlled, keiretsu cabals is the question; the economists don’t have an answer, but it is plain as the light of day; they hobbled, like a cripple from the dragon.

After the implosion of their stock market twenty plus years ago the government stepped in large to alleviate the pain, dropping interest rates in a vain attempt to spur the economy; sounds like our dim-wits here took the same approach. However, things are so bad in Japan right now, the people are afraid to spend their money.

This has caused the government to step into the fray once again. This time they have gone over board with the Mother of all policies. The Bank of Japan (BOJ) is charging banks who make deposits in the BOJ, interest. In other words banks that don’t loan out money will be penalized by paying the BOJ a fee (interest) for keeping or depositing their surplus funds in the bank. This is a way of telling the banks to loan out money to anyone who needs it, good credit or no credit.

Does anyone imagine what a policy like that would cause in the United States. Say you had a $100,000 in your bank account and the government forced the bank holding your funds to charge you, say 5% a year, for keeping the money in the bank. We know what will happen then, the deposit will be withdrawn and the depositor would convert the paper into GOLD.

You say it can’t happen here! Wait, we are living in a funny, fluid and ….ed up world. Thank you economist, thank you Obama, thank you Bernake, thank you Yellin. Thank you dumb politicians who have stolen the wealth of the middle class. You are personas non-gratae. THE REVOLUTION IS AT HAND.


Since 1971 when Nixon closed the gold window, governments have been free to print fiat money and spend at will. Why not, no one will stop them. Secondly this keeps the politicians in power. Without handouts to one constituency or another no one would vote for an incumbent.  What is confusing to us is why do governments bring up the gold subject so often? This does not make sense. This action is similar to digging up an old body looking at for a moment or two then covering it over until next time.

The main reason governments bring up the dead is because they fear them and so it is with gold. Suppose gold never existed, what would prevent governments for printing as much wallpaper as their pretty heart desires? Nada! Like a governor on a car, the shadow of gold keeps the thief within certain parameters.  Gold is the invisible hand restraining governments from going off the deep end as did Weimar in the 1920’s.   Picture of a 5 trillion dollar note.

When government loses their credibility, a REVOLUTION is ready to fill the gap.

The old saying went like this, “when the United States sneezes, the world catches a cold.” The world is now topsy turvy, today the world looks at China not the United States for the sign of a sneeze. What appears to be the onset of more than a whiff of a sneeze in China has caught the attention of the developed and undeveloped world. First sign of problems were the ghost cities, then the unrestrained growth forecasts then went thud, then came the everyday speculators who went whole hog buying stocks in a frenzy. Then came the recent missed economic forecasts which sent up a red flag. Then out of nowhere the China crash, stocks imploded in a flash. Instead of letting the free market take care of the problem, the government decided to be the purchaser of last resort. But they were not through, China saw signs of influenza in the distance and they reacted by debasing their currency 2%. This was their Nixon moment. This has caused turmoil in the Asia currency markets. Others soon followed not wanting to miss the sampan. 

Back to gold for a moment. With the world economy in the tank, oil sliding to new lows, commodities rusting in warehouses, inflation negative in many countries; in fact some banks charge their customers for making a deposit – give them $100 and they will give you $99 a year later. Wow, that is a new twist.  With all of that being said isn’t it logical to see gold at $20 or $35 like it was in 1933? But there must be something buried out yonder, it is the call of the wild that implores the initiated to take hold, something is up while the world economies are going down.

Something certainly is up. Currencies being debased in a frenzy. China, last week spent $500 billion. With reserves now at $3.5 billion, if this continues in another seven weeks they will be out of cash. And our old friend the Chavismo state of Venezuela, we heard that they are on the verge of economic collapse, riots breaking out in city after city. The calls for Brazilian President Rousseff to quit are becoming louder by the day. And all sorts of stuff, like bombs exploding in country after country; makes one wonder what is will happen next. Wack a mole world keeps us on edge, particularly with many governments in the hands of liars, ours included.  Stay tuned for more elephants dropping by. No wonder gold is still in the $1100 range.

Click here for more take.


The Revolution is Over


News flash from the gummint and the Republican Party Establishment (aka, the Misleadership): “Ladies and gentlemen, the Revolution is over, and so as not to inconvenience anyone, nothing has been changed.” And so it would seem. Despite an historic landslide victory for supposed conservative Republicans in both houses of Congress, Obamacare has not been repealed or defunded; Obama’s illegal Executive Amnesty has not been defunded nor has anyone been indicted for defying court orders to end it; the butchers at Planned Parenthood will continue to be funded with taxpayer money; tens of thousands of Muslim “refugees” are being forced on the country, despite the opposition of the  vast majority of Americans; the unconstitutional EPA is still operating as a Democrat political sledgehammer, killing jobs and extending federal control over all land use; the dismantling of our military continues apace and unimpeded; the Middle East, and thus the world, has been brought to the brink of WWIII, thanks to the ineptness or intentional machinations, supported by the Republican Establishment, of Obama and the globalist Council on Foreign Relations-dominated State Department; and though the traitor Boehner has been pressured into quitting, it appears likely he’ll be replaced by a business-as-usual political clone; etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseam.


