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blackcoud Islamic wars tarp the Middle East, instigated by long ago hatred between Sunnis and Shias; a never ending saga that has killed hundreds of millions in its wake. Now a eponymous Muslim gang called ISIS is carving up Syria and Iraq, fueled by the vacuum left by the U.S. pullout.

Iran licking its chops as Mohammad is close to securing the weapon to end all. Nigeria, the target of the rampant Boko Haram, France and the continent overwhelmed by the Muslim onslaught that they helped create; nothing standing in the path of Allah.

Politically correct politicians greased the skid to destruction of Western Civilization. And we find the Pope, (click here) kneeling to Islam in his latest take on insulting the religion of Muslims and others.

However, the Pope is misguided here. For the most part believers in Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, Hinduism don’t kill, rape, murder, behead when their religious icons are demonized. Only Muslims go on the war path thirsting for blood of innocents.

The Pope has not learned from the history that Islam’s call to Muslims is to rule the world – then there will be no press, no liberty, no women’s rights.  Just one example, in the 9th century Turkey was 99.8% Christian, today it is .2% – 120,000 Christians among 80 million Muslims. Over the years those who believed in Christianity were either killed or chased out of the country. 

Click here for a brief history of the Arab invaders. Christianity cannot escape Islam’s political geography. A part of the world will remain off limits for Christian witness, and the future is bleak for Christians living in Muslim countries. In the Middle East (with the exception of such countries as Egypt and Lebanon, where Christians are still numerous), Christians will have difficulty existing even as minorities. And in countries on the edge of the Muslim world, such as Nigeria, where Christians make up a large and growing part of the population, they will find themselves on the defensive as Muslims seek to implement Muslim law in society. And, of course, as their numbers mount in Europe, Muslims will be increasingly assertive in claiming public space for the practice of Islam.