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Image result for PICTURES OF INDIANSThe Native American on the left had a DNA test last week; the result came in yesterday. His DNA indicated that he is .18% White European. Therefore, he can flaunt White Privilege, just as Elizabeth Warren manifests her Native American minority privilege. But the irony here is that Warren was instrumental in setting up the Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau (CFPB). The agency was originally proposed in 2007 by the Harvard Law School professor.

Even more embarrassing, comprehensive study by geneticists estimated that the average European-American has 0.18% Native American DNA, which may be higher than Warren.

Warren’s gamble of desperately trying to prove her Native American ancestry appears to have backfired as she was widely mocked online.

But in the words of many of those who headed westward through Indian Territory, Elizabeth Warren was a true pioneer. For the uninitiated, the definition of a pioneer is one who was the victim of an Indian’s arrow that met its target, the back of a fleeing Caucasian.  Elizabeth Warren was hit bull’s eye today.

James Woods was quick to brand her as “Señorita Warren”:

James Woods


“To make up for the dearth of Native American DNA, Bustamante used samples from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia to stand in for Native American.” https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/politics/2018/10/15/warren-addresses-native-american-issue/YEUaGzsefB0gPBe2AbmSVO/story.html 

James Woods


The bad news for : she’s gotta swap the headdress for a sombrero.

Jim Messina, the campaign manager for President Obama’s 2012 campaign, was left confused by Warren’s move:


If you look closely at our logo you notice the fake Indians throwing boxes of tea into Boston harbor. DNA testing was not available back then, but if it was, there would be no doubt that these Caucasians dressed up as Indians would have had Indian blood. Thanks to Elizabeth Warren all of us are Indians now. Come to think of it isn’t it time for a hand of Indian Poker?




Robert Ritchie, more commonly known by his stage name — Kid Rock — is leading in a hypothetical matchup with incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow, according to a new poll by Delphi Analytica.

Some Michigan GOP members hoped that Ritchie would run for Senate against incumbent Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow in 2018. On July 12, Ritchie tweeted that his rumored run for Senate in Michigan was an “absolute yes.”

While Ritchie tweeted that his Senate run would definitely happen, many still have doubts. Ritchie’s alleged campaign website only had paraphernalia for sale, and was allegedly run by entertainment company Warner Bros. He had also yet to file anything with the FEC to make his campaign official.

Regardless, the mere threat of Ritchie making a run at a Michigan Senate seat was enough to cause Democrats like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) alarm. Warren compared Ritchie to President Donald Trump, saying that while it’s possible Ritchie could be doing this to promote a new album, many thought Trump was running to promote “The Apprentice” during the 2016 presidential elections.

Warren’s fears may be substantial, as data from Delphi Analytica poll conducted July 14-18 of 668 Michigan residents showed that Ritchie is ahead in the polls over Stabenow by 8 percentage points.

According to Delphi Analytica, in a hypothetical matchup, 44 percent of respondents did not want to give an answer as to their voting preference or were undecided. Among those who did respond, Ritchie led Stabenow by a margin of 54 percent to 46 percent.

The news was exciting enough that even Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted out the news.

Photo published for IT'S HAPPENING! New poll has Kid Rock up by 4 over Debbie Stabenow

IT’S HAPPENING! New poll has Kid Rock up by 4 over Debbie Stabenow

Should he run for office, and win, Ritchie would be far from the first celebrity to do so. Famed GOP President Ronald Reagan was an actor on the silver screen before he won the governorship of California in 1966, and later became president of the United States in 1981. Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger became the Republican governor in California in 2003 and held that office until 2011. Saturday Night Live writer and star Al Franken was elected as a Democrat in Minnesota in 2008, and is still there today.


Elizabeth Warren’s shuts her moth when it comes to sanctioning her friend Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party. As noted below the Democrats conspired to eliminate Sanders from the beginning. The fix was in. Consumers were left holding the bag. This was outright fraud, but you don’t hear Warren asking for an investigation, asking for indictments asking for penalties. When it comes to political fraud that goes your way the consumer advocate remains silent. She is the mother of all hypocrites.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and John Podesta coordinated and planned the outcome of the Democrat primary, thereby eliminating Bernie Sanders from the start.


Prior to the opening of the Democrat Convention in August, Ms. Wasserman Schultz announced on Sunday she would step down from her post chairing the DNC after the convention. The announcement came after WikiLeaks had released an embarrassing trove of internal DNC communications that showed DNC staff tossing around the narrative that Sen. Bernard Sanders was running a mess of a campaign.

But newly disclosed hacked campaign documents published by WikiLeaks and a hacker who calls himself Guccifer 2.0 reveal in stark terms how Hillary Clinton’s staffers made Super PACs an integral part of her presidential campaign.


  • In a July 2015 memo addressed to Clinton herself, her campaign laid out plans for working with the Democratic National Committee and Correct the Record, a Super PAC. Correct the Record was created by David Brock, a longtime Clinton ally and the founder of Media Matters for America. One section of the memo instructed: “Work with CTR and DNC to publicize specific GOP candidate vulnerabilities.”
  • In October 2015, several Clinton staffers strategized over ways to attack author Ed Klein for attributing an apparently fake quote to former President Bill Clinton in his book. “I’m sure Brock and team would love to go at him. Nick, want me to put you in touch with them?” Clinton campaign communications staffer Christina Reynolds, wrote, referring to Clinton press secretary Nick Merrill. “I can reach out to David,” volunteered Karen Finney, another Clinton staffer on the email chain.
  • A month later, Reynolds emailed a list of agenda items for an upcoming campaign meeting. High on the list: determining how to frame Bernie Sanders, and whether attacks on Republicans “should go through HRC, surrogates, DNC, CTR,” another reference to Correct the Record.