The mess Obama and the State of Confusion Department have made in their dealings with Putin, too, should be of extreme concern to thinking conservatives. Putin’s airstrikes against ISIS seem to be doing in a few days what the Obama-controlled ones of ours failed to do in months. Putin is looking like what a real world leader should look like, and Obama, and thus America, are looking like totally incompetent fools. And trust me, the world is watching very closely, much like wolves watching a crippled sheep.


China, in particular, is not just watching, but gathering its strength, getting ready to pounce. Comments by Chinese leader Xi Jinping indicate that the recent talks with Obama left him totally unimpressed and not the least inclined to alter their present aggressive policies with their Asian neighbors and in the South China Sea. Obama’s weakening of our military and the massive strengthening of China’s, particularly its navy, and Putin’s show of strength in Syria with the tail-between-his-legs-rollover submission there by Obama (and this ignores the glaring fact that we should never have gotten involved in Syria in the first place), make it very likely that China will also escalate its aggressive moves on its smaller, weaker neighbors.


The really despicable part of all this is the acquiescence of Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and the Republican Establishment. They have sat passively, or voted to allow Obama to create unmitigated chaos, at home and abroad. They could, and should, have impeached Obama years ago, but instead have aided and abetted him at every turn, all the while publicly pretending to be opposed to all his unconstitutional and illegal actions. If there were a law that any elected official who violated his oath of office would be summarily removed from that office, tried, and if found guilty of doing so intentionally, imprisoned for, say, one-to-five years, there wouldn’t be anyone left in Congress or the White House, and ¾ of the judiciary would be gone, too. Perhaps if we elect Trump or Carson or Cruz, we can get such a law.


Washington and our once (relatively) honest political system have been fatally corrupted in the past 25 years. Money has indisputably become King there, the driving force in all our politics, and all of the current gaggle of politicians, Republicans and Democrats, have, to some extent at least, been bought and paid for by special interests. It’s been a long time since they have acted in the interests of America or We, the People. We are inches away from being a totalitarian state, ruled by a self-serving, wealthy, globalist elite who see us as cash cows to be milked until we are dry.


It seems crystal clear that We, the People, are fed up and finally ready to fight back. The popularity of Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz is no some passing fad, no flash in the pan. It’s a genuine reflection of the feelings of the majority of Americans who are done standing quietly in the background while radical leftists and neo-fascists dismantle and loot the country.


And woe be unto the fools who doubt this.


China is similar to Texas in many ways, the most similar is size. China is big and you can always count on them doing things in a big way. For instance in the past two weeks they flooded the stock market with buy orders preventing the inevitable implosion. The stereotype Chinese is a gambler to no end; borrowing up to a trillion dollars to gamble on the pure speculative bet that a sucker is born every day. And their currency dropped like a lead balloon causing consternation in the currency markets, not to mention those who were long the renminbi. This has started an Asian currency war sending shockwaves across the Pacific.

In case you were cooped up last week, that boom you heard was not an SST, it was a China warehouse/chemical factory celebrating the Chinese New Year in August; trouble was 100 people met an untimely death and another 800 or so were injured – that is according to official forecasts. The prescription to solve their lack of safety regulations is a good dose of cyanide. Maybe they have an EPA or for that matter OSHA, in name only – their  incapacity to prevent catastrophes of this type is due to bureaucratic bumbling. But do not be misled by the get tough statements from the higher-ups, they only want to cover their asses. What else do politicians do? They react no act; a typical Democrat solution, putting out the fire they set – Republicans too.

And while we are at it how about throwing in the Chinese version of a Ghost town. You might wonder who owns all of those apartments – SPECULATORS. The bottom line here is simple as breathing the ubiquitous smog that permeates Beijing, Economies in most parts of the world are on their last IV drip of fiat money, soon the needle will be pulled and that is when the violence will erupt. Expect this to culminate in a disaster to our economy with losses in the trillions. Exporters to China beware of a economic tsunami. A Confucius quote, “WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN”

For those on the needle of free drugs cold turkey is not an option, but raiding clinics for more is their first reaction. A violent population is something to despair – a government with guns is something to fear – REVOLUTION is in the AIR.

