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So to our Jewish friends, we advise you to think twice before voting Democrat; it is not in your best interest.

Anti-Semitic rhetoric is prevalent in the Democrat community, but condemned by most if not all Republicans.

Democrats have refused to distance themselves from Louis Farrakhan who has referred to Jews as the “synagogue of Satan.”

“Report: Notorious Antisemite Louis Farrakhan Leads ‘Death to America’ Chant on Solidarity Trip to Iran,” by Benjamin Kerstein, Algemeiner, November 4, 2018:

Nation of Islam leader and prominent antisemite Louis Farrakhan chanted “Death to America” and claimed that “America has never been a democracy”

Several prominent American activists and politicians have been linked to Farrakhan in recent years. Tamika Mallory, a leader of the Women’s March, praised him as “GOAT” or “Greatest of All Time.” Linda Sarsour, another leader of the March, attended an event with Farrakhan and has repeatedly refused to condemn him.

Farrakhan has led the black nationalist group Nation of Islam since 1977 and is known for hyperbolic hate speech aimed at the Jewish community.
During the speech in Chicago, Farrakhan made several anti-Semitic comments, including, “the powerful Jews are my enemy.”
“White folks are going down. And Satan is going down. And Farrakhan, by God’s grace, has pulled the cover off of that Satanic Jew and I’m here to say your time is up, your world is through,” he later said.

The May 27 sermon was his first major public speaking appearance since February, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

Farrakhan also claimed that contemporary Jews are responsible for promoting child molestation, misogyny, police brutality and sexual assault, among other social ills. In addition, he asserted that contemporary Judaism is nothing but a “system of tricks and lies” that Jews study in order to learn how to “dominate” non-Jews.


Advice for those who hate being double crossed. At one time or another we have all been double crossed, but no more so by politicians; most have two mouths and two hands. One mouth speaks to you the other is a “yessir” to those who made large donations to their campaign.

Their two hands work the same way, one shakes yours like you are the politician’s best buddy (under his breath he is thinking, “what a sucker”) ,but on the other hand, no pun intended, it is grabbing as much money it can from corporations and entities that are looking for special favors. Both cannot operate in a mutual inclusive environment. What is good for the corporation is bad for the people. Why else would a corporation voluntarily give a politician money? Think about it.

With all that has been said it is most imperative to look at where the politicians get their money. Trump is not beholden to any corporation or individual, he is self funded. The others, Cruz, Rubio, Carter and Kasich have their hand out looking for the corporate buck. Once again, will they have an ear once they ascend to the throne; of course they will, a revolving door.

The Status-Quo, better defined as “nothing will change” you have no worries. This is what the corporations are after, clarity. They do not like change, especially one that affects their bottom line or corporate plan.

But there is another group that does not like change, the career politician. And we have enough of them. Rubio, Chavez, Kasich. They are looking to leapfrog from their present position to the Oval Office. They have touted their message over and over again. We are sick and tired of their patrimony. Trump on the other hand, listen to one of his speeches or Q & A’s, he very rarely pulls punches, tells it like it is, politically correct or not.

Voters are looking for Change, Trump is Change. This is most upsetting to the Republican establishment. They are becoming nervous as a Trump win becomes more certain. What will they do to stop the Trump stampede? Right now they are forming a Republican Posse to go after the front runner. This is sick, the more they target Trump the more people coalesce around his campaign. Keep it up guys, once Trump is President, you will not be welcome to the White House.

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Measuring Donald Trump’s Supporters for Intolerance

Lynn Vavreck, New York Times, February 23, 2016

Exit poll data from the South Carolina primary revealed that nearly half the Republicans who turned out on Saturday wanted undocumented immigrants to be deported immediately. Donald Trump won 47 percent of those voters.

Voters were asked if they favored temporarily barring Muslims who are not citizens from entering the United States, something Mr. Trump advocates, and 74 percent said they did. He won 41 percent of that group.


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Let’s take our country back from the parasitic class, those who believe in entitlements, and those who perpetuate their cause. We can make America great again by removing from office the criminals who constantly violate the Constitution and stomp on our liberty. Time to run them out of town.