The night of Donald Trump’s big Indiana Republican primary win, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., was ready. She tore loose with a series of late-night anti-Trump tweets in which she accused him of racism, sexism, xenophobia, narcissism and a host of other faults.

Two weeks earlier, after being asked about another Warren tweet storm in which she accused him of being “a loser,” Trump fired a warning shot across Warren’s bow. “Who’s that, the Indian? You mean the Indian,” he responded, referring to a well-known political controversy over Warren claiming Indian heritage.

The exchanges signal the start of what could be a nasty surrogate side-battle as the general election campaign begins to take shape. Warren is poised to be an aggressive Trump critic, for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, should she lock up the nomination. And for Trump, who thrives off detecting weakness and pouncing, Warren is a target-rich environment.

From 1986 to 1995, she listed herself as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools directory. Harvard Law School cited her alleged Indian heritage in dealing with criticism that it lacked a diverse faculty. Her recipe in the “Pow Wow Chow” cookbook became the subject of derision, after charges it was plagiarized from a New York Times cookbook.

“I think she’s a fraud,” said longtime nemesis and Boston conservative talk radio host, Howie Carr. “I think her entire success in academia and in politics is based on a lie that she’s a Native American. She refuses to take a DNA test. She doesn’t even call herself Native American, anymore,” he said.

Asked what the purpose of that alleged fraud would have been, Carr said, “She was basically going nowhere in her academic career. She was an instructor at the University of Texas Law School in Austin. Suddenly she began checking the box and she was a tenured professor first at the University of Pennsylvania, and then she got a job at Harvard University law school. “


Hillary is running on fumes; she is old news trying to work the crowds that have seen this play too many times. There is no curtain here, just a spartan stage filled with stuffed shirts. The crowd is not enthusiastic. The main actor’s cameo long past.  Her words are old hat, her looks are wrinkled as the years have eaten away the little collagen that remains. Botox maybe an alternative, but this would be seen as a vain attempt at Tom Foolery. Other actors are waiting in the wings watching her every move. So far she has not broken a leg, but has twisted and turned exposing her weakness to the liberal flank.

What was supposed to be a joy ride to an invincible campaign has now run amok, just as it did in 2008 when she was trampled by a first term unknown. Now HRC is up against the communist senator from the Green Mountain State of Vermont – a transplant from Brooklyn, NY, Bernie Sanders has attracted SRO crowds to the dismay of Clinton’s soldiers. The phalanx that was to surround Clinton has not yet positioned itself, hence she is vulnerable to the onslaught arrows that have penetrated her thick skin. Bernie Sanders 2016 Sticker (oval)

The latest poll reveals  what we already know, that Hillary is not a likable person. She has a favorability rating of only 45%. This is worrisome to mainstream Democrats who count on her carrying the water for the many Senators up for reelection. From our perspective, despite the campaign’s second roll-out, the Hillary mo is reminiscent of another event – the sinking of the Titanic; they said it wasn’t sinkable.

The HRC run for the White House made this prognostication one year ago, IT IS A DONE DEAL, but that was then, now is now. Icebergs such as Benghazi, disappearing emails, the Clinton Foundation, Elizabeth Warren, “what difference does it make” comments may come back to sink the Hillary ship that seem to have clear sailing 12 months ago, LIES BECOME ICEBERGS and THEY DO SINK SHIPS!


Elizabeth Warren does not have Hillary Clinton’s back. Most likely she never did. Actually, when the 2016 Presidential election season plays out with Warren winning the Democrat primary, the question arises; will Clinton have Warren’s back? Interestingly enough Clinton had the back of Barack Hussein Obama. But this time Clinton will not be interested in playing Second Fiddle.  The reality will expose the Democrat cleavage.

Warren’s populous ultra left wing vs the pragmatic Clinton friendly to bankers and Wall Street wing which has as its primary motive to win elections; afterword laying down the law – for instance Dodd-Frank written with the help of banker’s lawyers. Warren will be in your face from the get go. But she does have some good talking points. For instance, the “bankers must pay for their wicked ways.”

Warren makes a valid point. Just six years ago the banks were headed for extinction. The cause “GREED”. The banking implosion was due to greed. Gordon Gekko said that greed was good; it became a pervasive philosophy among the bankers. And recent news reveals that JP Morgan Chase  acted accordingly; for Bankers play by a different set of rules. Thousands of bankers benefited from the collapse and very few have spent time behind bars woofing down three squares a day. However, they have spent much time devouring their favorite elixir in some of their favorite bars and bistros, all on our money.

The banking system is unlike most if not all private companies. The government has their back. The Federal Reserve is an incestuous institution, private and public at the same time; it provides liquidity in time of panics. That is where the major problem lies. Banks that took on too much risk, in the case of banks too big to fail, are bailed out. Hence they are rewarded for risk taking. That is wrong, they should be allowed to fail, pay the penalty and forgo their previous incentive payments and salaries.

Another prime example is the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac), both GSO’s that operated with impunity while the top dogs bilked the companies fleeced the treasury and stockholders for all they had. Failed institutions do die, but their executives always pop up somewhere else. How about that Jon Corzine, ex gov of NJ, once the head honcho at MF Global allegedly participated in the sinister move of looting customer funds.

So coming into the 2016 debate the Republicans will have to alter their traditional message. “Greed by Bankers” is not good expecially when the government has their back. Middle America is not too pleased with not rogue bankers on the loose but ordinary bankers who rob banks from the inside, never spend much time in Club Fed, but live the life of Riley when their nickel ends.

Perhaps the Statue of Limitations has ended in many cases, but government claw back of the perpetrator’s loot is still an option. Drug dealers assets are seized why not bankers?