The Democrat race in the early going was too close to call. What was once to be a walk in the park, a given, has now turned into horse race. Bernie has torched Clinton to the point that she is now wondering what happened. Whacked by a socialist, gee wasn’t she the socialist, but whacked indeed by a 74 year old curmudgeon from Vermont via N.Y.

Just eight years ago she was whacked by a newcomer from Chicago. Again Clinton is on the defensive, spreading falsehoods, pandering and doing what she does best lying to the American people. According to the latest results, Clinton captured 57% of the vote to Sander’s 43%, but what is telling that Clinton lost most of the state, picking up New York City and the Island on her road to victory.

So what’s the big deal, she won the Black and Hispanic vote, this was expected. The rest of the state told her to go back where you came from.

Click here for both the Republican and Democrat voting map. Very telling when it comes to Clinton’s pyrich victory.  The map spelled loser for Clinton.

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