America at War,  pitting the likes of AOC, the suicide bomber squad, including Omar, the Somalian slut plus Biden and his cohorts, against the sacrosanct Constitution of America. Those on the left are condoning a breakdown of society, in fact many of the belong to the Democrat Socialist of America (DSA). We see it daily, in social media and the lame stream media. It goes without saying, the anarchist rule the roost in Democrat cities and states, where anything goes. Our country is traveling toward the Woke of America and we must prevent it.

The rest of the World is on the verge of a Nuclear Event. China threatening our planes that fly in International waters. North Korea engaging in bellum talk. Russia threatening us on a daily basis. Russia, losing the Ukraine battle might have to go nuclear, Israel on the verge of taking out Iran’s ability to nuke them.

You name it, the world is one day away from a 21 Century holocaust. 

So the days ahead will be heady, indeed. Be prepared for any of these events which will be financially deadly. Gold is your friend in times of a world cataclysm.