P.S. The GREAT WALL of China is an apt description of Hillary Clinton’s subtravuge, stonewalling the investigators who by now are becoming restless.  Once a liar always a liar. Treason best describes Clinton; her failure to guard Top Secret information is at the least worthy of time in the Gulag.

Click here for more insight on what is just over the horizon.

The Great China Ponzi—-An Economic And Financial Trainwreck Which Will Rattle The World


Republicans have been blindsided by “The Donald“, coming out of the bush, mounting a serious challenge to the Republican dogs who are licking their wounds. What does this tell you? It tells the Republican “also rans” that America is sick and tired of their day in and day out bull…t. Capturing both houses in 2014 they have not put on the gloves, but have bowed to the anointed one.

Committee meetings, TV appearances are all for show, newspaper interviews, all a bunch hogwash.  Lois Lerner has not been arrested, Hillary Clinton, a congenital liar, dishes out a verbal contamination of pure unadulterated s…. And “We the People” have had it. Every single day there is another news story about corruption, money missing, emails erased; it goes on and on.

Who the hell are these people working for anyway? As we said before, we need a President who does not pander to the crowds, does not lick the tail of foreign dictators, who stands with friends, who will jail the guilty and see to it that government works for the people instead of the people working for the government. Donald Trump is our man.

Adding insult to injury, ten Republicans voted for Loretta Lynch as attorney general, they are Kelly Ayotte, Ron Johnson, Mark Kirk, Rob Portman, Thad Cochran, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch and Mitch McConnell. That in itself is prima facie evidence of a corrupt government, one that needs to be dissolved before it can do more damage.



teapartylogoredHappy New Year. Since January 1, 2008, long before Rick Santelli’s rant from the floor of CBOE, the New Boston Tea Party engaged the public with their first blog entry. The question we posted then and still do is, is a “Revolution” possible? We still believe it is.

Marx’s philosophy was such that he thought it best that socialism prevail over capitalism; that is the profits of labor be distributed by the state to the people rather than kept by the capitalists. Well today we find ourselves in a similar position, but the profits are no longer being kept by the capitalists, sure some are, but it is the government (local, state, federal) that is picking the pockets of the middle class via a burdensome tax system (fees, regulations, excise) and distributing the profits to the government employee and society’s loser. This has to stop.

We are entering a new phase in 2015, Republicans control Congress. Now is the time for them to produce. The Tea Party is responsible for them taking power; for we mad it plain and simple that the past way of doing business, compromising our principles, will no longer be tolerated.  They better take note.

Happy New Year Patriots.


Consent of the Governed

Congress has clearly been bought and paid for by big special interests of various sorts whose demands have little or nothing in common with the wants and needs of We, the American People. The trillion dollar + “budget” they are ramming down our throats will add to a national debt that some believe has already reached the point where it can never be paid off. Our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren will be slaves to Big Government and their corporate masters in perpetuity. However…

I did not ask them to spend us into dept peonage, nor did I give them my permission to do so. Actually, I don’t know anyone who did, even my liberal friends. I didn’t ask or give government my go-ahead to loot the national treasury under the guise of “stimulus”, and I especially didn’t give them my blessing to distribute that hundreds of billions of dollars to the very bankers, brokers, and other Wall Street Fat Cats the current government claims to hate so much. I also gave not an iota of indication that giving amnesty to millions of ignorant, semi-literate, unskilled, lawbreaking, often racist, often violent foreigners who have no knowledge of, nor loyalty to, our county was something I wanted my government to do for me.

Likewise, I gave neither consent for nor approval of the government’s spying on its citizens, or its military mis-adventures in Libya, Syria, or its re-involvement in Iraq. I also didn’t ask for or sanction the arming of radical Islamist jihadis in the aforementioned countries. Moreover, I didn’t instruct them to interfere in the dispute between Russia and Ukraine, nor endorse the methods the government used to do so.

I expressed no desire for government to take up the fraudulent issue of “global warming” or “climate change” or whatever they are calling it this week, and make it the raison d’être for life in what’s left of America. I certainly did not ask nor give my consent for the unconstitutional EPA and the Corps of Engineers to rewrite our already draconian Clean Water Act to include not just navigable waters in their corrupt jurisdiction, but all waters, including the water from the taps in your house and the rain that drips off the brim of your hat.

In fact, there has been almost nothing that our government has done over the past six years that has been done because I or anyone I know has wanted it to happen. Repeat, nothing.

We have been betrayed by the people we naively elected, foolishly believing that they actually wanted to represent us and our vision of America. They have clearly sold out to get into the political elite, driven apparently by an insatiable greed for power and privilege. Not all, but the vast majority of them have broken every promise they made to get us to vote for them. Traitors and quislings of the worst sort.

