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The double whammy happened yesterday, the door hit Wall Street on the way out. Gee whiz by golly, America has to understand that when a $530 dive takes place, or should we say implosion, people have to take notice and start to listen.

Well, well, well, what happened is a reflection of what transacted in China two weeks ago. An implosion of their stock market has now carried over to our market. But one need not look at what happened but understand what precipitated this debacle. One word described it, printing. The governments around the world have printed money to no avail; six years past the 2007-8 recession the world is still grasping for breath.

Under Obama Trillions of $$$$ have been literally poured on to the fire, interest rates are below zero in many instances and you still have worldwide weakness. And why? Governments that deviate from free market principles will always reap the devastating consequences of their actions. Pure financial manipulation in which the rich get richer and the poor, including the middle class, become poorer. We are now beggars with our hands out hoping the government will give us some cake.