While America Burns, Joe China feasts on Chinese takeout. The newest release of those who have perished confirm that over 3,000,000 have died from the China Virus. One hundred forty million cases have been identified so far. Things will not get better as the variant strain makes its way through Europe, India and Latin America. This is another result of the China Belt and Road initiative. What goes around comes around. We predict that the death count will ramp up to 6,000,000 plus by the end of 2024, with upwards of 500,000,000 cases worldwide. And these may be conservative numbers.

He can’t walk, he can’t talk but will soon be cooked in Xi’s Wok

Currently, countries that have suffered these horrible deaths aren’t bothered by the Chinese menace. Not yet anyway. The United States hasn’t penalized the CCP to the degree required for the devastation they created. Why has this not been the case? Apparently China Joe is afraid of them. Why? Trump confronted China, but Joe is slurping up the General Tso’s chicken faster than drinking a Tsingtao. Facts speak for themselves, not only is Joe not bothered by China’s hegemony, but seemingly the world is not at all alarmed. They should be.

As noted last week, China’s economy blasted ahead by 18%. However, the rest of the world is now teetering on recession once again. Xi has put the squeeze on the third world. America’s friends, do we have any left, don’t care. They should. China will devour them in the next decade or two. The rest of the world will produce nothing but slave under Chinese “road and belt” initiative. We, here in the United States, don’t have an economic policy, one that will confront states like China in areas of education, manufacturing, technology, biology, aeronautics and military. They do; it is long term, ours is not up to their speed. If no change is made we will be belted back to the stone age.

The inevitable confrontation over Taiwan will test the United States resolve. Secondly, the China aggressive actiction in the West Philippine Sea, specifically the Spratly Islands, which was ruled illegal by the Permanent Court of Arbitration. However, China put their chopsticks in the eyes of the world body. That is the stance they take when a ruling doesn’t go their way. For instance, Tedros’ mouth, the bought and paid for head of the WHO, is a holster for Xi’s sexual organ. He does as told. We all know where that Wuhan Virus came from. China, China, China. Unleashed on the world to create havoc. Time for them to pay for this crime against humanity.


The WORLD has to confront China. They can do this three ways. 1. STOP THE PURCHASE OF CHINESE GOODS. 2. NATIONALIZE ALL CHINESE ASSETS INSIDE THEIR COUNTRY. 3. Refuse to pay back any Chinese loans. Then we shall see if Xi’s cajunes are bigger than his mouth.



Waking up after 20 years, an American would be in for a rude awakening. A metamorphosis transpired in the interim. They would question what happened to the country they knew. The breakdown of law and order started thirty to forty years ago, perhaps a hundred years earlier when the foundation was built under FDR’s administration. But the indoctrination of our youth took place most likely on or about 1980 forward. Primary and secondary education, that once taught the “RRR,s” became more political in nature. Their curriculum expanded in the health area, condom use was taught, male and female anatomies were virtually explored, the sex revolution went into full swing. America became drug addicted; let the good times roll. A President was killed, a soon to be president was shot dead, a Man of Peace was gunned down. Turmoil was the new normal.

The country was turned upside down, subjects once though untouchable were on the agenda. For instance, delving into our past history became commonplace; highlighting the diseases that killed millions of indigenous people, the injustice of slavery, the breaking of treaties with the Indians, endemic racism is now soup d’jour. Viet Nam provided fodder for the anti-war minions. Marches protesting the war landed across America. Women threw away their bras. The American feminist movement got into full swing. College campuses became a breeding ground for the left. Marxist professors instigated our past wrongs. New subjects were taught, Black History among them. Cultural assimilation went out the window. Bilingual educations blew up American exceptionalism; all into one became one for all. And so it was, the foundation was built for today’s destruction,

However, many of the socialist ideologues, those with the most heavily bent, became judges, mayors, senators, representatives and more. Schools were now taught by these buffons, indoctrinating their charge. Social promotions righted past wrongs. IQ tests were thrown to the curb. White guilt caused millions to join the cause. Before we knew it, law and order became trash and burn. “No justice, No Peace” was the new shibboleth. Cities burned without consequences. Rapists, murders, drug cartels, gangbangers worked their wares unimpeded. Criminals were glorified, cities burned, rap songs promoted the new social paradigm.The politicians joined the fray. No longer did we have a melting pot, but one boiling over the cultural divide. Cancel culture became the main theme of uppity politicians, suicide bomber cohorts among them threw down the gauntlet. School curriculums added courses on White privilege. Individual initiative no longer counted. Those who fought Affirmative action policies were labeled rabble rousers. They were thrown under the bus.