So, as we approach the New Year, we find ourselves teetering on the brink of becoming a totalitarian, collectivist, Third World fascist nation, run by marginally intelligent racists and thieves, some of whom clearly suffer from mental disorders (Nazism redux?). Our Constitution might as well not exist, for all the attention it’s given by those in Washington. In theory, the new gaggle of Republicans we just elected will start to turn things around, but the blatant deception, bald-faced lying, and unabashed collusion with the radical Democrats pretty clearly indicates that the Republican Misleadership will never let that happen.

So, what are We, the People, to do? The current gang of lame-duck fascists has rigged the game so that even if they wanted to, the next batch to occupy Congress is not likely to roll back anything of significance. Thus, we are left with few choices, but what choices we have must be made soon.

One choice, since the civilian government has made it clear that it will do nothing to stop the lawlessness, is to encourage a coup d’état by the patriotic loyalists in the military. Despite the purge of hundreds of these patriots by the Obama regime, there is still a majority who would support a return to constitutional government. However, there’s always the possibility that this would backfire and that the military would not relinquish power.

Another option is for the States that still support the idea of a constitutional republic to individually secede from the already crumbling Union, and band together to form a new nation. Given the deep, apparently irreconcilable political, moral, philosophical, and economic divisions among Americans, this, to me, seems like the most viable solution. It’s one that many are already considering, and I believe needs to be seriously looked at and discussed.

Time is running out, and our rogue government is fomenting racial violence that can easily be used to justify its imposition of martial law. If that occurs, civil war will result. We need to face reality – not the false picture presented by the government and its Propaganda Ministry – and take the actions needed to protect ourselves and survive as a free people.



Michael Oberndorf – a history lesson

When in the Course

“When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of natures God entitle them…” So begins one of the greatest documents in the history of the civilized world, our Declaration of Independence. Written 238 years ago, it has become, it seems, necessary to re-examine these words and their meaning in light of the present condition and apparent future of the people of the country our ancestors founded on them.

The people of the nation created on the principles of individual liberty and the sanctity of private property have, with malice aforethought, been divided, fragmented socially, economically, ethnically, racially, and just about every other way you can think of, by our own government. Trusting fools that we are, we believed the growing string of lies fed to us on an ever increasing basis by subversive leftists calling themselves “progressives”, then “liberals”, and now “progressives” again. We bought the Big Lie that they had our best interests at heart and that we didn’t need to pay close attention to what they were up to. Today, it has become obvious that we were taken for a ride, a ride that’s nearly over, and tyranny is the final destination.

Only an absolute idiot can look at the Democrat amnesty juggernaught and the Republican establishment’s support of it and not understand that this is sedition at its worst. To make millions of lawbreakers, including a vast array of violent criminals, who have no understanding of our history nor any commitment, much less loyalty, to our Constitution, our traditions, our values, or our society, into legal, voting citizens is national suicide. And yet, this is what our government is hell bent on doing, regardless of the clear will of the majority of We, the People. This is a total perversion of what our government was intended to be. Again, look to the Declaration:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed (emphasis added).

Over the past 50 years, and particularly in the past six, We, the People, have had a steady stream of far leftist inspired laws, regulations, executive orders, and judicial fiats rammed down our throats by all three branches of government. Amnesty, Obamacare, spying on us by the NSA and other government agencies, unconstitutional wars, the “stimulus”, the destruction of our military, gun control, abortion, criminal misuse of the IRS, massive economy destroying regulations by unconstitutional agencies like the EPA, government land grabs disguised as National Monuments, etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseam. This is just a few of an appallingly colossal and still growing list of unaddressed grievances. Again, please refer to the Declaration:

That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it (emphasis added), and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such for, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

As in no fault divorce, it is patently obvious that there are fundamental, irreconcilable differences among the people inhabiting the United States. There is no middle ground acceptable to either side. The Democrats and the Republican establishment and the approximately 40% of Americans they represent are committed to the construction of a monolithic, totalitarian, socialist welfare state. The rest of us who believe in the Constitution and want a return to a government that adheres to it, are equally committed to living in a free, capitalist society. Though we have been repeatedly betrayed and denied, as in the most recent election, it is not likely that we will just quietly acquiesce while government and its surrogates roll over us like tanks in Tiananmin Square.

Our best hope is that the various States will find the patriotic spine to stand up to the federal government and tell them where they can stuff it. The Tenth Amendment clearly gives them the power to do so. But on top of that, they need to seriously begin to consider secession, the withdrawal of the so-called red states from the rapidly collapsing Union. The violence being instigated, incited, and abetted by the government is growing. Race war is today a real possibility, thanks to Obama, Holder, and the Ministry of Government Propaganda, aka, the “mainstream” media. Decisive action by the States is needed now. Without it, the course of human events for We, the People, looks grim.