We suffered as Lois Lerner invoked the 5th Amendment when question by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Now we have learned that the latest to take the fifth is the Hillary confidant responsible for setting up her illegal server. Bryan Pagliano will invoke the 5th Amendment when questioned by the the House Select Committee on Benghazi, the Senate Judiciary Committee, and the Senate Homeland Security Committee citing an ongoing FBI investigation.

And to top it off the IRS Commissioner has continued to withhold evidence which would support the facts that the IRS targeted Tea Party groups. Jason Chaffetz of the House Oversight Committee has called for his firing. The guy is an incompetent donkey carrying Barack Hussein Obama’s water. And then we come to Hillary Clinton who has stonewalled the investigation into her email server.

Folks the government is out of control; the only solution is REVOLUTION.  gadsdenflag

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