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Democrat despair covers the land due to the mug job they took on November 8. However, January may offer them some solace. Although many will be on the dole,  medical insurance through the exchanges is available thanks to Obamacare. Overcoming their sense of grief will take thousands of visits to psychologists and brain surgeons. Frontal lobotomies and pre-orbital lychotomies are not out of the question.

The cause of their malady has been well known for many of years – they suffer from the worst disease known to man, socialism. There is no known cure other than death by guillotine. It’s a chronological disorder that metastasizes quicker than the zita virus.

For those who have yet stepped into the great divide, we say look out below. Two years from now a whole bunch of progressive Senate Democrats will be subject to more intense scrutiny by their subjects; 2008 will given them pause. Beware of snakes in the grass DINOs who change colors like a chameleon, telling you one thing but voting liberal once reelected. Bet your bottom dollar they will distance themselves from the Warren/Sanders/Clinton ideology. Ten out of twenty three up for reelection are from states that Trump won handily. This is a cause of concern for the wretched lot. Not only do they have to deal with double down Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for the next two years, but you can bet that President Trump will campaign for their opponent. A site to behold for sure.

If the Republicans can knock off six die-hard lunatics they will be in the driver’s seat. Sixty Republican Senators will push back on years of progressive in your face regulations, executive orders and bureaucratic largess. Two Thousand Eighteen can’t come quick enough.


The Democrat race in the early going was too close to call. What was once to be a walk in the park, a given, has now turned into horse race. Bernie has torched Clinton to the point that she is now wondering what happened. Whacked by a socialist, gee wasn’t she the socialist, but whacked indeed by a 74 year old curmudgeon from Vermont via N.Y.

Just eight years ago she was whacked by a newcomer from Chicago. Again Clinton is on the defensive, spreading falsehoods, pandering and doing what she does best lying to the American people. According to the latest results, Clinton captured 57% of the vote to Sander’s 43%, but what is telling that Clinton lost most of the state, picking up New York City and the Island on her road to victory.

So what’s the big deal, she won the Black and Hispanic vote, this was expected. The rest of the state told her to go back where you came from.

Click here for both the Republican and Democrat voting map. Very telling when it comes to Clinton’s pyrich victory.  The map spelled loser for Clinton.


Hillary Clinton dismisses her critics as just that, she jokes about any errors in judgement (oh like with a cloth), she is contemptuous of those who seek the truth, but one thing she can’t ignore is the terrible beating she received in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii on Easter Eve. In Washington Hillary was soundly defeated 3-1, 75% for Sanders, 25% for Clinton. To some, she was Berned beyond recognition.

The Lying Hillary (time to jail the bird) may not think much of the defeat, but there is an underlying message here; AMERICA DOES NOT LIKE HILLARY CLINTON. As the Sander’s onslaught moves eastward to New York and Maryland off today’s victories Hillary talks about Trump, ignoring Sanders; another devious tactic which is meant to take the eye off her opponent.  However, this is no sure thing that Sanders will win the nomination because Clinton and her formidable donkey lickers have rigged the system with Super Delegates. They will not waiver in their support for her, already pledged since 2008; talk about a fixing the system. Sort of like Russia where the winner is known today, but the vote will take place tomorrow.

But that could change, and history proves it. Early in 2008, when Clinton was running against then-Sen. Barack Obama, she had the super delegates on her side. But when Obama started gaining momentum across the country, he slowly peeled away their support until he won the nomination.

And who are these candy stripers? Party stalwarts, cigar smoking backroom money crunchers who do what is good for them, not what is good for America. Remember Status Quo is their shibboleth. Newcomers need not apply. but Americans are feisty this year and have had it with talking heads, they are not too pleased by politicians telling them what to do and how to vote; like a volcano ready to blow off, these voters are sending a fire and brimstone message to the “politics as usual” politically correct patronizing demagogue that their days in power are numbered.



Hillary, the liar, Clinton has flown to close to the sun, today she will feel the scorching heat; by the end of the day 3rd degree berns will have enveloped her body. Bernie Sanders, socialist from Vermont, is the arsonist. Hillary has run out of water, extinguishing the Bernie bern is not going to happen.

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Dem race tightens as Bernie surges in Midwest 
By Jonathan Easley
Bernie Sanders is within striking distance of Hillary Clinton in three of the five states hosting contests on Tuesday.
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Rubio facing a dark day in Sunshine State
By Ben Kamisar
Sen. Marco Rubio is facing a last stand in his home state of Florida that will mark a turning point in his political career.
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The pundits are running around in a dizzying haze, wondering why they lost their vision, that is if they had one in the first place. The primary season was to be a done deal, Hillary vs Bush, a replay of the Old Man and Slick Willie, but the voters saw it differently. Yes they did. We now enter the battle ground states of Palmetto and Sage Brush with all hell breaking loose.