So you thought things couldn’t get any worse? Think again. Politicians who once spoke of moderation became or were pushed into radical positions, sometimes against their will. These demagogues were power hungry, didn’t give a hoot what they did to America. Socialist sleuths organized the neighborhoods, one by one. Indulging their cravings to sign new folks to the cause. “Jim Crow” was proffered in blatant attempts to feed the dormant minds of the uninitiated. Class divide poured out of the mouths of brazen liars who pandered to the serfs. Sports icons hammered it home. Taking the knee was a sign of fellowship, brotherhood, supporting your cause. Worst of all corporations became political. Political correctness ruled the roost.

Cities were inundated with crime. Police were the scapegoats. They were trigger happy. Not acting in the public interest, but their actions indicated otherwise. Some called them impulsive at best; White cops were accused of hunting big game in the jungle.This became front page news. Provocations notwithstanding didn’t matter. The hunter became the hunted. Lame stream media ate up the germs, the movement, thereby spawning the new heresy against America Patriots. Presidents jumped in with innuendo. Propaganda fed the airwaves, lies perpetuated those who were not aggrieved to seek justice. Truth was not truth, facts were not facts. Liars prevailed and a mindless idiot is now in charge. The destruction of our lives is their goal.

We will not let them take our freedoms and liberties away.


“just a normal 18-year-old, finding his way.” “My son had his hands up. “running for his life” 

“Expired Tags and outstanding warrant. “an amazing, loving kid” 

 “charged with armed robbery in a home invasion, five years in the can” “resisting arrest – a peaceful family”

“invalid license plates – warrant for failing to appear in court on charges related to a previous cases of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and other traffic offenses, “You’re not going to kidnap me.” You will have to kill me””They trying to kill us.”

These stories get old and older, repeated and repeated. They are the ubiquitous quotes from close relatives of those who have met their maker at the hands of police. The story here must be told. As we previously said, when a police officer pulls you over, be nice, be cordial, don’t argue with them. Most of the time they will let you go, but if there are outstanding warrants or motor vehicle violations there is a probability that you will have to go downtown. That is better than going to the morgue. Think first, you have a family, love ones who are concerned about you. Do you want them to suffer in your behalf?

Don’t throw all law enforcement officers into the same boat, the majority of them are there for you. Occasionally one breaks from the pack, a lone wolf who can go rogue. You do not want to provoke them, your life will hang in the balance.


We are pessimistic like most Patriotic Americans wondering what the future holds as the country goes up in flames,. Currently with the street scum that holds power things do not look optimistic – in fact things cannot be any worse. Several incidents have provoked societies gangbangers including the political anarchists to incite, inflame, injure, impugn, insinuate, instigate their hooligan brothers. The result being the torching of our values by turning the country into chaos.

Let’s be crystal clear here regarding fault. Liberal judges, bail bond hearings, state policies have failed to do their job. We don’t know the exact count, but a wild ass guess would put the number of outstanding warrants for those who jumped bail and failed to show up for court at over a million. That brings us back to the time when you committed a crime, you did the time. Not today. Police who try to do their job are stifled at every turn. Many times they do what had to be done at their own risk. Individual who torrent police into hair trigger situations that provoke a adverse reaction are the ones at fault. Training can try to replicate a real life situation, however, in the heat of battle, nerves on end, adrenaline through the roof, situations arise where law enforcement officer have to make a decision on the spot or instantaneously react to one. For those who second guess these actions have never been there. They do not understand a life and death situation. WE DO.

The hypocrisy of the radical suicide bomber is further evidence of their anti America racist ideology. For instance, Chicago, their kind of town, their hood, their bodega, their New Jack City, their JUNGLE, is not the slaughter house it once was, where cattle were butchered by the millions. Today, the slaughter is of the human kind, the Black, but they don’t care. Why? Because the killers and the killed are Black. Find Whitey doing the killing and Chicago will burn faster than the flames that engulfed Chicago in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 allegedly started by Leary’s cow.

