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Hillary Clinton dismisses her critics as just that, she jokes about any errors in judgement (oh like with a cloth), she is contemptuous of those who seek the truth, but one thing she can’t ignore is the terrible beating she received in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii on Easter Eve. In Washington Hillary was soundly defeated 3-1, 75% for Sanders, 25% for Clinton. To some, she was Berned beyond recognition.

The Lying Hillary (time to jail the bird) may not think much of the defeat, but there is an underlying message here; AMERICA DOES NOT LIKE HILLARY CLINTON. As the Sander’s onslaught moves eastward to New York and Maryland off today’s victories Hillary talks about Trump, ignoring Sanders; another devious tactic which is meant to take the eye off her opponent.  However, this is no sure thing that Sanders will win the nomination because Clinton and her formidable donkey lickers have rigged the system with Super Delegates. They will not waiver in their support for her, already pledged since 2008; talk about a fixing the system. Sort of like Russia where the winner is known today, but the vote will take place tomorrow.

But that could change, and history proves it. Early in 2008, when Clinton was running against then-Sen. Barack Obama, she had the super delegates on her side. But when Obama started gaining momentum across the country, he slowly peeled away their support until he won the nomination.

And who are these candy stripers? Party stalwarts, cigar smoking backroom money crunchers who do what is good for them, not what is good for America. Remember Status Quo is their shibboleth. Newcomers need not apply. but Americans are feisty this year and have had it with talking heads, they are not too pleased by politicians telling them what to do and how to vote; like a volcano ready to blow off, these voters are sending a fire and brimstone message to the “politics as usual” politically correct patronizing demagogue that their days in power are numbered.



Hillary, the liar, Clinton has flown to close to the sun, today she will feel the scorching heat; by the end of the day 3rd degree berns will have enveloped her body. Bernie Sanders, socialist from Vermont, is the arsonist. Hillary has run out of water, extinguishing the Bernie bern is not going to happen.

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