Three sons of Hamas leader Haniyeh killed in Israeli airstrike

The Iranian-aligned Lebanese outlet al-Mayadeen reported, citing Palestinian sources, that the strike had also killed several of Haniyeh’s grandchildren.

But this was no BIG DEAL to the Hamas killer. He went on with his daily life as if nothing had happened. He knew his kin were going to eat “pie in the sky”, eternal bliss where they will be welcomed by Allah.  Palestinian group Hamas' top leader, Ismail Haniyeh talks after meeting with Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri in Beirut, Lebanon June 28, 2021. (photo credit: REUTERS/AZIZ TAHER)

Following was posted in May of 2021.

By now Americans have heard the news, Israel is murdering pseudo Palestinians. Gaza is being bombed, innocents killed, Israeli cities are under rocket attack from the Islamic Jihad, Hamas and other Iran and Turkish sponsored jihad organizations. They had enough, Israel had no choice but to bite the bullet, go after the Jew blood thirsty terrorists with precision, targeting them wherever they hide. And we know where these girls hide, with children, inside residences, schools and the like. But as we shall see Netanyahu has no choice this time, his life is on the line. He must use all of the tools at his disposal to take out the Gaza perpetrators. Remember, it was thought that a withdrawal from Gaza would provide peace, but the opposite occurred. Gaza is an armed camp.

A missile falls as smoke rises near a tower housing AP, Al Jazeera offices (C) during Israeli missile strikes in Gaza city, May 15, 2021.
Hamas hides among the AP girli boys, then complains that their building was targeted. We know the AP is the political arm of the pseudo Palestinians.

That Muslim residents of the city could also be hit or hurt does not bother Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad or any of their ugly siblings. That’s how the martyrdom belief system works – a collateral casualty can immediately be pronounced a “shahid.”

Periodically, Hamas attacks Israel and is rewarded with a cash inflow of Qatari funding. I wouldn’t mind if Gazans were to scatter dollar bills over Israel. That wouldn’t hurt like rocket attacks. Why waste the money on missiles? From Hamas’s point of view it’s a win-win situation – it can continue to claim poverty while using the money on trying to destroy the Jewish state rather than tending to the welfare of the citizens of the Palestinian quasi-state in Gaza.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force head Esmail Ghaani spoke with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh over the weekend and they discussed the latest developments in the situation and the conflict in Gaza. Tasnim news reported the discussion in Iran. It comes amid an Iranian regional push to support Hamas, including pro-Iran leader Hadi al-Amiri in Iraq indicating his support for Hamas. Turkey and Iranian-backed Houthis and Hezbollah also support the Hamas war against Israel. The press release about Ghaani being in touch with Hamas senior leadership comes days after Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal also spoke to Turkish media and was quoted in Iranian media about Hamas strategy.  What is important here is that the conversation with Ghaani comes as Iranian media published a unique look at Israel’s air defense systems, asserting that Israel is showing new vulnerabilities. Iran’s Tasnim argued on Saturday that the Iron Dome system is vulnerable to large barrages of rocket fire. Hamas has conducted unprecedented large volume of rocket fire, up to 135 rockets in five minutes, during this campaign. Hamas is driving the tempo of the war against Israel. Hezbollah is watching. Reports indicate Hezbollah could fire 2,000 rockets a day at Israel in a future war. Iran may have revealed the blueprint Hamas is using.

The defense establishment has no choice but to address the Iranian threat first hand. Expect some fireworks inside Iran; Don’t be surprised if their nuclear establishment has another unforeseen accident. This fight can’t go on forever. The Israelis have no choice but to bring it to a logical conclusion. And that is the destruction of Iran’s defensive capability. Additionally, Israel must takeout the Gaza girls who started a fight that will eventually bring them to martyrdom.

Although Israel doesn’t want to do this, but eventually they will have enter Gaza and police it like the West Bank. Living under the threat of a daily barrage of missiles is not acceptable. Weeding out Hamas should be their only objective. targeting their infrastructure is one thing, but Hamas must be destroyed from within. Hamas, designated by the U.S. as a terrorist group, is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. In its charter, Hamas declares its reason for existence is to destroy Israel through Islamic holy war.

The face of Hamas in the United States House of Representatives