At Least 28 People Shot, 3 Killed In Gun Violence In Chicago This Weekend

At least 24 people had been shot this weekend in Chicago as of Sunday afternoon, and three of them had been killed

A video has emerged of protesters in Washington, D.C., chanting “burn the precinct to the ground” during demonstrations following the fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright. 

“Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground!” the crowd could be heard chanting Monday night in footage taken in northwest Washington, D.C. 

Detroit — Policing in the United States is “intentionally racist” and “can’t be reformed,” U.S. SUICIDE BOMBER Rep. Rashida Tlaib tweeted Monday night, a day after a White Minnesota police officer reportedly mistook her pistol for her Taser and fatally shot a Black man.


The act required employers to attest to their employees’ immigration status and made it illegal to hire or recruit unauthorized immigrants knowingly. The act also legalized certain seasonal agricultural undocumented migrants and undocumented migrants who entered the United States before January 1, 1982 and had resided there continuously with the penalty of a fine, back taxes due, and admission of guilt. Candidates were required to prove that they were not guilty of any crime, had been in the country before January 1, 1982, and possessed at least a minimal knowledge about U.S. history and government and the English language.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act did not address the status of children of undocumented migrants who were eligible for the amnesty program. In 1987, Reagan used his executive authority to legalize the status of minor children of parents granted amnesty under the immigration overhaul, announcing a blanket deferral of deportation for children under 18 who were living in a two-parent household with both parents legalizing or with a single parent who was legalizing. That action affected an estimated 100,000 families.

Nearly three million people applied for legalization under the IRCA. There were two groups of applicants. Aliens who had been unlawfully residing in the United States since before January 1, 1982 (pre-1982 immigrants) were legalized under Section 245A of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) while Aliens employed in seasonal agricultural work for a minimum of 90 days in the year prior to May, 1986 (SAWs) were legalized under Section 210A of the INA. Nearly 2.7 million people were ultimately approved for permanent residence.





“Your life may be in danger if you don’t obey my order – put your hands up now.” But there are those who don’t understand the ramifications of not listening carefully to a police officer.

In a challenging situation that may ramp up, the best advice is to follow to a “T” those four words. Why put your life at risk? Unless you are a wise guy or wanted by the law, you run. As we have seen time after time, you suffer the consequences.


Moving the All Star Game to the Lily White State of Color-ado is a dumb move.. Baseball fans will remember the cave by MLB; we will make them pay for this THREE BASE ERROR in spades. Black businesses in Atlanta will suffer the most. This is black mark across the city and state. Never has an independent sport weighed in on a political issue to this degree. To have MLB go WOKE is a catastrophe. It is against the law, it is wrong. This must be adjudicated in court. MLB effectively is providing in-kind funding for a political party. It is up to the Supreme Court to weigh in on this. We must fight back. AN ECONOMIC BOYCOTT IS MANDATED TO STOP THE WOKE. SEE BELOW FOR SOME SCARY STUFF. CORPORATIONS MUST PAY THE PRICE FOR THEIR SINS

CEOs plan new push on voting legislation

A new statement could come early this week

Dozens of chief executives and other senior leaders gathered on Zoom this weekend to plot what several said big businesses should do next about new voting laws underway in Texas and other states.

The new statement could come early this week, the people said, and would build on one that 72 Black executives signed last month in the wake of changes to Georgia’s voting laws. Mr. Chenault told executives on the call that several leaders had signaled they would sign on, including executives at PepsiCo Inc., PayPal Holdings Inc., T. Rowe Price Group Inc. and Hess Corp., among others, according to the people. PayPal confirmed it has signed the statement. PepsiCo, T. Rowe Price and Hess didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.


As more companies and their leaders have spoken out on the issue in recent weeks, their stands have drawn the ire of Republican state and federal legislators who say companies are miscasting the matter and shouldn’t act as shadow lawmakers. Meanwhile, activists and others have said that the actions leaders are taking aren’t strong enough. Many CEOs now feel a duty, or pressure, to make their views explicitly known to employees and others, executive advisers said.

Plenty of companies remain wary of wading into politically charged areas. One executive from a Fortune 100 consumer-products company said board members, employees and vendors are pressing leaders to speak out, but doing so could put a bull’s-eye on the company.