Hillary is feeling the Bern, this time for real, the voters are doing to her what the FBI and Loretta Lynch has failed to do, torch her. This time Clinton has flown to close to the sun, not tinged mind you, but she has suffered first degree burns. And Bush, Jeb Bush, the 100 million dollar man, has run out of cash they say. America has found out that Bush the Younger needed Mommy to stump for him. He brings out Barbara in a wheel chair and shouts to the top of his lungs, “don’t pick on my family.”

Personalities aside, we are talking about issues here, leadership, decisions, respect for the American people, Constitution; politics is a blood sport. If you can’t take the heat get the hell out of the kitchen.

Latest polls out do not bode well for Clinton and the rest of the Republican upsetters. We look for Trump to hold his own, capturing a solid 35% of the vote. Clinton on the other hand is about to suffer a humiliating defeat even if she scores a 1% win.

By the way, Iowa still has not come clean. Cigar smoked room stuff that has angered the voters this year. They are fed up due to the lack of transparency and double dealing among the intelligentsia. Double Dealing is Hillary Clinton’s middle name. But let’s refrain from calling people names, the American public has had it with the status quo. That is why Sanders and Trump are on the threshold of the big payoff. 


The Republican Debate was all bare knuckles, no pulled punches, but Trump hit  Jeb Bush in the jaw. Jeb said, “stop attacking my family.”  The audience was stuffed with Bush supporters as the video portrays. The pundits say Trump had a bad night, but listen to the content rather than the one liners. But according to recent polls Trump is front by a large margin. Cruz and Rubio went at like cats spitting in each others face. The people in America know that Donald Trump means business; he is the only Republican who can win the Presidency by pulling Democrat voters to vote for him.

By Anthony Salvanto, Fred Backus, Jennifer De Pinto, Sarah Dutton

The CBS News Battleground Tracker poll shows that Donald Trump keeps a large lead in South Carolina, bolstered by support from conservatives and also from evangelical voters, who make up a large share of the electorate here.


Ted Cruz is in second place, but well behind Trump. Cruz has the support of those who consider themselves very conservative, but trails Trump among all conservatives as well as moderates.

John Kasich has gotten a little bounce out of his surprisingly strong showing in New Hampshire, but he may be limited here by the fact that evangelical voters are not as strongly in support of him as non-evangelicals.

For Trump voters, who have been relatively steadfast in their support over the last few months, the percentage who say they’ve firmly decided on Trump has increased. Trump’s lead among evangelicals is up from January, and he has widened his lead among conservatives, too.

In a contest marked by divisions among so-called “insiders” and “outsiders,” South Carolina Republicans show a strong preference for campaigns running as the latter, and this poll helps illustrate why. By four to one, South Carolina Republicans describe the “establishment” as a bad thing, and few describe it as a group that knows how to get things done.

On the metric of being “prepared” to be president, Trump and Cruz do well, and Jeb Bush and John Kasich do relatively well, but Marco Rubio trails in this regard, suggesting that last week’s debate in New Hampshire may have had an impact.

Hillary Clinton keeps her large lead in South Carolina, which has narrowed only slightly from last month, and she is bolstered by strong support from the African American voters who comprise most of the Democratic electorate here.


Hillary thinks she is doing good; well folks for a 100% shoe-in six moths ago with 59% support that is not doing good, it is pathetic. horseracedemsc-1.jpg

We knew it, now confirmed, audience stacking.

GREENVILLE, South Carolina — The chairman of the local Republican Party here confirmed to local television that 2016 frontrunner billionaire Donald Trump’s concerns—and those of his closest competitor Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)—with the Republican National Committee (RNC) allocation of debate audience tickets are well-placed.

Vox even admits that Trump’s claim on stage that the odd—and unrepresentative of the party’s voting base—audience was made up of “Jeb’s special interests and lobbyists” was really not “that far-fetched.”

“Prior to the debate, the Republican Party decided not to use a lottery system to decide who should be in the audience,” Lopez wrote. “Instead, most tickets went to elected Republican officials, donors, and other workers for the party picked by local, state, and national party officials. The result, it seems, is the room was packed with Republican voters who overwhelmingly dislike Trump.”

Click here for the story.



