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Woodstock, the iconic smoke-out revered by many seems like a distant memory, but scar tissue remains in the diluted Swiss cheese brain of those who made it to the event. The folk festival of peace and love lasted four days with recent rains making a mess of the venue.  Taking you back to the days of free sex, free drugs and freedom from authority we are able to analyze the incurable cancer called socialism which has devoured like a swarm of locust the pea size brains of its victims. The Bohemian culture handed down through two generations has erupted in protest. Like crying infants screaming at the top of their lungs these newbie zombies are in for a shock called culture clash.

BTW, socialism is the worst disease known to man – INCURRABLE  Most of those afflicted by socialism now suffer from bovine encephalopathy or as its more commonly known, mad cow disease. This is best manifested in their behavior; protesting Trump in city and town across the land. They are the children of self proclaimed anarchists, tribal zygotes GONE MAD.

For a disaster waits when the blind lead the blind, but don’t despair they are self perpetuating masochists who take to the whip with ease enjoying the hard lash. Protesting is their coin of the realm. Black Lives Matter, Open borders, Move on dot org, click here for more of the same. These groups have been infiltrated by those who seek power, but the inevitable end to their psychedelic flashes of aggrandizement will be similar to a burned out star collapsing upon itself.

You can call them Generation Z or the millennials, however in the end few will come to their senses. They will eventually succumb to the beast they created. A bonfire will engulf the most hardened in the sewer pit of socialism. Ask the Venezuelans how it feels!


Democrat despair covers the land due to the mug job they took on November 8. However, January may offer them some solace. Although many will be on the dole,  medical insurance through the exchanges is available thanks to Obamacare. Overcoming their sense of grief will take thousands of visits to psychologists and brain surgeons. Frontal lobotomies and pre-orbital lychotomies are not out of the question.

The cause of their malady has been well known for many of years – they suffer from the worst disease known to man, socialism. There is no known cure other than death by guillotine. It’s a chronological disorder that metastasizes quicker than the zita virus.

For those who have yet stepped into the great divide, we say look out below. Two years from now a whole bunch of progressive Senate Democrats will be subject to more intense scrutiny by their subjects; 2008 will given them pause. Beware of snakes in the grass DINOs who change colors like a chameleon, telling you one thing but voting liberal once reelected. Bet your bottom dollar they will distance themselves from the Warren/Sanders/Clinton ideology. Ten out of twenty three up for reelection are from states that Trump won handily. This is a cause of concern for the wretched lot. Not only do they have to deal with double down Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for the next two years, but you can bet that President Trump will campaign for their opponent. A site to behold for sure.

If the Republicans can knock off six die-hard lunatics they will be in the driver’s seat. Sixty Republican Senators will push back on years of progressive in your face regulations, executive orders and bureaucratic largess. Two Thousand Eighteen can’t come quick enough.


In case you haven’t heard about Keynesian economics we will give you a quick tutorial. When the economy is weak Lord John Maynard Keynes recommended that the government print money; this would add a spark to the economic lethargy thereby stimulating the marketplace. Maybe it worked on a small scale, like a laboratory experiment, but more often that not when a full roll out occurred it went plunk.

For a little while things went smoothly, like a person who jumped off a 100 story building, everything was going good down to the second floor, then squash. The same with the voodoo Keynesian theory. We are now one floor away from total obliteration. Another word used to describe the Keynesian model was socialism. Much ink has been spilled touting the benefits of it, but when all is said and done, socialism has buried every country where it has been tried. When it ended, he dictators who were responsible for the implosion were in many cases dangling from the hangman’s noose.

An excellent read authored by philosopher Friedrich von Hayek is “The Road to Serfdom, it lays out the premise that central planning leads to tyranny.  So what else is new?

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The Democratic Party Machine has held sway over the Windy City for the past 100 years, from Cermak to Daly to Emanuel, parsing favors to their ward henchmen as they delivered the votes; public workers including police and fireman repeated the bounty.

Parts of the South Side” tread with caution” has been owned by gang-bangers who rule the roost. On the way to a Chavez style socialist paradise the debt explosion has smacked the “meat packing city” in the face. Ready to hit the junk bond heap they have nowhere to turn; perhaps the Mafia can bail them out. After all what do you do when the unfunded pension liability alone is 32 billion ($32,000,000,000); that is real money. Not to mention this years operating budget shortfall in the neighborhood of $300 million.

Their illustrious mayor is now in a runoff with another big mouth Democrat with the same blood running in his veins as Hugo Chavez.  As we stated on numerous occasions, socialism is the worst disease known to man, a poison without a remedy. Ask Detroit, Washington, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Russia and you come up with the same answer, “we are broke” with no intent on paying our debts -ever.

Many of the things the early Democrats and union organizers fought for long ago were necessary to protect workers rights, health and welfare, but things go to far. Now the judiciary is in the act making laws instead of ruling on them. Regulators gone wild believe it is they whom can promulgate regulations if the Congress fails to do so. The country is out of control now ruled by a President who rules by decree. Sounds like Hugo, may he rest in peace, Chavez. Eventually a time will come when the “only solution will be a revolution.” That time is closer than many people think.

Click here for it takes an Englishman to tell the Republicans how to win an election.



We pose a simple question to the lying, scheming, treacherous insect we call a Democrat; how many Republicans voted illegally.  We didn’t mean to catch you on this one, this is not shock journalism, but to the best of our knowledge no Republicans has been arrested, let alone found guilty on voting fraud.

But on the other hand thousands of Democrats have voted illegally and have been found guilty. So, to our way of thinking, you the Democrat perpetrator of lies and falsehoods, the reason you want more time for your illegal amigo to vote is to allow more of your invading cadre to cast an illegal vote. If that is not true, why then, do you support extended voting hours, more access to absentee ballots, early voting, no identification and same day registration?  We just can’t figure that one out.

Click here to read the story on a Connecticut State Representative who voted more than once, in fact 9 times and was arrested and charged with 19 voting violations. We do say that this is ample evidence of the steps that Obama’s flock will go to when it comes to election fraud. This, we bet is typical in many major cities. The progressive socialist politician has one objective, to protect their parasitic friends, welfare cheats and illegal aliens. After all they want to keep the gravy train coming.

We are living in scary times. But we can grab victory from the defeat we suffered in 2012 when Obama was elected to a 2nd term by stopping Harry Reid in his communist tracks. Taking back the Senate is our number one priority. Get out and vote.  flag1776


Hillary Clinton, “Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses create jobs,” Clinton said.

“You know that old theory, ‘trickle-down economics,’” she continued. “That has been tried, that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly.”

We say, look around, socialism did not build America, capitalism did.  Hillary looks toward Cuba andVenezuela as an example of the greatness of socialism.