Russia, a country ruled by an Emperor without clothes.

Now you take the CIA, supposedly up on the autocrats throughout the world, but they are not as capable as Israel’s Mossad. In fact our CIA is in the dark when it comes to matters of urgency. The Ukraine war attests to Russia’s weakness. Our Guys thought it would be over in days, echoing Vlad’s optimism. Well that didn’t work out to well,

Russia’s arsenal was decades old, rusty to the core And it has been proved that Russia was a minimal threat to NATO countries and Ukraine in particular. The war has reached the one year mark What has Russia achieved in these 365 days? Well, upwards of 100,000 dead; not the type of outcome Vlad was predicting. Our CIA geniuses thought the same. Their man on the ground was deaf, dumb and blind. Their intelligence was as old as their prediction,

Imagine Russia buying drones from Iran, Is that an embarrassment or what? And they needed Belarus to help them deploy some troops into the death zone, Russia relied on chips which were  banned by the U.S. Their arsenal was in tatters, many of their planes have been shot down, tanks destroyed and troops injured or killed. And even worse, Russia is asking North Korea’s hermit dictator for missiles etc. Beside that they were begging China for all sorts of weapons, from guns to tanks. 


In 367 days of war in Ukraine, Russian Army has already lost more than 146820 soldiers. That’s 950% more casualties than in two Chechen wars, which lasted 4 years. And 877% more than the Soviet army lost during the 9 years of the war in Afghanistan.

Putin is another tin-pan dictator, similar to the Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein. This guy taunted the U,S, that he had Weapons of Mass Destruction, U.S, believed him, Another joke that put egg on the face of the CIA. Russia’s Putin is following the same footsteps, bullying those who couldn’t fight back. But in the end we find Putin without a capable war machine leading to his latest fiasco. Something will have to give because Ukraine is not given up until the last man is dead.