As this reprint from the WSJ shows, Donald Trump spent 1/8 of a cent for each vote he won. On the other hand Bush spent a whopping $276. This is a eye popping number. And there is no doubt on the Republican side Hillary Clinton spent 20 to 30 times that of Sanders. Keep this in mind folks when voting, do not be swayed by False Gods.



*TRUMP 34% KASICH 16% CRUZ 11%




These are exciting days, especially to see the likes of Clinton being tossed overboard like a drunken sailor; and she is, drunk on politics, drunk on power, drunk on telling lies over and over again, drunk on Wall Street money, drunk on everything that is wrong with the country. Hillary Clinton is plain old drunk. LOCK HER UP ALREADY, SHE IS A KILLER. One added note, Hillary flew too close to the sun and was Bern’d real bad.

The people in New Hampshire said it all, “Hillary you don’t represent us, get our of town now and never come back.” Yeah, did you see Hillary, she said, “I will fight for New Hampshire, I love New Hampshire.” The lies continue to flow from her mouth like diarrhea. Turn back the clock one year to Sanders jumping into the race. They thought he was a fool, a old codger turning back Mother Time to Marx and Lenin. However, his message is gaining traction and fast with the young, they see a rigged system and want change now; know your enemy says Bernie they are Big Banks, Big Corporations, Big Pharma. All of these Bigs are friends of Hillary Clinton and the American people are fed up with it, fed up with the Clintons and Bushes too. 


On the Republican score, Trump won a hhhuuuggge victory. The surprise was Kasich coming in a distant second by 19 points. Christie’s balloon was popped unable to crack the top four. Our advice Christie, drop out before it is too late; they don’t like your New Jersey accent. P1050726 Cruz found it tough to win, a minimum of Evangelicals live up there. The Rubio fella was out of his league; Bush is old hat.

Now the contest heads to the Palmetto State of South Carolina where we think Trump will win a decisive victory because of vote splitting between the also rans. Secondly, Trump has the MO. On the Democratic front Sanders has the Mo, a great ground game and the common people who like his message. Clinton thinks the Blacks will put her over the top. We ask the question, what has she done to help the Blacks, not only lately, but ever. Mind you she is backed by the National Education Association which hates Charter Schools which Blacks love.

Teachers Union Backs Clinton for President

The National Education Association follows the American Federation of Teachers in endorsing the Democratic front-runner.

The above headline was from October. Guess they didn’t get the message in New Hampshire where the students score in the top ties and education dollars is in the lowest tier. Advice to Hillary, “go back to school.”




There has been behind the scenes talk concerning Bernie Sanders ability to run as a Democrat. The Green Mountain Boy has been caucusing with the Democrats for years. An avowed socialist with little or no chance to win the nomination (the machinery has already fixed the nomination for Hillary) he can spoil Ms. Clinton’s dream of being president by taking up the Democrat’s offer and run as an Independent. This will siphon enough votes from the Democrats to give Trump the victory.

Donald Trump confirmed he will not run as a third party candidate; Bernie Sanders has not done so. If the Democrat National Committee (DNC) continues to treat Mr. Sanders as a second class citizen there is the strong possibility that he may throw sand into Hillary’s not so oiled machine by running as a third party candidate. The simple truth is that there is no love lost between him and Hillary, matter of fact, the reason he entered the race is that Sanders despises Hillary.

As we come closer to the New Hampshire day of reckoning the poll numbers suggest that the race is tightening, mostly around Ms. Clintstone’s neck. A good showing by Sanders in a neighboring state is not a given, but a good showing will propel his candidacy further along than most imagined.

Think about Hillary Clinton, a not so real role model, watching her husband have numerous affairs yet she promulgates women’s rights, 180 degrees from what she does. Any woman with a sense of self is not interested in hearing more of here say what I say, not what I do. That goes for her time at the State Department where she was a complete failure, but tells an exuberant tale of how she met all expectations.  Apparently she had a ride on the “mind eraser.”SFA-Mind Eraser 2.jpg And don’t forget her propensity to fall, the last time she suffered a concussion. Many pundits, including Carl Rove, believe here ability to function has been impaired.  Her record as Secretary of States is prima- facie evidence of psychological impairment.

Hillary Clinton’s new bogeyman is Donald Trump. Her explanation that Trump is the reason for the success of ISIS has been met with much disdain. Again, we reiterate that Clinton will go to no ends to lambaste her opponents, this is a de rigueur Democratic ploy to arouse the animal instincts of those who have imbibed the kool aid.

Go Bernie Go