Did you take our advice and buy a stake in your future. $3000 is around the corner.  The government bluff has been called. 

Gold and silver notes were at one time the coin of the realm, now we are forced to take a Federal Reserve note as legal tender for all debts, public and private. Here we find the socialist conspiracy where by government can reward and punish those who disagree with their policies. Where as the payment in gold or silver prevented the government from violating the principles on which it was founded.

But wait, inflation is now roaring its head once again. This Powell guy thinks he has everything under control. Sorry to tell him that to play the

Game is a Fools Errand.  Expect inflation to whack government in the head. Before you know it, the rate will be over 7%. Take that to the bank.

Where have all the Keynesians gone? Hanging paper on the masses is their forte. The more they hang, the faster the economy runs, the employment ranks swell on the way to universal bliss. It is not turning out that way. Financial Armageddon awaits billions; the blame goes to the ability of governments to print fiat money (funny money). 

QE I, QE II, QE III, a 20 trillion largesse machine built on plastic, IOU’s; give us credit and we will party like there is no tomorrow say the political scions. A champagne taste with a beer income.

Robots feasting on menial jobs, greens cogging the wheels of progress, social progressives preventing everything from fracking to pipelines.  Yet the bloated bureaucracy continues to eat at the taxpayer’s troth.  When will the insanity end? When will “we the people” capture Washington and bring those who created this mess and stole our lives to justice?

EXECUTIVE ORDER 6102, issued by US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt 80 years ago, on April 5th 1933, banned private gold ownership in the United States, forcing gold owners to take their bullion to a bank and exchange it for Dollars at the prevailing rate.

Think about it, the Federal Government of the United States, in broad daylight confiscated the wealth of its citizens. This enabled the government to transfer power to the Federal Reserve, they then began the printing of fiat money with abandon. Why? To perpetuate the lying and the deceit of their hidden agenda. What is that agenda: to retain their political power above all else. However, the day has come to stop the charade.$10 Gold American Eagle Proof Raw - 1/4 Troy Oz Gold CoinGold Bar, 1 Gram .9999 Pure - NO Assay Package